1,000 Nigerians Risks Australia Deportation

About 1,000 Nigerians living in Australia risks been deported to Nigeria as the Nigerian Ambassador to Austria Her Excellency, Maria Oyeyinka Laose led an Austrian high delegation and had signed a treaty that any black person whose identity in Austria is in doubt would be deported to Nigeria.

“The agreement exposes these persons who are without clear proof of Nigerian citizenship, most of them living in Austria for many years and well integrated (but not accepted as refugees according to the Geneva Convention).” Recently, a father of 2 ½ year old son was allegedly deported without official verification and this has created a lot fear in other Nigerians who have stayed worked for years in Austria.

The treaty which was unfortunately supervised by the Foreign Affairs Minister Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru prompting Nigerians in Austria are now asking; whose table do they now lay their shameful and unbelievable complaint to, since the Ambassador and the Foreign Affairs Minister whose portfolios lie the hope of redress in the case of any foreign molestation have sold them out like slaves?


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Farouk Lawan Denies Ownership of ‘@FaroukLawan01’ Twitter Account

Embattled former Chairman of the House of Representative Ad-hoc committee on fuel subsidy, Hon Farouk Lawan has denied ownership of the twitter account credited to him.

The embattled lawmaker described the twitter account, @FaroukLawan01 which has been posting messages on his behalf as an impersonation of his person

Mr. Lawan, who Premium Times said spoke to its correspondence in a telephone interview stated that he knows nothing about the twitter account and had not authorised anyone to operate it for him.

“I know nothing about it (the twitter account). It is an impersonation,” Mr. Lawan told Premium Times.

The account come to lime light since commencement of the bribery scandal rocking the embattled lawmaker and has been tweeting messages favourable to him.

The lawmaker, however denied owning or having knowledge of the ownership of the twitter account.

“People have been asking me about the account, but I don’t know anything about it,” he said.



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Bomb Blast Rocks Shopping Centre In Abuja

Abusidiqu.com has learn’t of a bomb blast at the Banex Plaza area of Wuse 2, Abuja, this evening. The Bomb was said to have occurred in a car which exploded directly in front of Park and Shop, a popular shopping mall frequented by the wealthy in the nations’ Federal Capital.

Soon after the blast, trucks of army men arrived the scene of the incident.

Official of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) had also arrived at the scene which has been cordoned off by security personnel.

As at the time of this report, casualty figures were yet ascertained as no one is allowed to take pictures or go close to the scene.
Most recently, on June 22, a blast went off outside a nightclub in Abuja that shattered the windows of nearby buildings but caused no casualties.
Update 1: Shortly after the arrival of security personnel to the scene, another unexploded bomb was discovered hidden in a flower, but was immediately detonated.
“When we were trying to find out what is happening, the anti-bomb squad discovered another one. They just detonated it,” The head of NEMA’s Abuja office, Ishaya Chonoko, told journalists at the scene.
Update 2: Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Frank Mba confirmed the incidence of the bomb blast at the Banex area of Wuse 2, but said it was a low level explosion. He said no life was lost or injuries and damages to properties reported.

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Audio: Part 2 of Farouk and Otedola’s $3 million Bribery Conversation

Just Yesterday, Channels Television played an audio of the conversation Between Farouk Lawan and Femi Otedola over the $3 Million bribery scandal that has rocked the polity for a while now. Today, a second part of the audio was again played by Channels Television. Click HERE to listen to the part one or proceed to the part two below:



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Download: Draft of the New Petroleum Industry Bill (2012)

If you are one of those expecting the new draft Petroleum Industry Bill to favour oil players in Nigeria, you just might be disappointed to find out that the bill serves more foreign interest at the expense of Nigerians.

The draft bill was submitted to the Presidency last week and its expected to be presented to the National Assembly soon.

Click to download the PETROLEUM INDUSTRY BILL

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$620,000 Bribery Scandal: My Story – Rep. Farouk Lawan

Farouk Lawan has for the first time given his account of what transpired between him and billionaire businessman Femi Otedola in the infamous bribery saga over fuel subsidy probe.

Farouk in two separate letters to the Inspector-General of Police dated June 22,  as narrated by Daily Trust insisted through his lawyers that he played along with Otedola so as to expose how oil marketers were trying desperately to bribe his committee.

Lawan is accused of collecting $620,000 in bribes to clear Otedola’s companies in the probe report.

But Otedola said he ran a sting operation to entrap Lawan and had video-taped the lawmaker collecting the bribes.

One of the letters is from Mike Ozekhome’s chambers, while the other is from Rickey Tarfa’s chambers, though the contents are similar.

The letter from Ozekhome said it was Otedola who first made contact with Lawan, “literally constituting himself as an internal consultant to the committee, providing insider information on the fuel subsidy scheme…. It was when his companies were indicted that he became desperate and resorted to cheap blackmail.”

Lawan said the bribery saga began when on April 21 Otedola surfaced in his (Lawan’s) Protea Hotel room in Abuja with bundle of documents “which he claimed showed that one of his oil companies, Zenon Oil, already indicted in the report, did not participate in the fuel subsidy scam.”

The letter said Lawan took the documents, but Otedola then offered him $250,000 to ensure the companies were dropped from the indictment list.

“This was in the evening of Monday the 23rd of April, 2012, a few days before the report (was) to be debated in the House but few days after the final report had actually been laid before the House on 17th of April, 2012,” the letter said.

Next, Otedola called Lawan severally and pleaded with him to come to his house to collect more documents that would show the innocence of his oil companies in the subsidy fraud, the letter said.

Lawan “played along” and visited Otedola on April 22 where Otedola gave him more documents and additional $250,000 bribe. He also offered to give $3 million.

The letter said “as soon as he collected the total sum of $500,000”, Lawan wrote a letter at 3.47am on April 24 to chairman of the House committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes informing of the bribe “attempt” and “attaching” the amount collected.

“Our client maintains that he opted to collect the money to keep as exhibit because of desperation, hostility and veil threats,” the letter added. “Our client says that on one night alone, he received about 50 missed calls from Mr. Otedola as he deliberately kept away from his undue pressure.”

Lawan also said he verbally reported efforts to bribe his committee to EFCC chairman Ibrahim Lamorde on April 20 “though he did not mention Mr. Otedola specifically.”

On how Lawan removed Otedola’s companies from his report after collecting the bribe, the letter said this was done “based on fresh available evidence later presented by Mr. Otedola.”

In the letter, Lawan argued that he was the first to bring the bribe matter to public limelight and to the Police, which is an indication of his innocence. He also denied media reports to the effect that he stuffed some of the bribe dollars in his cap, saying that he did not wear a cap on both occasions that met Otedola.

There was no immediate comment from Otedola on the contents of Lawan’s letters to the Police.

Otedola is scheduled to appear before a House of Representatives committee probing the matter on Tuesday.

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Former ANPP Gubernatorial Candidate in Yobe State, Senator Usman Albishir is dead

Former Senator Representing Yobe North, and also a former gubernatorial candidate of the All Nigeria Peoples Party in Yobe State, Usman Albishir is dead.
Albishir died this morning in a ghastly motor accident which occurred within Kura local government area along Kano-Zaria expressway.
“He died as a result of injuries he sustained in many parts of his body. His police guard equally sustained injuries,” a source close to the late Senator said.
His remains have been taken to his residence in Bompai, Kano, where funeral arrangements are already being made.

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Mercy Kanu Needs Your Help. Don’t let Her Die

“It has not been easy; this is not easy o! Sometimes, my body would be heating up like an oven. Even when the weather is so cold and people are complaining, I would be feeling hot as if they have thrown me into the fire. ”.

Those were the words of the young lady whose picture you see in this piece. Though her name is Mercy but life has not been merciful to her. At 32, Mercy’s life has been one of pain, agony and lamentation. And as you read this piece, time is running out on the lady who is a teacher by profession. Poor Mercy has been diagnosed with ‘Advanced Metastatic breast cancer’. How else could fate be more cruel than this?

On that cold rainy morning, the poor lady writhing in pains with tears rolling down her pale face, narrated to Sunday Sun how she has been battling with cancer of the breast for three years. The interview would forever remain in the memory of this reporter because even though the situation appeared hopeless, Mercy still hopeful that somehow, help would come and God would save her from the valley of death.

Her full name is Mercy Kanu, an indigene of Obiene-Ututu, in Arochukwu Local Government of Abia State. She attended the Federal College of Special Education in Oyo State where she obtained her National Certification in Education. She tells this reporter that all was well with her as she was doing part time teaching job and hoping that mother luck would smile on her for a better employment when the devil came knocking on her door.

How it started Mercy’s was one of the many cases of wrong medical advice or diagnosis which have led to the death of many Nigerians. From her accounts, she did everything to avert her present condition to no avail. She told Sunday Sun that where she was living at Ibadan about three years ago, she noticed a lump in her left breast and visited a clinic to find out what the problem was even though she was not feeling any pains around that spot.

Mercy regretted that after examining her breast, the doctor told her it was nothing and assured her there was no cause for alarm.“The doctor later administered drip on me and gave me some drugs which he said would melt the lump after I had taken them” she said. But Sunday Sun reports that Mercy was surprised to notice that the lump was even growing after taking the drugs and the situation prompted her to seek more medical attention in another hospital, sometime in 2011.

She then went to the General Hospital, Ibadan where one Mrs Taiwo, a senior matron in that hospital, examined her and told her point blank that she had the dreaded disease, cancer.

Sunday Sun learnt that on coming to Lagos, her brother, Daniel Kanu, a journalist with the Daily Independent newspapers, took her to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, (LASUTH), where she was examined and later referred to Mecure Medical Diognostic Laboratory situated at Oshodi. The result of the diagnosis there confirmed again that like Ibadan General Hospital and LASUTH did that Mercy had malignant breast tumor.

On confirmation of the true medical condition of Mercy, the tortuous battle to save the poor teacher started and she was taken to Havana Hospital, Surulere, where they were charged N2 million for treatment. According to his elder brother, Daniel, a cash deposit of N1 million naira was what stalled the treatment there as he could not raise the money.

Daniel also said that the doctor, whose name he could not remember, as well as the Lab scientist at Mecure Medical Laboratory advised that he should find a way of taking his sister to India for treatment as a matter of urgency.

How Mercy has been coping Daniel, Mercy’s brother who has been paying her hospital bills disclosed to Sunday Sun that he has spent a fortune since his sister joined him late 2011. According to him, he got financially bankrupt soon after treatment commenced due to high medical bills.

He lamented that he has been borrowing money and as well begging for alms from friends and well-wishers to augment his salary to treat his sister. Apart from the chemotherapy, Mercy also receives blood transfusions regularly which also cost money.

Daniel told our reporter that because of the frequency at which his ailing sister received the transfusions, he sometimes, had to pay some donors for their services, apart from the cost of screening the blood and transfusion charges. He also said that there are other drugs which they bought regularly as support treatment because the Chemo, being a strong drug used to shave off all the hairs in Mercy’s body after being administered on her.

The patient who actually looked bald confirmed to our reporter that she had not barbed her hair since she started taking the chemotherapy, but that she found the hairs in all parts of her body going off after taking the treatment.

Appeal Asked what she wants from the good people of Nigeria, Mercy broke down in tears. Though still smiling with hope, streams of tears were rolling down her cheeks as she spoke. She appealed to well meaning Nigerians to help him to raise N5 Million for her sister’s treatment abroad.

•Mercy can be reached through: Daniel Kanu:08023035107 or UBA: Kanu Daniel – 1005975546


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Seven Years After Crash In Lisa, Red Cross Chief Says “Bellview Was Bombed.”

Seven years after the crash of Bellview Boeing 737 flight 210 plane at Lisa, Ogun State,  in which 117 persons died, it has been revealed  that the aircraft was bombed. The

Abuja-bound aircraft that took off from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, on October 22, 2005, crashed few minutes after it was airborne

A top official of the Red Cross, Professor Charles Ohiku, made the startling revelation in an exclusive interview with Sunday Sun in Lagos. Prof Ohiku, who led the Red Cross rescue team at the crash scene, said that unlike the recent Dana plane crash, no human skull was found at the scene of the Bellview crash because it was blown up.

“I headed the rescue team at the Bellview plane crash site at Lisa, Ogun State. That plane was blown. That is why the probe report can never come out till tomorrow.  “That plane didn’t just drop from the sky. By the time we got there the following morning, we could not find even one human head.

“You know, at the Dana plane crash site some incomplete human bodies and heads were recovered from the crash site. But in the case of Bellview crash there was no single head or a skull. Quote me. “I was there as a representative of the Nigerian Red Cross, and I can tell you categorically that no single skull was seen or picked up in a crash of that magnitude and the number of passengers involved.

Professor Charles Ohiku

“How can anyone explain the fact that with 117 passengers and crew members in the plane no single head or skull was found during rescue operation, even though there was no survivor?” Asked why anyone would bomb the plane at that time when there was no Boko Haram or any other serious security threat to the country, Prof Ohiku said some people might have felt that somebody in that plane, who was considered too close to the President at that time, was being  groomed to take over from him.

He recalled that Dr Iyabo Obasanjo, who was then Commissioner for Health in Ogun State, gave his team a note to the General Hospital and, “then we packed them (mangled bodies) in a case, the one they use in packing corpses.” The Red Cross chief was emphatic that there was no single head, “even as strong as the skull is,” when his team got to the scene.

“My parents had been at Lisa 10 years before that crash, so immediately the plane crashed I was one of those who got there first in the morning. And many people didn’t know where Lisa was before the crash that brought the quiet village to limelight.”

He continued: “Why have they not released the black box findings? They will not do so even till tomorrow. And you all know the personalities in that plane. One of them was Waziri Mohammed, chairman of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) then. Majority of the people on that plane came from Ota Farm to board the plane. They came from Ota Farm to Lagos to board that plane at Ikeja Airport, and the plane landed at Lisa, Ogun State, imagine that.

“The general rumour at that time, mark my word, was that Obasanjo was preparing that very man, the NRC chairman, for the presidency. We found legs, hands and some other human parts, but no head. I would like somebody to explain how that came about,” Prof Ohiku said.

Among those who died in the crash were Chairman of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), chairman of the defunct People’s Bank, Mrs Maria Sokenu; and the Post Master-General of the Federation, Alhaji Abubakar Argungu.

Also on the list of casualties were the Personal Assistant to the Post Master-General, Mr S. Eneware; chairman of Nigerian States and Local Government SMEs, Mr J. Agharitte; and Mr  L. Adele, a South African television producer

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Nasir El-Rufai: Jonathan Is So Useless Even To Himself That He Needs Prayers.

In what seem like an apparent reaction to a comment posted on his facebook wall, the Ex-Minister of Nigeria’s Capital, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and self acclaimed ‘Certified Feather Rufler of the Federal Republic’ as posted on his twitter profile, Mall. Nasir El-Rufai’s released a statement to counter the comment.

He also spoke about the Special Adviser to President Jonathan, Reno Omokri, web pages like Nairaland, Naija Pundit and a twitter account known as  Pat Utomi all of which have ostensibly become tools in the social media circle used for attacking anyone against the programmes and policies of President Goodluck Jonathan.    Read the statement below:


“Someone named Nwaokolo Davechux Papigrandi wrote a long comment on my wall. I know such people with no real names and have no faces. They operate out of an office with 30 laptops in Abuja paid a comfortable per-diem to attack anyone on social media who disagrees with the Jonathan administration.

Usually, I simply ignore them. But once in a while, I respond to their lies and fabrications to avoid the Gobbelian lie repeated a million times becoming true. This is one of such responses. Enjoy.

If you know those with a hand in Boko Haram, what are you waiting for? Name them. Or are you among those who think “northern” politicians like me are the ones behind Boko Haram?

If you are, simply remember that Boko Haram first confronted the Federal Government in 2009 under Yar’Adua. Also ask yourself why Boko Haram did not start attacks when another “southerner” called Obasanjo was president.

If persons are arrested in connection with church bombings, killings and wanton destruction, brought to Abuja and they mysteriously disappear, never brought to trial or attempts made to change their identity or the narrative, is it unreasonable to hold Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s government responsible for some or part of Boko Haram’s activities?

And you think what you call Northern Leaders will wilfully plan or excuse the deaths of their people and the North’s Economy just to make a point to a leader like Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who is so useless even to himself that he needs prayers?

Which corrupt person from the North, South, East or West have I not criticised? Farouk Lawan? Check my wall and timeline and get back to me. Do I praise Namadi Sambo because he is from my state? I am harder on him when he messes up like his boss. What about northern governors that I have consistently blamed largely for the region’s problems? Are you for real?

You think I am doing this because I intend to run for some office in 2015? Then you have not been reading me at all….I am not in politics to run for any office….I just want those that divide our people, breeders of hatred and violence, and looters of our commonwealth out of office.

At the moment, it is GEJ, PDP and their cohorts everywhere that MUST leave office in 2015….not because of their ethnicity or religion, but because they have failed to deliver on the basics we expect of any government….security of lives and property, equal opportunity to all, fairness and social justice.

If you have cared to follow me on Twitter or read my Facebook wall directly as you claimed, and NOT what professional bigots and pretenders like Pat Utomi, Reno Omokri, and their tools like Naijapundit and Nairaland falsely attribute to me, you will understand these.

After 2015, if we ever get there, because the way GEJ is driving this nation I am not sure anymore – I hope you will remember to apologize to me when all the competitors for offices are all out, and El-Rufai is somewhere else. If my corpse is found competing, I will apologize to you. Or are you and others like you simply afraid of people like me?

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Two Brothers Bag 91 Years Jail Term over N25m Fraud … As Gbadagesin Yenusi Gets two Years for Bunkering

Justice Ibrahim N. Buba of the Federal High Court sitting in Asaba, Delta State, on Thursday 28th June, 2012, convicted two brothers, Collins Avoaja and Ikechukwu Avoaja to seven years imprisonment each on the 13 count charge of fraud and obtaining money under false pretence preferred against them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.
The sentence which starts counting from June 29, 2012, is without an option of a fine. It will however run concurrently. Their company, CeeCee Concept Multiple Nigeria Limited which was the channel through which they carried out their fraudulent transactions was also convicted.
The court ordered the accused persons to pay back the worth of the bank guarantee in the sum of N25, 000,000.00 (Twenty Five Million Naira) to Fidelity Bank Plc as restitution.
It would be recalled that in October 2008, CeeCee Concept Nigeria Limited was availed a Bank guarantee to the tune of N25, 000,000.00 (Twenty Five Million Naira only) in favour of Globacom Limited, Warri Branch, for the purchase of Globacom recharge cards.
Collins Avoaja who was the Marketing Manager of Globacom Limited at the time he committed the crime, also doubled as the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of CeeCee Concept Multiple Nigeria Limited, a fact that Globacom Limited claimed it knew nothing about until the crime was discovered.
Investigations also revealed that Ikechukwu Ovoaja was a co-director of CeeCee Concept Nigeria Limited and conspired with his brother, Collins Avoaja to commit the crime.
According to the petitioner, Collins Avoaja used his position as the Marketing Manager of Globacom Limited to order stock to his company, CeeCee Concept Nigeria Limited, without complying with the terms and conditions spelt out by Fidelity Bank Plc in the Bank guarantee.
CeeCee Concept Nigeria Limited issued several post-dated cheques to Globacom Limited, but all turned out to be dud chegues as CeeCee Concept Limited account was not funded.
However, the timely intervention of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN in January 2010 caused Fidelity Bank Plc to pay Globacom Limited, the cash equivalent of the total amount of stock released to CeeCee Concept Nigeria Limited after Globacom called in the Bank guarantee. This prompted Fidelity Bank Plc to petition EFCC on the activities of CeeCee Concept Nigeria Limited as well as the two convicts, Collins and Ikechukwu.
In a related development, Justice Buba also convicted Gbadagesin Yinusi and sentenced him to two years imprisonment without an option of fine for illegal oil bunkering and dealing in petroleum products.
Yinusi’s sentence, according to the judge should run from July 27, 2010, when he was first remanded in prison custody. The Judge also ordered that the Mercedes Benz Tanker that the accused person was arrested with, be forfeited to the Federal Government along with its content, 40,000 litres of automotive gas oil, AGO.
Yinusi and Femi, now at large, were arrested on July 27, 2010, at Aladja, near Warri, Delta State, in a Mercedes Benz Truck with registration number Lagos XL 203 JJJ for illegally dealing in Petroleum Products, an offence contrary to Section 3(6) and punishable under section 1(17) of the Miscellaneous Offences Act Cap M17 of the revised edition Law of the Federation 2007.

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