IDPs Grumble Over Govt, Authorities Neglect As Rochas Foundation Provides Aid, Succor

Internally Displaced Persons IDPs In Durumi camp have expressed displeasure over what they described as “total neglect and abandonment” by government and authorities in charge of their welfare.

This is just as the Rochas foundation visited the IDPs and provided succour in food and other other food supplies to them.

The inhabitants of Durumi IDP camp alerted that the Federal Government and the National Emergency Management Agency NEMA officials responsible for their welfare have disappeared leaving them to wallow in lack of care and food.

One of the IDPs simply identified as Maria said “Its sad that as IDPs, we have been neglected by the authorities. For sometime now, food and other supplies have not gotten to us. We have endured to grumble with the situation caused by the insecurity that made us flee from our ancestral homes.”

The IDPs were however grateful to the Rochas Foundation for giving what they described as a “timely and impactful” gesture to them.

Two inhabitants of the camp, Salamatu and Dahiru were full of gratitude to the Foundation for its assistance.

The Rochas Foundation during the visit promised to build a school facility within the camp.

The school project in Durumi camp according to the officials of the foundation is in furtherance of the 11 schools it has built under its READ programme to provide qualitative and free education for indigent students in making them responsible leaders of Tomorrow.

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How Buhari Lifted Over 5 Million Nigerians From Poverty – BMO

President Buhari’s goal to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years is on course. According to the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO), the President’s success in lifting five million Nigerians out of the poverty bracket in a short time is quite commendable and a sign of greater things to come.

In a statement signed by its Chairman, Niyi Akinsiju, and Secretary, Cassidy Madueke, the group stated that the Buhari-led administration had put in place policies, since it came into power, targetted at eradicating poverty and improving the lives and welfare of the Nigerian people.

“The Buhari administration put in place the Social Investment Program (SIP)aimed at tackling poverty, unemployment and improving the living standard of Nigerians. Within the last three and a half years since the program has been operational, it has successfully impacted the lives of over 12 million Nigerians, directly and indirectly.

“The program, with its four components, has provided employment to hundreds of thousands of local farmers through the Home Grown School Feeding Program. These farmers are the suppliers of farm products that are used to feed the over 9.5 million children this government is feeding in our public primary schools.

“The Conditional Cash Transfer program which simply gives a stipend to the poorest of the poorest families in Nigeria, has given a new life to over 350,000 Nigerian families that were far below the poverty line before this administration came on board. With N10,000 given to them every two months, they now have more disposable income; they can now buy new clothes, improve their hygiene and send their children to school.

“This sum, put into the hands of caregivers of these over 350,000 families, has rescued these families, with at least four beneficiaries per house, from the claws of poverty and has given them new life and hope.” 

The group noted that the GEEP loans the Buhari government has been giving to traders, businesses and farmers has reached over 2 million beneficiaries. 

“The thing about these loans is the domino effect of their impact. Traders now have more credit, they can now expand on their businesses. As they expand on the businesses they grow, they can help people around them. The lives of beneficiaries who they support improve as well.

“There is also the N-Power Program that has provided employment to 500,000 previously unemployed graduates.”

BMO noted that the impact being made by the administration was being felt at the bottom of society’s pyramid, with the poorest Nigerians finding succour through these programs. 

BMO stated further that President Buhari’s statement that with good leadership Nigeria can lift 100 million Nigerians out of extreme poverty, whether deemed ambitious or not, was practicable.

“President Buhari had emphatically said that with good leadership 100 million Nigerians can be lifted out of extreme poverty, and with his good leadership he has started this journey and steady progress is being made.”

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Rochas Foundation To Build School In IDP Camp

The Rochas Foundation is set to build a school in the Durumi Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp.

This is in line with the aim of the foundation under its READ program to ensure that kids in the camp are given a shot in life through.

A few days ago, its founder, Senator Rochas Anayo Okorocha led other members of the Foundation to the Durumi IDPs camp where it handed food and other supplies to the inhabitants of the camp.

The school facility is part of the efforts of the Rochas Foundation which has successfully built 11 schools across the country since inception to provide qualitative and free education for indigent students in making them responsible leaders of tomorrow.

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Elections More Appropriate For Change Of Government, Not “Revolution’’ – Presidency Tells Group

Following calls circulating on social and digital media, an organisation that calls itself the “Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria” plans a “revolution” march tomorrow, Monday 5th August, with the aim of bringing “regime change” in Nigeria without recourse to a nationwide vote.
The President of Nigeria and his administration respect and uphold the right of every Nigerian to peaceful protest and civil campaign– whether to raise awareness on issues, and even oppose the government. It is the inalienable right of all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to do so.

There is, however, a difference between peaceful call to protest and incitement for a revolution.

The organisation championing this planned action is not fronted by any serious public faces. We call on the sponsors and organisers to have the decency to come forward and make their identity known – out of respect to all Nigerians – so that Nigerians can be fully aware in whose name this “revolution” is being proposed and who the beneficiaries may be.

Less than six months ago, Nigeria held simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections. Both contests were won resoundingly by President Muhammadu Buhari and his All-Progressives Congress party. The campaign was observed, and results were confirmed by international election monitoring groups and observers. The result was even contested by the losing presidential candidate and his party in Court.

The ballot box is the only constitutional means of changing government and a president in Nigeria. The days of coups and revolutions are over.

Those making the “revolution’’ call hide behind the veil of social media modernity. But without revealing the identity of their sponsors this shadowy campaign is no better, and no more democratic, than the days of old.

The President calls on all those who seek to use and hide behind everyday citizens to attain power through undemocratic and violent means, which has been alluded, to come out clearly and be identified. They should lead their march in person. Only then will they begin to have the right to call themselves leaders before the people of Nigeria.

Garba Shehu
Senior Special Assistant to the President
(Media & Publicity)
August 4, 2019

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FG’s Energizing Education Programme Will Help Improve Power Supply Across The Country, Says Osinbajo

The Federal Government’s Energizing Education Programme is geared towards delivering on several critical policies and objectives of this administration in the Next Level, including improving power supply around the country by providing solar hybrid plants in 37 Federal Universities and 7 teaching hospitals in the next four years, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN.

Prof. Osinbajo stated this on Friday in Ebonyi State, where he commissioned some projects including the 2.8 MW decentralized solar hybrid power plant that will supply 7,700 students and over 1,800 staff of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo (FUNAI) with clean, reliable and efficient power.

Before the end of the year, similar projects would also be commissioned in Bayero University Kano (BUK), Kano State and Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun (FUPRE), Delta State; as well as the University of Lagos, he added.

By providing decentralized/off-grid solutions, the Vice President noted that the programme is also expected to reduce the dependence on the national grid and increase universal access to electrification in the country.

He said, “We are decentralizing so that we have upgrade capacity in several different States of the Federation and several communities so that we can provide private power in universities and economic clusters. For example, we have private power in Sabon-Geri market, Kano. We are commissioning another 7,000 shops there, we have private power also in the Ariaria market in Abia State, both solar power and we have a fuel-based and gas-based power plant there as well.”

According to the Vice President, this will further increase access to modern quality education by providing adequate power supply to critical learning resources such as science laboratories, design and technology workshops and Information Technology resources.

He added that the project is also aimed at “providing conducive, safe and secure learning environments, with the aim of eradicating cultism, rape, kidnapping and other criminal activities that may occur.”

The Vice President added that the objectives of the Energizing Education Programme includes “empowering Nigerian women through the provision of education and training programmes for STEM and dedicated training on renewable energy in world class energy training centres, improved quality of healthcare services which will ultimately reduce mortality rates in our healthcare institutions; and the development and implementation of environmentally friendly projects for cleaner, healthier environments.”

Prof Osinbajo also commissioned the renewables workshop and training centre to promote renewable energy and over 7.5KM of street lighting to enhance security and safety on the campus.

Noting that students of the institution would not only reap the benefits of clean, reliable and affordable electricity, the Vice President added that they would also receive hands-on training on renewable energy which can be applied beyond the walls of the university.

He said, “This solar hybrid power plant being commissioned today (in FUNAI) is the first to be heard of the 37 Federal Universities and 7 teaching hospitals, that will be provided with a plant that is similar with what we have here under the Federal Government’s Energizing Education Programme and we hope that this will be completed in the next four years.

“The phase 1 of the project consists of nine Federal Universities and one teaching hospital which cuts across 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria and it is currently being implemented by the Rural Electrification Agency (REA).

“The phase 1 project will benefit a total of about 127,000 students and 28,000 staff of the Universities, 4,700 staff in teaching hospitals (including 819 doctors), powers 2,850 street lights and result in the decommissioning of hundreds of generators.”

This phase, the Vice President said, is fully funded by the Federal Government and will train 180 female STEM students.

The Vice President said the project will further create more jobs in the power sector chain.

“This project itself created 108 energy related jobs from power system engineers to electricians and as stated earlier, trained 20 young women with the skills to work in the energy sector anywhere in the world,” he said.

Prof. Osinbajo urged more effective collaboration and synergy amongst government bodies at all levels, in order to achieve significant growth for the country.

Laolu Akande
Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity
Office of the Vice President
3rd August, 2019

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Outrage as Imo Gov Ihedioha Allegedly Demolish Rochas Freedom Square Project

Residents of Imo State’s capital, Owerri were left bewildered as the Freedom Park, built by the immediate past governor, Rochas Okorocha was demolished on August 1.

The sound of earth-moving equipment and heavy machinery dominated the air as the park, built barely two years ago, was torn down in a flagrant show of force. The fountain was reduced to a pile of iron and concrete as on-lookers gathered to catch a glimpse of the wreckage.

Freedom Park, or Freedom Square as it is also called, is one of the attractions erected by Okorocha during his term as governor. The park was a fair distance from the State House and has been described as ‘t?he safe house of Owerri, a place where everyone is equal irrespective of politics and religion?’. Recently, it has become a hotspot for late-night revellers and tourists.

While most residents are at a loss to explain the events of August 1, there is a general sentiment that the demolition was ordered by new Imo State Governor, Emeka Ihedioha.

The events share parallels with the levelling of another tourist attraction, Akachi Tower in May. The tower, also built by Okorocha, was demolished days after his successor was sworn in.

During its inauguration, Okorocha said Akachi Tower signified the generous hand of God over the state. The tower, along Owerri’s Akachi Road, featured a spiral staircase, topped by a defiant fist.

The tower was pulled down with a demolition truck before the culprits, numbering over a dozen, were reportedly removed from the scene by men in military fatigues. The new Imo State Governor did not respond to rumours of his involvement.

The demolition of tourist attractions like the Akachi Tower and Freedom Square has set off conversations about the new administration’s perceived intention to revise a chapter of Imo’s history.

During his tenure, Okorocha erected many edifices as part of his efforts to turn Imo State, and Owerri in particular, into a tourism hub.

The Imo State Governor is yet to release an official statement on the matter.

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With Combined Efforts Of Allies, We Have Made Progress In Tackling Security Challenges, Says President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that the Nigerian military in collaboration with armed forces of neighbouring countries have made tremendous progress in the war against insurgency since the inception of his administration.

Speaking Friday at the graduation ceremony of Course 27 at the National Defence College in Abuja, President Buhari said: “This occasion affords me another opportunity to briefly reflect on the state of the Nigerian nation, particularly regarding national security. At the inception of our first tenure in 2015, Nigeria was at a critical crossroad. The Boko Haram Group was at the height of its infamy and virtually held Nigeria hostage. It constituted a clear and present danger to our corporate existence as a nation. 

“After four years of gruelling work, I can report the progress that we have made in tackling the security challenges, with the combined efforts of our regional coalition partners, the Armed Forces of Nigeria and other security agencies, diverse government agencies, national and international development partners as well as local traditional leaders. 

“We have spared no effort to rid the nation of terrorism and insurgency and associated national security and humanitarian challenges. I particularly thank the Armed Forces and other security agencies for their patriotic efforts. I also thank all our development partners and foreign governments for their invaluable contributions.” 

He also restated the determination of his administration to promote national security and development: “We remain committed to promoting a vision of a secure, safe, just, peaceful, prosperous and strong nation. Indeed, we shall be employing all elements of our national and human resources to ensure security, a just society, peaceful co-existence, national unity, prosperity and sustainable development, while promoting our good standing abroad.” 

The President however acknowledged that there were prevailing security matters that the administration was battling with.

“In spite of the commendable progress, the Nigerian state is still beset with some existential and fundamental challenges. The Boko Haram for instance, having lost their insurgency campaign, now factionalised and mutated into a new form of terrorist threat.

“Armed banditry and vandalism, kidnapping, pastoralist/farmers conflicts, cultism and political violence have become the new threats. Other issues such as proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons, drug trafficking, drug and substance abuse and communal conflict, all add up to the security mix. 

“Furthermore, the state of education, the youth bulge, unemployment, socio-political and ethno-religious divisions, fake news and hate speeches all help to quicken and compound the security challenges.” 

President Buhari commended the graduands for the hard work they have put in to become worthy of the certificates they have been awarded:

“I congratulate the National Defence College Course 27 graduands and their spouses for your hard work, endurance and deserved success. 

“You have gone through the crucible, you have endured short nights and long arduous days, you have passed the test of fire and today is surely your day of glory. Let me specially congratulate graduands from friendly nations for consolidating the bilateral relationships between our nations. Your participation in the course is a further testimony of our national security policy aspirations to promote international peace, friendship and cooperation.” 

The Nigerian President enjoined them to see their graduation as a call to duty in the service of their countries, stressing that their nations required the newly acquired knowledge for developmental plans.

He equally praised the leadership of the National Defence College for keeping the flag flying after 27 years, training senior officers of the Armed Forces of Nigeria and strategic Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as military officers from friendly nations.

Garba Shehu

Senior Special Assistant to the President

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On CAN’s Hypocritical Defense Of IMN – Nathaniel C. Adoji

In December of 1994, at a Goron Dutse Prison, Kano. A trader was charged to court for desecrating the holy book. He was remanded in prison by the judge. But a group of fundamentalist Islamists were not satisfied; so about a thousand of them besieged the prison.

According to the head of the prison then, they overwhelmed prison security, climbed over the wall with a ladder and called the detainee out. They then beheaded him and paraded the streets with his head on a pike.

His name was Gideon Akaluka. Do you know the group of Islamic fundamentalists who executed this man in broad daylight, it was a group of radical shitte members who defied all security arrangements, got into the Goron Dutse prison, murdered Gideon Akulaka and severed his head.

About 25 years later, it is feels quite surreal to see groups like the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Christian/Anti Islamic dominated IPOB raise in support of radical shittes who are members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.

The confrontation between the members of El Zak Zaky’s Islamic Movement of Nigeria didn’t start in 2015. Successive regimes have always viewed El Zak Zaky as a security threat.

He was imprisoned twice by military regimes and then again in 2014 when he lost three of sons in an armed confrontation against security agents. The crux of his continuous confrontation with the Nigerian government and its security agencies stem from El Zak Zaky and his group’s inability to recognize the authority of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which is part of their main ideology. Apart from their main aim which is to Islamize every part of Nigeria and they receive regular funding from Shitte Controlled Iran to continue to cause mayhem in Nigeria.

El Zak Zaky is currently on trial for murder and seven other charges and has been brought before the court in Kaduna to answer for his alleged crimes as is consistent with the rule of law but his members daily attack government buildings, shoot at securities agencies under the guise of protesting, burn vehicles belonging to private citizens and cause mayhem in the Federal Capital Territory all in a bid to force the government to release their imperial leader.

It is therefore curious that the Christian Association of Nigeria and the IPOB are now siding with a group whose sole aim is to Islamize Nigeria while accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of plotting to do it.

 It shows the length that groups like CAN and the IPOB will go to oppose the president’s attempts to bring peace to the country by curbing the excesses of the radical Islamic Movement of Nigeria. If Shekau emerges from the hole he has been hiding to oppose buhari, will CAN and IPOB stand with him and his murderous group too?

Nathaniel C. Adoji

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Don’t Compare IMN With Catholic Church – Group Chides Cardinal Onaiyekan

The Inititiative to Save Democracy has chided the former archbishop of Abuja, Cardinal Onaiyekan for comparing the Catholic Church to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. 

“We view with concern the recent comments by the former archbishop of Abuja catholic archdiocese, Cardinal Onaiyekan regarding the proscription of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria IMN by the federal government. The cleric was quoted to have called on the federal government to rescind the proscription as it was undemocratic. He also cited example with the catholic church asking if he found himself in the situation, whether the federal government would not allow his catholic adherents to protest.”

“We note that the retired archbishop missed the point as the proscription of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria followed due process and after serial breach of all known laws and regulations guiding public protests in Nigeria. We also want to put on record that the proscription followed a valid order from a court of competent jurisdiction banning the activities of the group and ordering for its proscription.”

“We are all witnesses to the activities of the group in the federal capital Abuja in recent times, as well as their violent outings in the public. Before our very eyes the group embarked on attacking public institutions and properties in the federal capital, and this led to the loss of human lives. The group is on record to have constituted themselves into public nuisance by blocking roads and attacking law enforcement agencies at will.”

“We are therefore disappointed that John Cardinal Onaiyekan chose to close his eyes to the violent activities of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria but rather found it convenient to criticise the federal government when they decided to bring the violent activities of the group to an end. This smacks of hypocrisy on his part as it was expected that he should have evaluated all sides of a case before commenting.”

“We want to believe that the cardinal was speaking in his personal capacity as the catholic church that we know usually obeys the laws of any country in which they operate.”

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Osinbajo Inaugurates 2.8mw, Decentralised Solar Hybrid Power-Plant At AE-FUNAI

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Friday inaugurated a 2.8megawatt decentralised solar hybrid power-plant at the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI), Ebonyi.

Osinbajo, who performed the ceremony in the company of Gov. David Umahi and other top government officials, said that the inauguration fulfilled another next level road-map agenda of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

The vice president said that the project would provide sustainable, decentralised energy to the entire campus, improve education and create a better university experience for both students and staff.

“It will supply 7, 700 students and 1, 819 staff of the university with clean, reliable and affordable electric power.

“We are also commissioning a renewable workshop and training centre and have installed over 7.5kilomotres of street lighting to enhance security and safety within the FUNAI campus.

“This is an additional component of the remarkable project as the days when our students read at night with candles, lanterns and torches are over,” he said.

He said that the students would also receive hands-on training on renewable energy that could be applied beyond the university’s walls.

The vice president expressed delight that that the young women, under the Energising Education Programme (EEP) female internship, are graduating in the construction of captive power-plant,” Osibanjo said.

Gov. Umahi, in his remark, thanked the Vice President for inaugurating the project, noting that his passion and commitment towards the affairs of the nation was astounding.

“We are collaborating with the Managing Director of the Rural Electricity Agency, Mrs Damilola Ogunbiyi to expand the project to the neighbouring Ebonyi College of Education and Ikwo Local Government Area headquarters.

“We have also agreed to work with her office in providing solar power to 140 communities across the state,” he said.

The governor noted that the state government had supported FUNAI in several ways through the provision of streetlights, portable water and accessible road.

Mrs Damilola Ogunbiyi, MD of Rural Electrification Agency, said that the project would result in 8, 139, 2018 lbs (pounds) of annual carbon dioxide savings.

“Our onsite workshop and training centre will provide training on renewable technology to students of FUNAI and equip them with invaluable knowledge and experience on the power sector,” she said.

Prof. Chinedum Nwajiuba, Vice Chancellor of the university, thanked the Vice President for inaugurating the project, describing it as ”the first of its kind in any Nigerian university.

“Your presence is unique in many ways as the project you are commissioning remains a milestone in the history of the university and the county,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Osibanjo also inaugurated a physiotherapy centre, 500-seater auditorium, 200 capacity lecture hall and a Lassa Fever Observation Bay, all at the Alex-Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki (AE-FUTHA). (NAN)

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo Receives New UK Secretary Of State

Nigeria can benefit from the United Kingdom in its ongoing reform of the business environment by learning from how the British resolved similar challenges, according to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN.

The Vice President spoke today, during a meeting with the newly appointed United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for International Development, Mr Alok Sharma, at the Presidential Villa.

According to Prof Osinbajo, “one of the critical issues with the ease of doing business is with respect to the registration of property and how the process is long drawn.”  

The Vice President noted that while States like Lagos and Kano have done well with issues around land registration, there are still some outstanding issues. He said this is an area where the UK and Nigeria can collaborate.

“I think one of the ways by which we could get some help is in the whole land registry concept”, the Vice President noted.  He recalled that Lagos State actually had such collaboration when he was serving there. According to him, the UK “gave us quite a bit of help in establishing what was used in Lagos State land registry years ago.”

“Every state has its own peculiar issues and challenges. How to document across the various states is what poses the challenge,” Osinbajo observed.

Prof Osinbajo also explained the National Livestock Transformation Plan, NLTP, stating that the Federal Government and States decided on ranching as an option for livestock breeding.

States determine the implementation methods in their respective States, while both the Federal Government and the States will share the costs.

Earlier in his remarks, Mr. Sharma commended the Vice President for his role in driving the Ease of Doing Business reforms and commended the country for moving up 24 places in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Ranking.  On the specific issue of land registry, he noted how the process was simplified in the UK using technology.

Both the Vice President and the UK Secretary, among other issues, also discussed the rehabilitation of the Northeast region and how the British could support the process going forward.

Laolu Akande
Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity
Office of the Vice President

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UBA Makes 20 More Customers Millionaires, Doles Out N30m In 3rd Draw of UBA Wise Savers Promo

Pan African financial institution, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, has again rewarded another 20 customers who have emerged winners in the third quarterly draw of the UBA Wise Savers Promo winning N1.5 million each, bringing the total amount won so far by 60 customers to N90 million.

The electronic raffle draw, which was held at the UBA Head Office in Lagos on Wednesday, July 31st, was witnessed by the relevant regulatory bodies including the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, Lagos State Lottery Board and Consumer Protection Council.

Lucky customers who emerged winners in the latest draw cut across all regions of the country. They are Yusuf Muhammed; Adebakin Anuoluwapo Elizabeth; Babatunde Temidayo Ruth; Christian Emetole; Nwabuife Ikeagu; Omoye Amiengheme; Ogechukwukanma Okoh; Akinyemi Abidemi Betty; Okoro Chukwuma and Chukwu, Patricia Nnenna.

Others are Adejoke Olarinoye; Fatoki Hassan; Nwokocha Ikechukwu Emmanuel; Owolanke kole Emmanuel; Ferreira Adesola Afolatomi; Emmanuel Omoigui; Uzoigwe Anthonia; Elesin Titilayo Oluwabunmi; James Suleiman Umar and Lawan David Nahinokan.

The ongoing promo, which commenced in September last year, is expected to run till September 30, 2019 and will see a final 20 customers from across Nigeria become millionaires, winning N30 million in the last quarter of this year.

At the end of the fourth promo, a total of N120 million will have been won by 80 customers.

Speaking during the event, UBA’s Group Head, Consumer & Retail Banking, Mr. Jude Anele, said that since the promo began late last year, the bank has been impressed at the level of response by its customers and the general public across the country, adding that the purpose of the campaign is to reward loyal customers while encouraging the savings culture.

He noted that there has been a remarkable increase in the number of participants in this edition compared to the previous one, adding that the bank’s objective of helping customers’ save for the rainy day is being achieved.

He said: “It is very easy to spend money but to save is a habit all must imbibe. Our key objective is to encourage our customers to save regularly. We are here to support our customers and to encourage them to save as well.”

Anele urged other customers to take advantage of the subsequent opportunities the last quarterly draw will offer.

The Group Head, Transaction and Electronic Banking, Sampson Aneke, who also spoke at the event said,  “There is no better time to give back and delight customers than this challenging economic period where people need all the support they can get to make life more meaningful. With this in mind we decided to prioritise our customers as we always do at UBA by giving them plenty to cheer about and that is the reason why another 20 customers have been made millionaires today.

Aneke noted that the promo is consistent with the bank’s novel initiatives in prioritizing customers, and said it was necessitated by the invaluable belief the Bank has in its customers.

“We will continue to listen and give them nothing short of the best that they deserve. UBA will not relent, because we are impressed with the impact this has made so far and will continue to touch the lives of our loyal customers positively,” he explained.

The criteria for qualifying for the draw is to save at least N30,000 in a UBA savings account or in instalments of N10,000 each for a period of three months. Those yet to be UBA customers can open a savings account on any of the numerous bank channels, including Magic Banking (*919*20#) and LEO, or in any of the UBA branches across the country, and start saving to stand a chance of winning.

United Bank for Africa Plc is a leading pan-African financial services group, operating in 20 African countries, as well as the United Kingdom, the United States of America and with presence in France.

UBA was incorporated in Nigeria as a limited liability company after taking over the assets of the British and French Bank Limited who had been operating in Nigeria since 1949. The United Bank for Africa merged with Standard Trust Bank in 2005 and from a single country operation founded in 1949 in Nigeria – Africa’s largest economy – UBA has become one of the leading providers of banking and other financial services on the African continent. The Bank which was awarded the Best Digital Bank in Africa by the Euromoney awards in 2018, provides services to over 17 million customers globally, through one of the most diverse service channels in sub-Saharan Africa, with over 1,000 branches and customer touch points and robust online and mobile banking platforms.

The shares of UBA are publicly traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and the Bank has a well-diversified shareholder base, which includes foreign and local institutional investors, as well as individual shareholders.

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