Nigeria’s Chinese Loan: The Genesis and the Bitter Truth, By Nathaniel Adoji

“….I said in 2015 immediately Buhari came to power that there was nothing he could do without funds. The earnings from crude oil had dropped and Nigeria was not credible to take “vanilla loan” which is a flexible loan. Earnings from crude oil sales had dropped and we just came out from a period when the crude oil price reached an unprecedented peak. We did not borrow then and we did not use the oil windfall to build infrastructure, we squandered it instead.“- Godwin Eohoi (Registrar, CIFCN)

The Genesis of the Chinese loan was borne out of a need to stimulate the economy by building sustainable infrastructure that will support SMEs, reduce unemployment and improve the general living standards of Nigerians. With a squandered reserve and a meagre earning from crude oil, we needed a low interest bailout to deliver on these economic catalysts; the Chinese loan was our only viable alternative instead of our external reserves which previously had been shared among the governors and government cronies.

“…..In 2008, when prices fell from $148 to $38 a barrel, no one had heard of Nigeria because the country was able to tap into this fund. And that I am very proud of” – ( Dr Okonjo Iweala, April 16, 2016; ThisDay).

Our external reserve was supposed to help cushion the effects of the crash in oil prices but there was none as stated by the then Minister of Finance.

“…If Nigeria had been more careful, we would not be here today. It hurts me. We have the mechanism, we had the experience, but we were prevented to act.”? -( Dr Okonjo Iweala, April 16, 2016; ThisDay).

Today, the very same elements whose squandering of our commonwealth brought us to this point are making unintelligent allegations against the present government who is sincere in her handling of these economic crises with legitimate economic tools like the Chinese loan. The most important question that should bother the mind of any Nigerian is if the borrowed money is backing the right projects.

Former Senior Special Adviser to Ex- President Goodluck Jonathan on Maritime matters, Mr. Leke Oyewole, said: “If the borrowed monies are being used to boost agriculture, and Small Medium Enterprises, sustain power to increase production, then the government is on the right track. -(20th September, 2017;Vanguard)

Of all the states in Nigeria, Lagos state is the most indebted. But this is in a good way because the loans are being put to judicious use. The government of Lagos state is making investments in infrastructure a key priority. The outstanding result is seen everywhere in roads, ICT, security, and more. The two most indebted countries in the world are the USA and the UK, two leading world powers in military dynamics, infrastructure, medicine, research in science and technology, space exploration and more. This shows there is a strong correlation between borrowing and infrastructural development given the political will to put the loan to proper use for national good.

In like manner, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari is making similar investments in infrastructure financed with the Chinese loans negotiated by the President himself in 2016. The credit facility to Nigeria include $500 million to build airport terminals in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano; $600 million to build a light railway in Abuja and $700 million to build a hydroelectric power plant in Niger State. All of these projects and more are currently at different stages towards completion.

For critics who fault the rationale behind taking the Chinese loan, Ethiopia has made remarkable strides towards infrastructural development as seen in their rail projects, airlines, power generation etc. Serious nations depend on loans to stimulate their economies. And we can best jump start a broken down economy by overhauling our overburdened infrastructure through low-interest loans.

For the good of man and country, irrespective of party affiliations everyone should support a government who is determined to touch the lives of Nigerians by addressing our infrastructural deficit. This is what the Buhari administration is doing. Let us give credit where it is deserved.

Nathaniel C. Adoji, a public affairs analyst writes from Abuja

The Loquacious Reno Omokri And His Putrid Yark On Vice President Osinbajo, By Bernard Okri

Reno Omokri one time aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan on social media is a glib talker. He is ever voluble in denigrating the government of President Muhammadu Buhari at the slightest  and baseless issues.

He often times reacts on impulse, hastily brandishing phoney data to impugn on the image of the government. He has ever been petulant and perpetually riled that his former boss fell by the way side during the 2015 general election after rejection by millions of Nigerians at the poll and hence, must fight back by making President Buhari a target of spurious attacks.

Omokri lays claim to being a pastor. But a genuinely called pastor is Godly at heart. His tongue does not spill gibberish. However, this Pastor has been dragging the pulpit to the gutters, plunging himselfdeeply into the murky waters of politics and acting more partisan each time in his self imposed task of defending a former President who the world agreed presided over the most corrupt, inept, ineffectual and focus-less government, ever. No Nigerian needs a talebearer to affirm this, anyway. The truth is that there have always been litanies of woes heaped on the shoulders of former President Jonathan since his days in office and which a million Omokri can never successfully unbundle.

Still unrelenting like a loafer, Omokri just recently launched a tirade against Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbjo for further exposing the debauchery of corruption traced to the Jonathan years in government, averring that by re-telling the truth which Nigerians already knew, the Vice President had submitted his “Lips to Satan”

The truth is that by going this far in maligning the person of Professor Osinbajo, noted for altruism in service to the nation under the present government, Omokri has exposed himself as a hypocrite, a groveler and a lost soul for electing to eternally bear the burden of a former President who dragged Nigeria to the edge of a cliffhanger,
perhaps for a pittance!

Omokri defends Jonathan as if doing that will offer a reward of fresh chance for the former President to return to power. He unabashedly defends the buffoonery of the past government too, ending up as a loner in the self imposed job. Perhaps, he should be reminded that most ardent supporters and defenders of former President Jonathan have ended up in the camp of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and are now actively engaged in delivering the dividends of democracy where they are currently serving. Why wont they defect when they realized the fakery and mendacity of the past government and the ill it portended for Nigeria.

Vice president Osinbajo was, indeed modest to have only revealed that the Jonathan government stole and shared a total sum of N150 billion two weeks to the 2015 elections, while it spent only N153 billion on capital projects. It was worst when same government spent less than N15 billion on agriculture and even transportation a year preceding his exit from government. Available facts have always exposed the cesspool of corruption under Jonathan, which was quite sickening and capable of precipitating doom for Nigeria, but for divine intervention. Till date, no official under Jonathan has been able to account for the huge sums of monies; local and foreign currencies seized by this government in an Ikoyi apartment, Lagos.

The Vice President did not tell a lie, when indeed, many can still recollect that two weeks to election, President Jonathan took plane loads of hard earned Nigerian money to Lagos to share among PDP stakeholders in the south-west for the sake of winning his reelection bid. The estimated amount Jonathan wasted on that re-election bid ran to over N2 trillion, according to record! Yet, the humongous amount of money could not buy the conscience of the south-west, so Jonathan lost and woefully too in 2015.

Omokri may never want to remember a character like Diezani Allison Maduekwe, former Petroleum Minister who laterally opened the vaults of NNPC for political marauders to pilfer from. Till today, Nigeria has not been able to quantify the amount of it’s money Diezani allegedly mismanaged, using mere cronies, sodomites and master heists. If a Jonathan protégée, Diezani was innocent; she would never have fled Nigeria for any reason. Nigeria had to depend on Britain to hold the former Minister accountable for the sins she committed against the country, all under Jonathan’s watchful eyes.

The case of Col Sambo Dasuki and the manner he allegedly shared the sum of $2.1 billion to big wigs of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is still pending in court. That amount as analysed is sufficient to construct state of the art airports in each of the six geo-political zones of the federation.

Omokri does not believe the wife of former President Jonathan also played a frontline role in depleting the national treasury with a mega instinct of corruption, in which case the sum of USD 31.4 million she claimed to be her own is frozen in a bank account linked to her by the EFCC. What about the sum of USD 15 million allegedly kept for the medical treatment of her mother, as well as the sum of USD 5.9 million she forfeited.

Now, Omokri’s Jonathan failed to do what Vice President Osinbajo has been doing, recording successes from special tasks. First, the Vice President on errand by Nigeria, had, through dialogue, helped to broker peace in Niger Delta where Omokri comes from. He spoke the subtle language, which calmed the anger of the militants to down arms. He is not relenting in bringing the zeal of the Buhari’s government for Ogoni clean up to come into reality.

As the head of the Economic Team for the Buhari’s government, the Vice President has helped to attain a good balance sheet of progress. The Economic Team has attained some measure of Ease Of Doing Business in Nigeria, which has attracted the commendation of the international community. Bringing stability to the FOREX, the National Economy is now stable, while people like Reno are not under pressure to flee the country for any reason.

What is more, the unflagging loyalty by the Vice President to his boss on governance has been infectious, stabilizing the polity for more progress to take place in Nigeria. With committed synergy, both the President and his Deputy had seen Nigeria out of a biting recession, into which the government of former President Jonathan plunged it.

The Buhari’s government is opening up Nigeria with infrastructural development, constructing rail lines and roads to link up all parts of the federation, including the Omokri’s south-south zone. Former President Jonathan did little in that regard.

The Buhari’s administration in less than one year brought Agriculture into the driver’s seat to drive the economy. The sector is, at the moment locating Nigeria in the league of rice exporters on the international arena, creating employment opportunities for younger Nigerians who are emerging millionaires by the day. The agricultural
policy under Jonathan was all noise with insignificant visible result.

Most importantly, the Present government is fighting to roll back the advances of Boko Haram, which its predecessor by negligence and regrettable compromises encouraged. Unlike under Jonathan, Boko Haram is fast fading into the oblivion, limiting its actions to momentary attacks on soft targets. We still recall how the government of Jonathan encouraged the sharing of monies earmarked for purchase of arms among master heists who littered the cabinet.

From indications, Omokri, Jonathan’s life media spin-doctors may have been a major beneficiary in the reckless pillaging of national patrimony, hence his eagerness to always launder the hugely dented image of his hero and mentor. However, the scale of infamy by Omokri and his ilks in the days of Jonathan may appear concealed, for now. Nonetheless, when the wind finally blows the record book open, what Nigeria may see is an Omokri with a Janus face, a man no one dares call a saint!

*Bernard Okri, Public Affairs Analysts sent this piece from Asaba, Delta State.

How Not To Be A Feminist, By Victor Terhemba

A little over two years ago, I wrote a short article on the fallacy of feminism; I never thought I would ever have the need to write a sequel. However, recent developments have made me decide otherwise.

I am worried that a noble cause such as Feminism will be hijacked by Misandrists, whom by all means believe they are advocates of Feminism. Misandry is the hatred, contempt or prejudice against men. Misandry is the pararel of Misogyny. However Misandry is by no means restricted to women; men also practice the act of misandry against their fellow men. The Misandrists are the people who have taken over the war of feminism and have desecrated everything that Feminism stands for – hiding under the guise of feminism to spew hate and contempt for men.

Feminism as a noble cause only seeks for equal rights and equal opportunities of women with the men. Feminism does not seek the hatred of men; neither does it seek to place women above men, nor to prove that women are better than men. True advocates of Feminism just want an egalitarian society where women will be treated and given equal opportunities and rights as the men enjoy.

In many parts of the country, the female child is denied the right to inherit her later father’s properties because she is a woman who will one day marry and go off with her husband. In many Northern (and other) parts of Nigeria, the girl child is denied her inalienable right to education.

In these areas, they ignorantly believe only the boy child is worthy of education while the girl child is just good for domestic chores and farm work. Also in some parts of the country, female children are given out at very young age in marriage; at an age that the girls lack maturity, mental capacity, biological capacity and physical strength for marriage life. At an age they are yet to grasp the full concept of marriage.

We cannot deny the ancient fact that women have been most, erroneously, considered the weaker vessel and unfit to occupy certain jobs or positions. The woman who is seen to be an exclusive property of her husband and her only duty is to always defer to her husband. For several centuries women were denied seats at the table of men. Certain jobs were reserved exclusively for men; these were jobs women were not permitted to do. Women could never assume positions of power and authority unless in a monarchy. Women were not allowed to participate in the electoral process either as voters or contestants.

The above instances were exactly why Christine de Pizan (author, Epistle to the God of Love) wrote in defense of fellow women. But the feminist movement did not start until 1848, during the first Women’s Conference held in Seneca Falls. Since then, the wave of Feminism has picked up with momentum that has forced re-engineering of the society that was once heavily skewed in favour of men.

Today, the dynamics have changed such that we now have more girls in schools in greater number; and women now have and keep jobs previously reserved exclusively for men. Also, today we have more women in positions of authority and power (two of them are leaders of the free world), today we have more women represented in governments, today women can voted and be voted for. That is the power of the feminist movement.

On the other hand, Misandry tends to undermine men. Misandrists advocate hate, contempt and prejudice against men. These are people that feel no obligation to cook for men, they don’t believe they should be respectful to any man for any reason, misandrists just preach pure hate against men.

Most Misandrists who claim to be feminists seem not to understand that they are suffering identity crisis, since they express the very opposite of what they claim to represent. Although, some misandry is likely to be grounded in personal bitter experience, many women who have had unpleasant experiences with men: fathers, brothers, uncles, husbands, lovers, co-workers, Bosses, etc are most likely to become misandrists.

Ladies who grew up in dysfunctional homes, or who have been heartbroken from their husbands or lovers, or who have been mistreated by the male folks tend to become resentful towards men and suddenly declare themselves to be feminists. But I suppose we have all been hurt by members of the opposite sex; however, to extrapolate from a minority to the general is rather unwise.

Feminism does not advocate abdication of duties and disrespect for men unlike misandry. A woman can be a feminist and still be respectful to the men around her. A feminist never abdicates her duties and never undermines the authority of her husband as the head of the house. And neither does she sheepishly submit to the dictates of her husband that may be inappropriate. A woman, while enjoying her life and taking advantages of the equal opportunities that feminism represents, will still avail herself the time to take care of her family.

Chimamanda Adichie is probably the most known feminist from Nigeria; she has been a source of inspiration to many women around the globe. Although a feminist, she is however a married woman with a wonderful family that she looks after.

While feminism has gone on to inspire a lot of women and improve the conditions of women generally in the society, misandrists (who confuse themselves as feminists) have misled some naive young ladies to unwittingly destroy their homes and develop unhealthy relationship with their opposite sex. This is how not to be a feminist.


Who Will Stop Chinese Diana Chen From Killing Nigerians With Her Expensive GAC Motors? By Fejiro Oliver

I hate imperialism. I detest colonialism. And I fear the consequences of their last bitter struggle for life. We are determined that our nation, and the world as a whole, shall not be the plaything of one small corner of the world.


She’s rich, super wealthy. She has the world at her feet, controlling the high and mighty. From the Ministries of Trade and Investment, Nigerian Investment Promotion Council, Customs etc, her weight is felt and her financial muscle rolls over nearly all that matters.

Her skin color probably gives her an edge, making her bulldoze her way into the hearts of men. Her smiles are infectious when she approaches and radiant even before she opens the lips, but behind the smile lies the daggers that has brought a nation to its feet, albeit unknown to the people. Behind the smile is the doom of many men under her employ and in one fell swoop, she terminates their financial destiny.

She’s Diana Chen, the ruthless emperor of CIG Motors, a major importer of the popular GAC Motors in Nigeria. Forceful and daring, she has almost succeeded in making herself the only importer of this brand of car from the Chinese Manufacturers, who are eager to launch into the Nigerian automobile market and push the prices down for almost every home to own a car, but repeatedly met a stiff wall in Diana Chen, who has vowed to make herself the only importer from China, while making others go through the extra miles of importing from other countries at very expensive rates. Who will save Diana Chen from us?

Never in the history of colonialism has this been witnessed. Not even in the era of slave trades were Nigerian Chiefs were allowed to buy slaves for themselves, without the Portuguese and British emperors stopping them, even though they were controlling us with their guns. It was a free market, as long as the Chiefs were capable of buying the slaves and taking care of them.

Diana Chen’s monopoly of GAC Motors from China has every negative effect on the Nigerian economy. We cannot be talking of local economy and allow a foreigner to dictate and determine what happens in our automobile market. God forbid. Not while we live and breathe the air as free sons and daughters of Nigerian. Unless the Federal Government who should immediately shut down CIG Motors for this imperialism mean to tell us that we are Osu in our own lands, and a Chinese Woman now the Lordess.

The continued monopoly of GAC Motors Market by Diana Chen and her unseen cohorts must end this month. Let heavens fall, but the wings upon which she flies will be broken and thrown to the River Niles. Just as the sky is big enough for every bird to fly, so is the market big enough for everyone to trade. The market is large enough for anyone to import any kind of vehicles, without challenge by another, as long as they have met the legal requirements of our land.

Nigerians must rise up in unity against this Chinese colonialism through the backdoor, caused by one greedy woman, who makes money at our expenses, repatriate the millions of dollars back to China to develop their already developed country, while Nigerians who ought to make the millions, pay taxes that will be used in developing our country is stopped by a foreigner.

Good enough, GAC Motors have indicated interest severally on their willingness to allow Nigerians import the cars, but have repeatedly told us to tell our home government to stop Diana Chen’s influence first. What this means is that there’s simply a cabal that she’s working with, against the interest of the Federal Government, and these cabal must be looked for and dealt with decisively, for sabotaging our economy.

Nigerians, I bring to us a national challenge today, a liberation message and movement that can make every average home in Nigeria own a durable and quality vehicle, with all luxury attached at a very affordable price but currently selling three times the price by Diana Chen in Nigeria, because she’s the only one importing directly from the manufacturers in China, using her Chinese ancestry. We alone can save ourselves from this new found automobile colonialism.

God forbid that it be said of us, that in our time, while we lived, we watched ourselves ripped off by an outsider. May the gods of our lands not frown at us that when the moment of reality stared us, we were cowards and unable to stand up to the exploitation of our resources, when we knew were being cheated in broad daylight.

Diana Chen’s monopoly of GAC Motors importation is the second stage of slavery to us as Nigerians. She wakes up in the middle of the night due to a bad dream or emotional heartbreak and wrecks havoc on Nigerians working for her, by sacking tens of staff the next day, all because of nightmare. She throws unprepared families who have worked for years with her into the labor market, without compensation and payoff. The cycle continues while she rakes in billions of Naira, made by these Nigerian for her.

GAC Motors can be imported by Nigerians from China. No one needs to partner with her to do so. No one needs to be a sub dealer when the manufacturers are ready to sell to others. Who prays to God through a pastor when he or she has access to God? Who goes to see the President through a security guard, when he or she has access to the lovely wife or children? No one will go to Diana Chen to seek her approval for importation. Never, not in our country!

Nigeria is our land, our heritage, our common patrimony, where we will be buried when we die, unlike Diana Chen that will be buried in China when she dies. Therefore, while we live, we must enjoy the benefits of being Nigerians by putting a total full stop to this Diana Chen’s monopoly and allowing Nigerians have access to GAC Motors directly from China and sell to us at the normal rate than the expensive rates she’s currently forcing on us.

We refuse to buy a GAC Motors from Diana Chen for N23 million when the original price if imported from China by Nigerian automobile marketers will sell for N7 million. Our mumu don do. We cannot be exploited on every side. If this act is done in China, the person will be repatriated and banned from entering China to do business. Why then must we allow a foreigner do what can never happen in her country to us?

The current Comptroller General of Customs, Hameed Ali, who is graciously an upright man and hater of corruption must immediately begin investigation into the business of Diana Chen CIG Motors Limited, and stop her from importing cars into the country, till she’s audited and authenticated that all her tax payment is up to date. I’m tempted to believe that she may have evaded tax payments to Nigeria, which should land her in jail.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) should spread their dragnet on Diana Chen’s frequent movement out of the country as sources are convinced that she’s into money laundering using her Chinese Nationality and importer of GAC Motors from China to commit the act.

The Buhari Government cannot afford to fail Nigerians by allowing its citizens who have all it takes to trade in GAC Motors from China and give us an assembly plant which Diana Chen has dubiously denied us to be stopped from importing directly from China. The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria and Representative to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Dr. Zhou Pingjian, should be informed of the economic sabotage of its citizen to our country and us a s people. Diana Chen arrogance to Nigerians, by defrauding us for the past five years of a product that should benefit us has to end.

Who will save us from this tyrant and make GAC Motors a free market for Nigerians to import and give us value for our money than the exploiter and colonialist called Dian Chen? You and I alone can save ourselves from her. Just you and I and we can start today, even now, after reading this.

Join the movement of No More Monopoly in Nigeria today.

These little things matter…

Fejiro Oliver is Editor In Chief of Secrets Reporters News, Investigative Journalist, Media Consultant and Human Rights Activist can be reached on +2348022050733 (SMS ONLY) or Engage him on twitter on @fejirooliver86.

Peace Corps Bill and National Assembly Shenanigans- By Ayobami Akanji

“ I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion” – Alexander the Great
In 1994, a certain Dickson Akoh founded a group called the “Nigerian Leadership and Marshall Corps” (NLMC). As the years passed, he mooted the idea of a name change and, finally, in 1998, he settled for Nigerian Peace Corps, which he registered as a non-governmental organization.
The non-governmental organization is modeled after a similarly named volunteer programme in the United States of America – the National Peace Corps Association with a volunteer strength of 220,000 and yearly budget of $410 million.

However, a non- governmental organization, which prides herself as having solution to the menace of employment in the country, is fighting to be taken over by a government she registered with to be non-governmental organization.
The purveyors of this Corps sometimes or delude themselves on the insalubrity of this exercise, neglecting the reality of duplicity of roles that signing the bill into law will birth. Reading the Peace Corps Bill, one will realise that it has, in the first place, given the game away. It shows how the Peace Corps will duplicate the functions of seven existing organizations, the police and Civil Defence Corps inclusive.
This is enough reason to withhold presidential assent, as no reasonable President would enjoy superintending over warring security agencies. What is even more comical is the serious attention it is receiving from members of the National Assembly, who are aware of the current economic realities in the country but would rather play politics with the bill. Suddenly, they have realised the dangers of unemployment.
They have made existential researches into unemployment and instead of creating bills that will aid state governors to exploit their natural resources, they brilliantly proffer Peace Corps as the solution. They say it will reduce unemployment!
These same legislators refused to confirm nominees into vacant positions in the CBN because the President preferred to keep the face of a man they do not want to see. In an era where scarce resources are being committed to fill infrastructural deficits, where paying salaries in some states is as hard as passing a camel through the eye of the needle, one wonders if these positionss are indeed patriotic or individualistic. In any case, an online media alleged that some senators were given 500 slots in a yet to be confirmed organization.
Reading the interview the promoter of the Corps, Mr. Akoh, granted a media house, one realises the financial nightmare the organisation would create for government. He said none of the staff is paid less than N40,000 a month. With a staff strength of more than 113,000, the monthly wage bill would be about N4.5bn, or N50bn annually.
This is roughly equivalent to a third of Bauchi State’s N168bn 2018 budget and a quarter of Katsina’s N211bn budget. It’s unexplainable how people in the hallowed chambers will allow this bill to be passed without scrutinizing the attendant problems. While unemployment is an issue, you don’t solve a problem by creating another.
 You don’t jump up forgetting that the ground isn’t a nice place to land carelessly. It takes a lot to build a nation, it takes nothing to destroy it. The Federal Government is planning to raise the minimum wage in September. Arm-twisting the President into signing this bill will deny Nigerians the delivery of dividends of democracy. A responsible parliament should help in building the nation, not fighting for things that will jeopardize her financial stability.
Ayobami Akanji is a strategist and lives in Abuja

Osun 2018: Is It About Aregbesola? By Abiodun Komolafe

‘Dreams have only one owner at a time. That’s why dreamers are lonely.’ – William Faulkner

Reactions have continued to trail the publication of my article, entitled, ‘2018: the governor Osun needs’ (See ‘The Sun’, March 2, 2018): some satisfyingly soothing; some, not too good; others troublingly disappointing!

While some commentators saluted my courage for putting together such “a brilliant and balanced piece at such a critical time in the history of dear state”, others accused me of acting so pusillanimous that I failed to insist that it’s the turn of a particular zone of the state to produce the next governor. Some even went as far as condemning me for “selling” my “conscience to a particular All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain”, who, on my honour, I can’t even recognize in a crowd of three. But let those who do not know me well enough be informed that my interest as a key stakeholder in ‘Project Osun’ does not go beyond my concern for its future. After all, I have no other state I can call home than this ‘Land of Virtue.’

That said, let me sympathize with those who are accusing Governor Rauf Aregbesola of playing games with the issue of succession because they have forgotten that governance is chiefly about finding a need and fulfilling it.

On the other hand, those hawks who once made the state ungovernable for commonsense but who have suddenly transmuted into apostles of mischief need to realize that these are trying times for Nigeria and that Osun is a constitutive constituent of a country trying to find its feet after many years of despoliation, depravity and despondency.

Irrespective of whatever anybody may think or say therefore, the salient truth is that Aregbesola has done well for the State of Osun. The rest is left in the hands of posterity to judge him as appropriate. Also, whatever may be the opinions of naysayers, what cannot be taken away from this man of incredible resilience is that he has passion for this state and that he has always acted swiftly to confront the challenges which sometime attempted to damage its tranquillity and coexistence.

Aregbesola’s government has succeeded to a large extent in inculcating in the people a national and moral rebirth that will inspire them to do things that will be beneficial to the people. His approach to wide-ranging infrastructure development programmes and economic growth has been pleasingly massive; his delivery style, hugely impressive; and his method of tackling accumulated failings of the past, terrifically decisive. Talking of material things, his coming to be governor was no doubt a loss to him. The comforting truth resides in the fact that, what he lost in terms of material things, he has gained it by writing his name in gold.

‘Ogbeni’, as he is fondly called, has added world-class buildings to existing school structures in Osun and constructed more than 1000 kilometers of both intra- and inter-city roads across the state.  He has fed pupils and provided job opportunities for those who, ordinarily, would have been roaming our streets, unfed and unkempt. The issue of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) has been resolved to a certain level and the story of Osun social protection, adjudged to be the first of its kind in Africa, has been one of tremendous success. It is gratifying to note that most of these robustly designed and perfectly implemented intervention programmes have been adopted nationally and internationally.

His administration’s vision of getting at least 10% of the N3.3 billion daily food exchange bill in Lagos has largely been accomplished and expansion of the state’s economic base through diversification and increase in production has been awesomely realized. By so doing, this symbol of courage has shamed those who, for obvious reasons, have refused to purge themselves of all their presumptions that governance is all about doling out free money to the people.

While other states were wallowing in the cesspool of salary conundrum, courtesy of national economic crunch, Aregbesola’s government creatively adopted the salary apportionment model which “makes workers from grade level 08 and above collect between 75 and 50 per cent of their salaries.” He also purchased Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and several patrol vehicles, in addition to provision of other logistics, for the use of our security agencies.

I doubt if those 87 medical students from Osun State University who were sponsored by this administration in 2013 to study Medicine at Karazin V.N Kharkiv National University in Ukraine will forget the governor’s gesture in many years to come! The beauty of this entire story is that the governor has broken barriers and set new records which will be difficult even for cruel foes to beat.

But then, the reality of our circumstances is that Osun has gone too far to be relegated to a state reeling or sleeping in pains. So, is September 22, 2018 about Aregbesola or should the governor give an indifferent shrug in a matter as sensitive and as important as electing his successor?

Well, while the impression that post-Isiaka Adeleke controversies have weakened Aregbesola’s political machine is puny, pallid and castrated, the funny side of our Nigerianness is that those who once rejected Obafemi Awolowo as their leader have not only suddenly become madly in love with ‘Awo cap’ as a stamp of ‘ideological solidarity’, they have also surrendered their surnames for the late sage’s as the preferred passport to power and patronage.

In this part of the globalized village where risks like social exclusion, stigmatization and marginalization are commonplace scandals, Osun needs a man of intelligence, integrity and industry; a man of purpose whose humility is legendary and a governor who can sincerely key into this administration’s Six Integral Action Plan. Personally, I have a dream that Aregbesola’s successor will detest handouts-from-Abuja-compliance. Instead, he will appreciate personal sagacity and political shrewdness in seeking solutions to political logjams and socio-economic upheavals.

Above all, he will be loaded upstairs, ready to put more boots on the ground in the interest of the state, the people and humanity as a whole.

May the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace in the State of Osun!

*KOMOLAFE writes in from Ijebu-Jesa, Osun State, Nigeria (

abiodun KOMOLAFE,

O20, Okenisa Street,

PO Box 153,

Ijebu-Jesa, State of Osun.


The Black Panther Hypesteria: A Minority Opinion, By ‘Din Shehu

No, I haven’t seen Black Panther. I have become wary of giving in to mass hypesteria over movies ever since a friend made so much song and dance over Jack Nicholson’s ‘As Good As It Gets’ that I positively believed I was missing out of an other-worldly experience. It took twenty minutes into the movie, when I finally got to see it, to realize I have been scammed into watching a snore fest.

You can then understand my reluctance in joining this ongoing craze over Black Panther. I fear it could be another scam. Much like that great herbal scam called Moringa. I’m loath to find out ‘wakanda’ movie it is: Is it worth all the hype? Is this the first movie out of Hollywood that has truthfully rendered the “African Story”? Is Black Panther the movie “ours” as pop culture aficionados want me to believe? With all these in mind, I decided to do a little background check on everything Black Panther and what I found has made my jaws set; I won’t join this craze.

Firstly, a Black Panther is actually a Leopard/Cougar or any of the ‘Big Cats’ with a genetic malfunction. Melanin-diseased cat if you like. Did you know?  I would think twice before celebrating a movie made by Hollywood about an African “Superhero” conveniently named after a melanin-challenged cat. Take a pause from your Wakandan pose and think: what if the movie is Hollywood telling us we are naught but the genetic malfunction of whites, hence our dark pigment? Maybe that’s the subliminal premise of the movie; or not.

Secondly, why laud (pun intended) a movie that is to all intent and purpose, a tongue-in-cheek dig at Africa and her chronic underdevelopment? Did you  know that the plot of Black Panther revolves around a fictional African State called Wakanda (Read Africa) that has developed advanced technology and civilization, courtesy of a meteorite-produced rare metal called ‘Vibranium’, but chose to exist in sorry self-deceit as a Third World country? If that isn’t a sub for Africa, I don’t know what is!

Again, how come the bad guy in the first Superhero movie set in an African context is the character, Killmonger, who was doing his level best to bring the advanced technology and civilization of the Wakandans to black people all over the world? Yea, spoiler alert: your favourite black Superhero fought tooth and claw to preserve the Wakandan status quo, and ensure that blacks continue to live as slaves to the advanced civilization of the West. A real African superhero; like Moise Tshombe, Jonas Savimbi, Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Mobutu Sese Sekou.

Lastly, I’m tired of hearing about the groundbreaking black cast and director of Black Panther. Did you know that the most powerful people in Hollywood are the studio executives and producers? They determine what directors, writers, actors and other hirelings do in movies. Wherever their wind blows, that’s where the movie goes.

Black Panther was made by Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and distributed worldwide by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures. It was produced, associatively and executively; by Victoria Alonso, Jeffrey Chernov, Louis D’Esposito, Kevin Feige, David J. Grant, Nate Moore and Stan Lee. Not one of these fine folks is black. If you still think Black Panther is about Africa, by Africans and for Africa, then the kunu you’re sipping has fermented.

Hollywood movies first of all, are about making profits. Add one or two subliminal messages and Black Panther fits the Hollywood movie mold to the T. Mr. Stan Lee and co doesn’t give a flying hoot about any “African Story.” It was all about the $$$ to them. Africa currently has the largest population of young people in the world. That there, if you’re a Hollywood studio exec interested in making a demographic-specific addition to a Superhero franchise, is a prime piece of movie estate. A cash cow with engorged udders. Black Panther came to milk the hell out of those udders. So while you’re wearing your kente and Adire outfits to Black Panther premieres and screenings in misplaced pride, Hollywood is chuckling smugly to the bank.

Everyone seems to have lost their heads over this movie, but I’m glad that there’re still some out there who dare hold to minority opinions. Like Leslie Lee III, a Twitter user who has this to tweet about the movie:

Black Panther is a deeply evil film. It dangles the idea of global black liberation in front of you, paints that as villainous, then ends in an orgy of the freest black people to ever walk the earth slaughtering each other to protect whites. That shit turned my stomach.”

It should turn yours too.


Din Shehu is a writer, amateur playwright and corporate events host. He tweets from @dinstots

Insecurity: Impact of President Buhari’s Multilateral Strategies, By Ayobami Akanji

One good thing about ascetics and sages past is the deep and profound level of wisdom found in their works. You don’t need to be a Buddhist before acknowledging the truth in the above quote. Lies repeated and reported overtime gets repelled by the truth however little it is.

The current herdsmen menace has sadly been the dominant discussions nationwide recently. The rate of destruction to lives and properties should make any sane person cringe, it is as dastardly as it gets.

This unfortunate incident that ought to have appealed to our sense of “Collective Nigerianness” has sadly polarized us to extreme built on ideological clusters and falsehood. Misinformation proponents are circulating  fake pictures online, security alerts are fabricated and false broadcast messages are shared on WhatsApp all with the hindsight of heating the polity.

People who obviously are searching for avenues to black paint this government saw the herdsmen crisis as means to ventilate their hate.

The attempt to literally sell a notion that President Buhari as a Fulani man is supporting the activities of these miscreants, is quite unfortunate, it won’t fly just because he is the President and of the Fulani stock. They build these attempts on the often repeated and not so classic “PMB-is-silent” one liner. Those with open eyes and hearts will see the efforts made by the President through personal and representative efforts to find a long lasting and holistic permanent solution to the menace.

However, it’s preposterous to say, malodorous to think and illogical to believe that President Buhari will support an agenda meant to kill and wipe out people he swore under oath to protect. If a President will conspire to have people who have elected him into office killed, who will elect him the next time he wants to stand?

The Vice President did justice to this notion when he said “Every killings undermines the authority of the state. This is why the suggestion sometime that because the president is Fulani he has ignored the killings of herdsmen, is both untrue and unfair”

It is poignant to state that, the adminstration initiated multifaceted approaches to halt this strife by first ordering the Minister of Interior to have an on the spot assessment with the IG of police. Thereafter the Minister of Interior met with Governors from the flash points states;  Kaduna, Benue, Adamawa, Taraba, Niger and Nassarawa states, DG SSS, IGP, CG Civil Defence, Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Commissioners of Police from the 6 aforementioned States.

In the same vein, the National Economic Council (NEC) subcommittee to restore peace in the North Central zone and find lasting solutions to the herdsmen/farmers conflicts headed by the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo alongside 9 governors as members are already engaging with critical stakeholders in the zone. To add to this clear statement of intent, President Buhari immediately told the IG to relocate to Benue State and see to it that the menace is brought under control at worst or eradicated at best. It should be recalled that same strategy was employed against Boko Haram Terrorists, the systematic decimation of the terrorists attest to the efficiency of these strategies.

The result is open for the world to see. Samuel Ortom, Governor of Benue state led other elder statesmen including Paul Unongo and David Mark to see the President, where they expressed their belief in his ability to nip the crisis in the bud.

Additionally, Federal Government, through the Minister of Agriculture, has settled on the suitability of cattle colonies policy to end the menace. This hasn’t or didn’t sit down well with stakeholders. They have opened the door for deliberation as a lasting solution to the problems is what they want. If this doesn’t dispel the notion that President Buhari is shielding the Fulanis, I don’t know what will. More men of the Nigerian security operatives have been sent to these states. Fatai Owoseni, Commissioner of Police Benue State, acknowledged this when he posited:

“The IG has continued to support us. As of today 15 units squadrons from 15 states have been deployed to support the existing officers on ground….“We also received the deployment of Police Special Forces, Intelligence and Technical teams in the state”

In a show of supreme military tact, the President after having series of briefings with the Service Chiefs. Men of the Nigerian Army have been deployed to North Central states under the operating code name “Operation Ayem Akpatuma” or “CAT RACE”. The Nigerian Airforce complimenting the ground troops will establish a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Taraba State to provide reconnaissance for strategic military  coordination. These moves made by the presidency is what they can announce to the public for now, Knowing the sensitivity of security, one believes that they have made, are making and will make moves that will bring this menace to a lasting conclusion.

No one is happy with the continuous loss of innocent lives. We should however as much as possible try to be fair to the current leadership and monitor how this fight will be fought. Politics as a game is to be played with the mindset of proffering solutions to problems. practical solutions, not magic is desired. Only magicians change things with the snap of fingers. Leaders and deft politicians like President Buhari look for solutions, it might take time. Time to consult, plan, execute and effect. This part is what we owe the Federal Government. What the FG owes us is giving us solutions. And that they’re doing. God bless Nigeria!!

Ayobami Akanji is a security analyst and wrote from Abuja

Reno Omokri Is A ‘joke’, Struggling For Relevance – By Adefemiwa Oluwole

I never saw this coming, that someday Reno Omokri will get into a competition with Nigerian comedians just to make a joke. But in his case, he is just down right boring. He wouldn’t get a grin from Nigerians speak less, a smile.

Just when you thought Reno cannot hit a new low, he digs the ground and goes for it, there is no stopping him in the abyss.

Asserting that President Buhari’s son, Yusuf, has more guards than Dapchi schoolgirls is lame, colourless and ludicrous.

Have Reno Omokri ever heard of Google? I doubt it because if he has he wouldn’t launder his stupidity and ignorance in public saying things that a four-year old should know.

One would think, Reno who once worked at the Presidency will know these little things, instead he goes public exuding a high level of ignorance and a nauseating sense of political blindness. I understand that Reno is pained that he is not the son of the president but it is unfair to take it out on Yusuf.

World over, it is known that the President, Vice President and even close family members have Secret Service agents watching and protecting them.

They are sometimes referred to as the ‘First Family’ and their security is of immense importance to the country.

But that is BREAKING NEWS to Reno. For a second, one would like to know what he did when he worked in the Presidency? Was he just galivanting around the building wondering what wonderful work of art it was, or was is office restricted to his Twitter account alone?

He should have asked questions if he needed clarification rather portray Nigerians as ignorant people, given that people across the globe could be reading his hogwash and wondering are Nigerians still in medieval times?

If Reno had taken some minutes to check up the mandate of Nigeria’s State Security Service, he would have saved all of us this embarrassment.

Anyways, I have taken the pains to do that job for him. According to the Wikipedia page of the Nigerian State Security Service, “The mission of the SSS is to protect and defend the Federal Republic of Nigeria against domestic threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of Nigeria, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to both federal and state law-enforcement organs. The SSS is also charged with the protection of the PresidentVice PresidentSenate PresidentSpeaker of the House of RepresentativesState Governors, their immediate families, other high ranking government officials, past presidents and their spouses, certain candidates for the offices of President and Vice President, and visiting foreign heads of state and government. The SSS has constantly adapted to various roles necessitated by evolving security threats in Nigeria including counter-terrorism and counter-insurgent.”

There you go, Reno. A little research could have been helpful being lazy would only cause you to make wrong assertions and accusations unless you have deliberating come up with one of your pranks again.

Thank your stars that the Nigerian Cybercrime Act has been taken with a pinch of salt, else you would be having conversations with some stern-looking Nigerians behind bars.


By Adefemiwa Oluwole, a public affairs analyst, wrote from Akoka Lagos

Federal Government’s New Vision On Niger Delta, By Chukwudi Enekwechi

For several years the neglect of the oil-rich region of Niger Delta has been cited as reason for the restiveness occasioned by militancy and violent agitation by the youths of the region. While successive administrations have paid lip service to the perennial problems associated with oil exploration such as environmental pollution, the President Muhammadu Buhari administration on assumption of office took decisive steps to ameliorate the problems of the region. 
For example, as part of the measures to realise the clean-up of Ogoni land, the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project under the Ministry of Environment will in the near future start the procurement process for contracting firms that will carry out the Ogoni clean-up project. The federal government has expressed its irrevocable commitment to to the successful completion of the project.
Firstly, the government took proactive measures to engage the stakeholders from the region and this led to a mutual agreement towards addressing the major problems like infrastructural deficit, youth unemployment, environmental degradation, licensing of modular refineries and relocation of oil companies to the region.
Already shipments for two pilot modular refineries to be cited in Delta and Rivers states are ready for installation. The installation of the refineries in various Niger Delta communities will ensure that the communities become direct beneficiaries of the resources in their land, as well as create jobs for the youths of the region.
Having identified the region’s areas of need the federal government constituted an inter-ministerial committee with a clear mandate to focus on the realisation of the Buhari administration’s new vision for the Niger Delta region. With a diligent coordination by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the committee has continued to work tirelessly to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
It is worthy of note that in the early days of the administration, the issue of Ogoni clean-up was addressed with concrete plans to fully implement the masterplan. Similarly, the Buhari administration has shown a renewed commitment to the completion of the East-West road which is a key element of the Niger Delta master plan.
Without resting on its oars, the federal government has continued to pay attention to the Niger Delta region and a typical example was the recent employment of hundreds of Niger Delta youths by the federal government. This policy is novel as it is aimed at taking deliberate measures towards addressing the problem of youth restiveness in the region.
The President Muhammadu Buhari administration has also funded the immediate take-off of the Maritime University which has remained in the pipeline for several years.  Barring any operational hitches the university will commence academic activities by the end of April 2018. The Buhari administration has also made about N6Billion available for the take-off of the university.
On infrastructural development, the federal government has also reinvigorated the operations of the Niger Delta Development Commission to enable it deliver on its mandate. Based on the determination of the Buhari/Osinbajo administration to ensure that the NDDC fully performs its role as a vehicle for the development of the Niger Delta, some of the encumbrances like political interference, unnecessary bureaucracy and corruption have been removed. Today NDDC focuses on projects that can positively impact on the people of Niger Delta. 
The commission has made tremendous progress under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. For example, a total of 372 projects ranging from roads, bridges, electricity and water were completed in 2017. As a means of tackling unemployment in the region, NDDC has set up Job Placement centres with a plan to engage about 208,000 Niger Delta youths.
The federal government’s systematic and deliberate interventions in the Niger Delta have also yielded positive results as the restive youths have laid down their arms and this has led to an increase in Nigeria’s oil output as well as the accruable revenue to the federation account. 
It is also remarkable that the Niger Delta Inter-Ministerial Committee has already prepared a comprehensive Strategic Implementation Work Plan (SIWP) which will serve a road map for the overall development of the Niger Delta region.
From the foregoing, there is no doubt that the administration has a sincerity of purpose on the genuine concerns of the Niger Delta, but to fully achieve the federal government’s objectives for the region there is need for cooperation from key stakeholders of the region. 
They must appreciate that the Buhari administration merely inherited the problems which have lingered for years, and it will require time to witness the difference the administration is making in transforming the region permanently. In other words, there is need to reciprocate government efforts in rebuilding a region which all Nigerians acknowledge as having contributed greatly to the development of the country.
Chukwudi Enekwechi, is an Abuja Based Public Affairs Analyst

A New Low Of Akin Osuntokun’s Waning Credibility, By Nathaniel Adoji

Referring to an article published in ThisDay “Jonathan wasn?t that bad afterall” credited to Akin Osuntokun where he quoted Junaid Mohammed: “We now have the least competent, the most isolated, most divisive and arrogant leader in the history of Nigeria. And in a country that is so complex and not so cohesive, this is clearly a disaster, which is where we are heading” – Junaid Mohammed

It is the height of incredibility to quote persons who haven?t earned the finesse and character for addressing issues of state and governance from an unbiased perspective. Mr Junaid Mohammed in an interview with the daily post was quoted thus:
“Imagine, they are blackmailing Buhari, I want to assure that they are not going to succeed. We stupidly handed power through Obasanjo Shenanigan to Goodluck Jonathan, he did very badly”– Junaid Mohammed, Daily Post.

Nothing is more divisive than opinions from high sounding individuals with fickle character.

Jonathan wasn’t that bad afterall is another way of saying we had a bad government at the time and a clear admission of ineptitude by the Jonathan?s administration. The most viable candidate capable of stopping a terribly defocused government which decorated and openly celebrated corruption by granting state pardon to persons convicted for grand theft in the UK was the Muhammadu Buhari led opposition. But for that movement, we would have been in economic abyss today worse than that of Venezuela.

To substantiate President Buhari?s character, while he headed the PTF as executive chairman, he had a mandate to initiate and execute developmental projects in conjuction with “Afri Project Consortium – APC” a management consulting outfit. He not only judiciously applied the funds but delivered on its mandate based on the advice of the professional consulting outfit.

The operations and books are open for public scrutiny. This is in sharp contrast to the SURE-P initiative whose operations were hurried and another avenue for stealing the nation blind. The chairman of SURE-P a respected diplomat, Dr Christopher Kolade resigned after 23months (January 3rd ,2012 – November 24th, 2013) over a 500billion fraud allegation because it contradicted his character and principles. On the contrary, Muhammadu Buhari?s PTF executed health projects, embarked on road construction and boosted education across the 6 geopolitical zones of the country to say the least.

Some even played up religious sentiments in order to discredit President Buhari, but the facts are bare. They promoted falsehood saying Buhari ascended the presidency with an agenda to Islamise Nigeria. If Buhari had the intention of being biased in favour of Islam or Sharia law which is practically impossible given our system of government he woudn?t have granted Mehdi Hassan of Al Jazeera an interview where he was stated: “I haven?t been voted by a majority of Nigerians to change Nigerian constitution [therefore] I can?t change it,” Buhari told Mehdi, explaining that some Sharia punishments such as stoning to death for adultery and extremities? cutting off for stealing contradict Nigerian laws and the constitution” Buhari (Al Jazeera, 2015)

“Nigerians have the right to worship any religion, but no religion advocates hunting the innocent. You cannot kill innocent people and shout “Allahu Akbar” … Boko Haram is anything but Islamic,” Buhari (Al Jazeera, 2015)

As a born Muslim, the only religion President Buhari has ever practised is Islam but given his world-view he is tolerant of all other religion as a number of his personal staff and aides are practising Christians from the south.

Reeling names of presidential appointees and aides to justify sectionalism by persons wishing to sow mischief is laughable. The cry of lopsided appointments by some persons and practitioners of repute without proper verification makes one question their professional qualifications. The list of appointments is in public domain, they are verifiable.

Calling out names may infringe on people?s privacy, but I dare say appointments are anything but sectional. President Muhammadu Buhari by virtue of his character and training is result-oriented, the best person to get him to his goals gets appointed. Fortunately, qualified southern Christians have been invited to share in his passion of navigating Nigeria through the paths of greatness not based on their religion or ethnic orientation but based on their professionalism.

Anyone wishing to set us aback by insinuating or urging appointments based on sectionalism is simply myopic. Southern Christians and Muslims alike did not vote for a president based on ethnicity or religion but based on ideology, character, competences and vision. Muhammadu Buhari reflected these ideals hence got the job as President.

To assume Buhari won elections based on hypocrisy and falsehood is an insult on our collective intelligence. From hinge sight President Buhari?s ascension to power was not based on divisiveness or hypocrisy but a collective agreement by Nigerians home and abroad to preserve our commonwealth from enemies of state, who sabotaged due processes, pilfered the treasury and piloted the ship of state towards disaster.

Our natural instinct for self-preservation against agents of retrogression was the singular unifying factor that propelled our demand for the Buhari Candidacy. On the contrary he ascended the presidency on a unified platform not on a divided fort.

In 2016, David Cameron shared a joke with Queen Elizabeth II in front of the press that “Nigeria was fantastically corrupt”, an impression that resonated globally. At the time, Nigeria and her parliament attacked Cameron for his utterances but President Buhari displayed a leadership quality not common to African leaders. He admitted the state of corruption in Nigeria not minding the shame and sort help even from the same countries that shamed us.

Recently, Transparency International released a “perception index of corruption” which grossly misrepresented Nigeria, but the global organization did not accuse Nigeria of corruption but the tool for assumption is “a perception index” which certainly is a deviation from the real index or indices on ground.

According to economic data available at the Central Bank of Nigeria -CBN, Nigeria earned N77.348 trillion from the oil and gas industry between 1999 and 2016. The economy was further consolidated by the cancellation of our debts by our creditors primarily the Paris club with the efforts of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo led government (1999-2007).

But the succeeding government between 2007 and 2015 which earned over N51trillion undermined these efforts and plunged us into another round of indebtedness to the tune of over N6trillion in a period of excess crude earnings, when oil sold for over $100/barrel.

Since May 2015, international oil price has averaged around $50/barrel leaving very little in earnings to run a government and deliver on campaign promises. However Federal workers salaries have never been delayed, states are getting bail out and infrastructural projects are ongoing. In a matter of time the full truth will speak to consciences of mischief.

Wakanda As A Model For Africa, By Anifowoshe Tawakkaltu

Today I was opportune to accompany Daniel Moses, the winner of the Thursday Giveaway contest on Gbemisola Rukayat Saraki Friends on Facebook page to see the popular ‘Black Panther’ movie.

Unlike most Hollywood movies, Black Panther showcased African pride and opened my eyes to the possibility of a greater Africa.

Allow me to share some of the lessons I learnt from this movie with you.

  1. Resource management 

African nations are undoubtedly blessed with arrays of natural resources whose relevance reflect more in the affluence and wealth of few citizens than in the generality of her citizens.Unlike African nations, Wakanda maintained an isolationist policy and used her resources solely for the social and technological good of the nation.

Today, Nigeria and most African nations rely heavily on export. This heavy reliance had led to misaligned exchange rates, the decline of non-resource sectors, political authoritarianism, conflict, and economic inequality.  Botswana has not just mirrored Wakanda’s isolationist policy but also managed her wealth through a sovereign trust fund (PULA FUND) and economic diversification.

Indeed our oil,diamond, ivory etc isn’t as huge as vibranium, but we certainly can learn to use our resources for our economic,technological and social advancement before sending them all out for hard currency.

  1. Solidarity

The way the Jabari Tribe leader Mbaku saved Prince Tchalla from death! The way he gave the Queen mother refuge and went to the battlefield with Prince Tchalla to save Wakanda from Killmonger. That’s solidarity!

Today, African nations care more for the recognition they get from European powers than their relationship with their neighboring countries.

The pan African solidarity of kwame Nkrumah, Sam nujoma, Eduardo mondlane, Samora Machel, Thomas Sankara, Partrice Lubumba, Haile sallasie

Kenneth Kaunda, Jomo Kenyatta

Mwalimu julius Nyere, Nelson Mandela, Muammar Gadafi and Robert Mugabe is long gone! The African Union is now a mere cosmetic organization with very little achievement to showcase.

Wake Up Africa!!


Prince T’Challa of WAKANDA was not elected through polls but he could be removed through a process designed by tradition. Democracy has been manipulated by Africans to fit in EVERYTHING. Africans need to accept their traditional system and redefine it to fit into the evolving world.

WAKANDA is the most technologically advanced nation in the world, yet the culture and tradition WAKANDA is still revered.

Today, we have long forgotten our own culture, our values, our norms, our traditions, our system for westernization.

Have you heard about the Nubian vault association that builds low cost mud houses?


I am so in love with the character of Princess Shuri! She was the Kong’s backbone. With her technological drive she saved the nation.

When it comes to technology, the African continent can conveniently be delineated as “third world”. We are so far far behind.

It’s never too late for our people, our governments to give technology and education priority.

With Black Panther, I am inspired to AFRICANS can build a continent as great as WAKANDA.


Regards from Anifowoshe Titilope LegalEagle

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 IG: @d_legal_eagle

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