Customs To Sack 400 More Officers, Says Operation Won’t Be Affected By Retirements

There are indications that 400 officers of the Nigeria Customs Service will soon be shown the way out for various reasons ranging from corruption, insubordination, indiscipline to absenteeism.

This is just as the service on Sunday said that the retirement of 35 of its senior officers would not affect its operations.

A total of 35 senior officers of the service were retired last week in a reorganisation exercise aimed at repositioning the customs for improved performance.

Those affected in the exercise were five deputy comptrollers-general, three Assistant Comptroller-General and comptrollers serving in Customs headquarters, zonal offices and various area commands.

Some of the officers pencilled down for next round of retirement were said to have flouted re-deployment directives as well as influenced their promotion even when they were not due to be promoted.

It was gathered that some of these officers refused to report at their new postings and instead obtained notes from legislators, who lobbied customs management to stop such re-deployment.

Stakeholders believed that though the retirements will create room for Customs Comptrollers who have been idle for some sometime to be posted or deployed to commands, it would also give rise for Deputy Comptrollers to be promoted as some of them had been on same rank for a long time.

The Public Relations Officer, NCS, Mr. Wale Adeniyi, stated that the level of synergy within the organisation would make it difficult to feel the absence of the retired officers.

He explained that Assistant Comptrollers-General had been directed to take charge in order to continue the duties of those officers.

Wale, however, admitted that while “restructuring always comes with its costs, the agency will adjust by taking up the challenges as they emerge.”

He said, “There is no doubt reorganisation of this magnitude may come with some initial problems.

“However, don’t forget we have walked this route before. I believe we will readjust and take on the challenges the change process may bring.

“Already, the Assistant Comptrollers-General have stepped up and are holding the fort.”

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