Jonathan Promises to Liberate Gwoza On Friday As Freed Abductee Said Chibok Girls Are In The Town

President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday expressed the confidence that Nigerian troops will liberate Gwoza from members of the Boko Haram sect latest on Friday.

Once that feat is achieved, he said it would not take the nation more than one week to clean up.

Jonathan assurance is coming just as a woman who was recently released by the Boko Haram sect told the that the over 200 girls abducted in Chibok in April 2014 are being held in the town.

Speaking while granting audience to a group of international election monitors who paid him a visit at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, President Jonathan said “We believe by tomorrow (Thursday) or latest Friday, we will be able to take over Gwoza. If we take over Gwoza it will not take us more than one week to clean up. Now Boko Haram is not in position to come out and disrupt elections,” Jonathan told his guests.

He recalled that when security operatives advised that elections be rescheduled for security reasons, a number of people thought it was just because of the terror attacks in some parts of the North.

He however admitted that that was a major factor too because the Boko Haram set was in three states: Borno, Yobe and Adamawa at that time.

“They were holding territories, some local governments were completely under their control and invariably there were no government in those places.

“And of course, some states like Gombe and Bauchi were also not free. In fact, it would have been difficult to conduct elections in five states of the federation.

“If we had conducted elections on that February 14, they would have come up to disrupt elections in these five states and that would have made the presidential elections in these five states inconclusive.

“This is because whoever emerged a winner though we are 14 candidates but the PDP and the APC candidates are the two that are well known.

“It would have been difficult because probably the vote difference of any of these candidates, if you aggregate the remaining five states that elections would have been disrupted, it would have been difficult to declare a winner.”

Jonathan added that Gombe State was attacked on the same day the presidential election was earlier scheduled to hold. He said the aim of the insurgents was to disrupt the elections but they were repelled.

The President assured his guests that elections would be conducted on the Saturday across the country and there would be no reason for inclusive results.

On the whereabout of the Chibok girls, the woman who was recently freed by the Boko Haram sect said they are in Gwoza because she was held in the same location as the abducted Chibok girls.

Mbutu Papka, 56, who was kidnapped in July 2014 and held by the insurgents for eight months in two locations, said confidently that the abducted girls were being held under very tight security in a house in Gwoza.

Ms. Papka said nobody is allowed near the fenced building where the abducted girls are being held under 24-hour security. Even the heavily armed guards, who keep watch over the girls round the clock, it was learnt, are only allowed to go into the house to deliver food, water and other supplies to them.

The woman was seized along with others when Boko Haram attacked Gwoza on July 4, 2014 and taken to Mdita, a remote village near the notorious Sambisa Forest, bordering Askira Uba, Damboa and Gwoza.

The abductees, who included many children, according to Ms. Papka, were kept in Mdita for five months before being transferred to Gwoza, where they were held for three months before they were finally released on March 15.

It was while in Gwoza that she learnt that the Chibok Girls, whose abduction has attracted global attention, were being housed in a compound adjacent to where she and other abducted people were kept.

Asked how she knew the girls were there, Ms. Papka said she never saw the Chibok girls, but explained that people in the area pointed at the heavily guarded flat and said the girls were inside.

Because access to the house was restricted, she said, the girls apparently did their own cooking and chores by themselves.

“In the camp at Gwoza, there were clear demarcations between where people were kept. The Chibok girls, other captives and Boko Haram members and their family members all had their separate areas secured, though the security in the area where the girls are kept is visibly different and much tighter,” she said.

Ms. Papka explained that the conditions under which the captives in Gwoza were kept were fairly tolerable and far better than the first location, as there was water supply.

She said that after they were taken to Gwoza, their living conditions improved remarkably because the town has modern facilities, as opposed to the rustic Mdita.

“When we got to Gwoza, things changed because there were facilities there and the place was 10 times better than Mdita. We had a normal life in Gwoza, except the trauma of living in captivity. Whatever we wanted to eat, they were provided. They would bring water, firewood, etc., and leave them outside,” she explained.

A few other comforts were provided.

“They even provided perfume for anyone who requested for it,” she added.

According to her, at Mdita, she met other abducted people including women and children, among whom were many under the age of seven, all living in terrible conditions.

“There was a room we used to urinate in and because of lack of water, the place stank and maggots were everywhere. We took our baths once daily, if we were lucky,” she said.

Because of the terrible conditions and absence of health care facilities in the camp, many people fell sick and some died.

“There was a Redeemed Christian Church of God pastor who was killed during the attack on our village, and his wife was abducted with us. She died at Mdita due to the condition of the place and the death of her husband,” Ms. Papka said.

The pastor’s wife, she explained, had diabetes and, before her abduction, had been on a special diet which could not be provided by the insurgents.

Ms. Papka said she and the other women were not raped or assaulted, although she could not speak for the Chibok girls because nobody was allowed to see or interact with them.

She also said that the Boko Haram men lived with their wives and children in the Gwoza camp, but kept away from others and cooked their own meals.

On March 15, 2015, after three months in Gwoza, Ms. Papka and 10 other older women were taken from the camp, herded into a vehicle and driven to Izge, a village, from where she was taken to her own village on a motorcycle because the road is bad.

The ride, however, was not free.

“I was asked to pay N8, 000 for the motorcycle ride, which I collected from my family,” she stated.

This website also learnt that a two-year old boy was given to Ms. Papka when she was released. The boy, who is reported to be sick and has rashes on his body, has since been reunited with his family, which is now seeking financial assistance to take the child to hospital.

“He was crying uncontrollably, so they (Boko Haram) handed him over to me as we were leaving,” she said.

Gwoza local government area of Borno State, which is just over 100 kilometres from Maiduguri, the state capital, is said to be one of the council areas still wholly in the hands of Boko Haram terrorists.

Gwoza town was first captured by the insurgents in August last year, following a heavy gun attack by insurgents who hoisted the sect’s flag and declared it the headquarters of the group’s Caliphate.

Over 12,000 persons were displaced from the town and repeated attempts by the military to recapture it in the past have failed largely due to the hilly terrain, which provide hiding places for the terrorists from which to operate.


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Tell Your Election Story Via PollWatchNG – Vanguards for Credible Elections

A youth group, Vanguards for Credible Elections (VCE), has launched an incident-reporting system which is a crowdsourcing website that every resident of Nigeria can contribute to by reporting situations and occurrences in their surrounding as it concerns the coming general elections.

According to the group, the platform,, was created in the wake of the numerous electoral incidents witnessed in the recent past, which often fail to make the front page of the papers or the Internet and the tool is designed to democratize access to real-time incident reporting across the nation.

The Coordinator of VCE, Martins Attah, said his organization enjoys a working relationship with the European Union Election Observation Mission and will be sharing information contributed by users of the platform. He added that the data generated by the site would be of immense assistance to people seeking real-time updates on the elections.

According to the statement signed by Mr. Attah, “Collecting and analyzing data from around 150,000 voting points across the nation spanning across different Polling units, Wards, LGAs and States in Nigeria, requires a dedicated tool that not only captures information and publishes on social media, but also mines information intuitively across each polling unit, ward, LGA and state.

“With PollWatchNG, visitors can view gain insight into the peaceful and irregular incidents across National and straight to polling unit levels. This allows you with a unique opportunity to play a part of ensuring vigilance in your community.”

This platform also automatically publishes the reports to the Twitter social media platform – @Pollwatchngr. Post automatically published to Twitter can then be shared and retweeted to gain maximum effect. The website is optimized to work on every browser and can work with low internet.

To follow or provide reports on any Irregular and Peaceful incidents reports across specific locations from National incidents to specific Polling Units, visit

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President Jonathan Commissions 504MW Simple Cycle Gas Alaoji Power Plant …Says It Will Boost Trade, Commerce in Aba and Environs

President Goodluck Jonathan has commissioned the Phase 1, 504WM simple cycle gas Alaoji power station Abia State with a promise to commission the second phase in no distant time.

Speaking during the commissioning ceremony of the project, President Jonathan said that power is key to development especially to the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

He stated that the focus of his administration is to support and encourage MSMEs, adding that for them to thrive they need constant power supply.


President Jonathan thanked Abia State government for working in partnership with the federal government and the Rockson engineering company to realize the project.

Governor Theodore Orji in his speech thanked the President for putting in his vigour to realize the project,especially assisting the state overcome the menace of kidnapping which at a time stalled the project.

He told President Jonathan that the state has made available land for the erection of an estate for the staff of the power plant and urged him to assist in erecting the structure.

Governor Orji assured the president that Abia will show him gratitude by voting en- masse for him in Saturday’s election.

In his speech, the Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo who disclosed that the Alaoji power plant is the 4th out of the 10 plants being built across the country to be commissioned, expressed optimism that the rest will be commissioned before the end of the year.

According to him, the country currently generates 5500 MW of power from the initial 3000 in addition to 300 power projects completed by the Rural Electricity Agency which are ready for commissioning and pointed out that the Alaoji power project will ginger up industrialization as well as create job and wealth.

Also, the Managing Director of Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd., Mr. James Olotu said that the Alaoji power plant on completion will provide1074 MW of power, adding that the balance of equipment needed for the job will soon be ready.

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506 Women, Children Kidnapped In Damask As Govt Plans Claimed Recovery Of 234 Chibok Girls

Reuters reports today that 400 to 500 women and children have just been surprisingly kidnapped in Damask, Borno state during the ongoing six week war against Boko Haram.

This horrific kidnap that the federal government has been silent about is happening right as Empowered Newswire reports that the Jonathan government is set to announce the rather impossible ‘rescue’ of 234 girls abducted from a school in Chibok almost a year ago, April.

The abduction of the girls unquestionably seriously embarrased the Jonathan administration globally and has remained a major obstacle to the president’s electability. Mr. Jonathan has in recent days repeated the rather unusual remarks that “Boko Haram having not displayed the girls’ bodies proves they are alive;” this he last rehashed during a BBC  interview days ago.

The timing is suspicious. Analysts and informants have concluded, as also relayed by a former president of Nigeria, rtd General Olusegun Obasanjo, that most of the abducted girls are dead, sold, indoctrinated and otherwise lost.

Intelligence experts suggest that the Jonathan government planned the latest kidnap to gather as many girls as can be broadcast as being the abducted girls to make a quick electioneering show of efficiency ahead of Saturday’s elections.

“The ‘rescue’ just days before the presidential elections is plain dubious,” an expert said. “It is either arranged kidnap or a treacherous deal with terrorists.” According to her, all the ruling party wants is time, and it is expected that in the first days after such rescue, positive identification will not be conducted thus preventing discovery of the scam before election day Saturday March 28th.

Nigeria has not made any official comment on these two grave events. All efforts to get a reaction from the defense department have proven abortive.

The Multinational joint task forces have complained that the Jonathan administration is stalling their mission against Boko Haram for political purposes. Recently the Chadian military spokesperson chided the Nigerian military as being “scared” to come and take control of recaptured territory. Nigeria did not react to this accusation.

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Bridge Pressident Jonathan Commissioned In Kano Few Fays Ago Cracks ‘On Brink of Collapse’

The ‘Ado Bayero’ bridge commissioned by president Goodluck Jonathan in Kano on Sunday 22nd March, 2015; which was built by the federal government through senator Basheer Garba Lado (senator representing Kano central) has collapsed today and is presently inaccessible.

The bridge was touted as a federal government project in Kano and the grand commissioning was ment to showcase federal government projects in Kano.

However it rather appears to have exposed dishonest intentions and corrupt executions as the bridge was apparently only conceived as with most projects in Nigeria under the current administration, as a means to siphon billions of naira while further jeopardizing the masses.

Ibrahim Bello Zauma on faceBook said: Politics aside! The bridge has a major crack at the joint but has not yet collapsed. It was poorly constructed in a haste to get votes for PDPigs. But please, tell the truth and stop exaggerating issues. The caption should be “GEJ’S BRIDGE IN KANO ON THE BRINK OF COLLAPSE”

While the cracked “Lado” short bridge was executed for a whooping sum of more than 10 billion naira, a much larger project of more than 2 kilometres bridge was executed by his excellency the governor of Kano state at the same amount or less.


Police stationed earlier to stop vehicles that may break bridge: img: Olufemi Kusanu, faceBook NewsRescue fans

The dangerous half done project that was hurriedly commissioned as part of the ruling party electioneering scramble ahead of the March 28th elections, paints the federal government in poor light. Peoples safety must always be priority over winning elections with hurriedly executed projects. This reminds also of the failure in the six week war against Boko Haram.

One of the labourers who we asked about the bridge layout only told us that the bridge lacks enough iron rods in its structure.

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I No Longer See Patience Jonathan as the First Lady – Soyinka

Nobel laureate ,Wole Soyinka has announced that he nolonger sees Dame Patience Jonathan as Nigeria’s first lady; TheCable reports.

Soyinka made the comment after listening to the first lady’s outburst during campaign rallies organised by the Peoples Democratic Party.

She had been quoted as saying Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC is brain dead and urging supporters to stone anybody that preaches ‘Change’.

In his reaction, Soyinka told DW, a German radio station, “What she said was totally unacceptable. I no longer regard her as the first lady of Nigeria”.

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Gov. Akpabio Collapses, Rushed To UK Hospital

The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Godwill Akpabio reportedly collapsed yesterday at a function in the state and rushed to an undisclosed hospital in the United Kingdom, has exclusively learnt.

This is following the defection of former governor of the State, Victor Obong Attah from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party to the opposition All Progressives Congress. Attah publicly endorsed the APC candidates in the State, despite being a BoT member of PDP

Since the governor’s collapse, his close aides, family members and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has been keeping the news from the reach of the media. But, a source, close to the governor, but who pleaded anonymity confided in reporters that the governor collapsed yesterday and had since be rushed to an undisclosed UK hospital

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FG Knows Whereabouts Of Chibok Girls, #BringBackOurGirls Group Insists

The #BringBackOurGirls (BBOG) group has insisted that the federal government knows the whereabouts of the Chibok schoolgirls abducted on April 14, 2014.

In a press release signed by leaders of the group, Dr Oby Ezekwesili and Hadiza Bala-Usman, the group recalled the statement made by the chief of defence staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, on May 26, 2014, that the Chibok girls had been located and they would soon be back with their parents, and wondered why such statement should emanate from that quarter.

The group added that its hopes were further raised when in July 2014, the defence spokesman, Brig. Gen. Chris Olukolade announced to the world that a key actor in the April 14 abduction in the person of Babuji Ya’ari had been arrested, adding that it became even more expectant that critical information to aid the rescue of the girls was available to the military.

However, the group expressed anxiety that nearly five weeks into the renewed offensive, no specific status report on the rescue of the 219 girls has been given.

“It is worsened by recent pronouncements from our president and chief of army staff. In separate interviews, both President Goodluck Jonathan (speaking to the British Broadcasting Corporation) and the chief of army staff, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah, shockingly averred that the federal government does not have information on the location of our Chibok girls.

“We find this latest update extremely distressing considering that it is coming at a time we had raised our hope based on the constant assurance of our president that our girls will be rescued”, the group said.

It condemned the tentativeness and nonchalance conveyed in the latest status report which seem to suggest that there may in fact not be any targeted and deliberate programme of rescue for the girls.

The group added that it joined the parents of the girls to insist that the rescue of the missing girls be top priority, adding that everything should be done to bring them back as soon as possible.

“A Chibok delegation paid a visit to the federal government to put matters into perspective. They insisted that the rescue of our 219 missing girls is top priority, and all should be done to bring them back soonest, and for the counterinsurgency effort to be successful so that they can return to a normal life,” it said.

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Allegations Of “Shady Deals” Rock Nigeria Election Debate Group…We Have Been Vindicated, Says APC Campaign

The Nigeria Election Debate Group, NEDG, has organised presidential and vice presidential debates since 1999, but fresh claims have emerged questioning the independence and partisan nature of the group.

The debates, the final lap of the series of debates organised by the NEDG, is holding on March 22, according to the organisers.

But there have been allegations that the group is actually a one-man show run by Raymond Dokpesi, the Chairman of DAAR Communications Limited (owners of Africa Independent Television, AIT), who uses it as a bargaining tool for private gains and political advantage.

When it was incorporated in 2011, the NEDG listed six organisations as shareholders, each with a representative.

They include Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria, BON, represented by Abubakar Aji; DAAR Communications, represented by Tony Akiotu; Nigeria Union of Journalists, represented by Mohammed Garba; Alliance for Credible Election represented by Emma Ezeazu; Nigeria Guild of Editors, represented by Gbenga Adefaye; and Transition Monitoring Group, TMG, represented by Moshood Erubami.

At a press conference on Friday in Lagos, a pressure group, Value and Integrity Group, accused Mr. Dokpesi of having turned the NEDG into a private estate put at the service of President Goodluck Jonathan and his Peoples Democratic Party.

“Our investigation reveals as follows: First, a First Bank account was opened for the NEDG and had Dr. Dokpesi as the sole signatory, though he is not listed as one of the Directors,” the group said in a statement signed by Sina Odugbemi and Popoola Ajayi, Coordinator and Secretary respectively.

“He also used the DAAR communications office address, a personal address as the address listed in the bank account documentation. These two moves effectively turned the NEDG into Dokpesi’s private company.”

According to the group, an initial N1 million was paid into the said NEDG account, and on March 28th, 2011, another N20 million was paid into his (Mr. Dokpesi’s) personal account.

“The N20m was paid into his personal current account number 2017171535 because the NEDG account opening was in process then hence he received the N20m in his personal current account instead of NEDG,” the group said.

“A text message from Dokpesi to the banker confirms this. The text message reads – ‘He sent about N20 million to the account since last week and I utilised about N50 million for the NEDG DEBATE. As soon as the sponsors pay, I will pay in.daar’”

The group, brandishing copies of Mr. Dokpesi’s bank account opening documents and NEDG’s certificate of registration at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), also said that Mr. Dokpesi tried to open another First Bank account in 2012.

“The First Bank account was opened by Dokpesi at the Maitama branch of the First Bank in Abuja with account number 2021069251 with Chief Raymond Dokpesi as sole signatory to the account with the help of his aide banker.

“The second account which Dokpesi equally instructed the banker to open in the Bwari branch of the First bank is pending to be opened because the banker left. However, before then, Dokpesi in fact signed the application forms, attached his passport photos entered his personal details in 2012. The account was yet to be approved before one of the manager handling it was eased out of the bank.”
‘Sole organiser’

The NEDG began organising election presidential debates in 1999 and describes itself as a coalition of broadcast organisations, civil societies and professional groups committed to entrenching enduring democratic cultures through organised television debates.

“The Nigerian Elections Debate Group has since transformed into a broad based non-partisan, non-profit making organisation with the primary mandate of organising and hosting live televised debates for all Presidential, Vice Presidential and Gubernatorial candidates in Nigeria,” the NEDG stated on its website.

But in their press briefing on Friday, the Value and Integrity Group described the NEDG as the non-profit wing of DAAR Communications, available to do the bidding of the ruling party and which had kept other NEDG directors in the dark about their financial transactions.

“An Organisation on the board of the Group, Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), had last year dissociated itself from the planned Presidential debate. TMG accused the organisers of the debate of fraudulently using its name in the promotion of the event and warned NEDG to desist from such shenanigan forthwith.

“Chief Dokpesi’s name does not reflect in the NEDG registration documents from the CAC only that of DAAR representative, Tony Akiotu. But Chief Dokpesi has opened the account in his name and went ahead to single handedly organise the 2011 election debate with AIT staff – Imoni Amarere and Nancy Ilo as moderators.

“Again, he is accused to be the sole organiser of the 2015 presidential election debate for the NEDG which has generated unpleasant credibility crisis for the NEDG.
“It is alleged that for the 2015 debate, well over 250 million has been paid to the organisers by the Presidency.

“Unfortunately, the refusal of the leading opposition to attend the integrity deficit presidential debate, AIT has chosen to unprofessionally attack and even defame both the candidate and the party.”

In January, the All Progressives Congress said it would not participate in the presidential debate organised by the NEDG, accusing the organisers of bias and “wearing the toga of government control, especially being composed mainly of agencies and allies of the incumbent PDP administration”.
The parties involved
When PREMIUM TIMES contacted Mr. Erubami, who was the Chairman of TMG when NEDG was incorporated, he said issues like that did not arise during his time at the helm of the civil society organisation.

“I only know to the extent of the time I was chairman of Transition Monitoring Group, but I have completed my time and I’m now at Ibadan, I don’t know anything about the group again,” Mr. Erubami said.

“If you want to confirm the veracity of what has happened you can contact the current chairman in Abuja.”

Ibrahim Zikirullahi, the current Chairman of TMG, was more forceful in his response, accusing the NEDG of lacking integrity and being involved in ‘shady deals.’”

“While I cannot authoritatively say whether Dokpesi is the only sole signatory, I will also say that the claims (of the Value and Integrity Group) are not far from the fact,” Mr. Zikirullahi said.

“I became chairman of Transition Monitoring Group in July 2012, till date, nobody informed me that TMG is a member of the Nigeria Election Debate Group, neither my predecessor nor those that are holding fort at the Nigeria Election Debate Group.

“Between 2012 and now, there was no meeting that was called upon which to deliberate on any issue regarding Nigeria Election Debate Group until now when I saw our name being floated in the media that we are one of the organisers of the presidential debate.”

Mr. Zikirullahi accused the NEDG of using TMG’s name to send out proposals to foreign donors seeking support for the presidential debate.

“So as far as I’m concerned, I don’t know anything about the debate. No phone call has been made to me or to any of my officers, no written invitation, and there is no meeting between us in which we agree on the mode and scope of the debate,” he said.

“So for me I cannot allow them to be using our corporate identity. It was on that strength that I wrote to them asking them to stop forthwith using our corporate identity.”

Mr. Zikirullahi said that he had it “in good record” that the NEDG had already collected billions of naira from a political party.

He declined to name the party.

“Yet, to make it credible they are just sending out proposals to donor agencies, and those donor agencies we have a very good relationship with them. And before they do anything that they see our name they need to verify from us.

“And it was on that stretch we got to know the extent to which they have gone to. If not  they should mention the source of their funding,” said Mr. Zikirullahi.

“A lot of shady things they are doing that is not known to the public, and I said under my regime we cannot be part of that hidden agenda. It’s better they come out open let us know the direction they are going, let us know the source of their funding?

“Who is running the secretariat? How is the board being appointed? From 2011 till now there is no meeting that has been called. So it’s just a one man show, I can agree especially, it is a product of AIT and Dokpesi and so for us you have to count us out at any time we are not part of it.”
‘It’s not true’

Eddie Emessiri, NEDG’s Executive Secretary, dismissed all the claims, accusing Mr. Zikirullahi of dabbling into partisan politics.

“High Chief Raymond Dokpesi has no hand (in NEDG), or let me put it better, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi was even the founder of this whole thing because he started election debate in 1999,” Mr. Emessiri said.

“By the time NEDG was formed, a group of organisations now decided to get this thing over, and he handed the management over to Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria, BON.”

Mr. Emessiri explained that the chairman of BON at any particular time was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the NEDG.

According to him, the headship of BON is rotated between the three federal government-owned media of Nigeria Television Authority, NTA; Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN; and Voice of Nigeria, VON.
The current head of NEDG, Sola Omale, is the Director-General of NTA.
Before him were Taiwo Alimi of VON and Abubakar Jijiwa of FRCN.

“The only thing Raymond Dokpesi does, or used to do, or even now is simply we contact him and tell him please we need airtime, we want to do this, and he’ll just give his final approval, ask his Group General Manager, Tony Akiotu, to give us every support that we require,” said Mr. Emessiri.

“And that is why they have given us airtime to carry everything, all their stations anywhere they are we want to advertise anything. And they are the hub of the production.

“Raymond Dokpesi does not even attend our meetings. How then can they say Raymond Dokpesi is the person who directs NEDG.”

Mr. Emessiri denied claims that Mr. Dokpesi was a signatory to NEDG’s bank account.

“I am the Executive Secretary of the organisation, I manage the bank account and the bank account is Zenith bank. Come to Zenith Bank, Area 7, Abuja, and find out. That is the only account that we have,” he said.

“The First Bank account was the account that they ran many many years ago and we don’t use that anymore. It was at the very beginning when Raymond Dokpesi founded the organisation, even before 2003. We never used that in 2007, we never used that in 2011, not to talk of now.

“We moved over to Zenith Bank when the chairmanship of the organisation went to VON. And VON also has account in Zenith bank, that particular branch.”

Mr. Emessiri insisted that the NEDG had been having meetings, adding that TMG was part of the group but he doesn’t know “what got into the head” of Mr. Zikirullahi, its current chairman.

“He didn’t look through the books he had to know that the former chairmen of TMG were full time members of NEDG and present in every of our meetings. This man has taken over, because he has a bent on politics he started criticising.”

PREMIUM TIMES also contacted Mr. Dokpesi, who vehemently denied all the claims, particularly the allegation that he collected billions from a political party on behalf of NEDG.

“Which politician ever gave me money? Which politician ever gave me money?” he asked.

When told that some newspapers had already run the story on how he was using the NEDG as a private estate, Mr. Dokpesi said he had not seen the publication yet.

“I’m in Edo North at this point in time. Election is next week, I’m busy in my senatorial district so I do not know what you are talking about,” Mr. Dokpesi said.
“But you say there is a publication, they can publish anything they want. Before they invited you to a press conference I’m sure they already had what their considerations are.

“NEDG is a group that started the debate in 1999. DAAR Communications and I have always wanted a debate in Nigeria since 1999. Almost single-handedly, it is part of our budget.

“In 1999 when we held the debate in Lagos all the media people (that) are existing how did they contribute? When we held in 2003 was it not the same DAAR Communications that funded it? When they held in 2007 was it not DAAR Communications that supported It? When they did in 2007, did they not see It?

“Why is this one the particular one that is now an issue?”

Asked if he carried other board members along in NEDG’s activities, Mr. Dokpesi responded, “What do you mean whether I carry? Who do I have to carry? Mr. Gentleman, understand that there is a chairman, NEDG, in the person of Aremu Taiwo Alimi. There is a chairman Board of Trustees of the NEDG, that was Jijiwa but it’s now DG of NTA. They have their Board of Trustees, what is my role in It?

“I have no problem. I know that…. Who are these Integrity Group? Who are they made up?

Mr. Dokpesi also denied the claims that he single-handedly ran the account of the NEDG.

“So why don’t you find out, they have an Executive Secretary of NEDG, whether I know anything about the account?

“I have no apologies. I can understand. I’ve told you I’m in Edo north at this present time.

“Whatever is the issue it is good, if the fear of Raymond Dokpesi is the beginning of wisdom now, may God Almighty help Nigeria.”

We Have Been Vindicated – APC Campaign

Meanwhile, the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation (APCPCO) says it had been vindicated on its stance of not participating in the presidential campaign debates, owing to the outbreak of rumpus among the organizers, the Nigeria Election Debate Group (NEDG) has been compromised.

A press statement signed by the Director of Media and Publicity of the APC campaign, Mallam Garba Shehu on Sunday, noted that sordid details coming out of organizers of the debate would have tainted the APC candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, had he presented himself to the group.

A civil society group with knowledge of the working of the NEDG, Value and Integrity Group alleged at a press conference on Friday, that a First Bank account opened for the NEDG had the Founder of AIT and Raypower, Chief Raymond Dokpesi as sole signatory, even though he is not listed as one of the directors of the NEDG.

The group also alleged that the leading private television’s network address was used for the documentation of the First Bank account instead of the NEDG’s office address.

According to leaders of the Value and Integrity Group, Sina Odugbemi and Popoola Ajayi, co-ordinator and secretary respectively, “an initial deposit of N1 million was paid into the said First Bank account, and on March 28, 2011, another N20 million belonging to the NEDG was paid into the personal account of the said Founder of the leading private television network.”

“We at the APC Presidential Campaign got the eye-opening news of the press conference by the Value and Integrity Group accusing the Nigeria Election Debate Group, the crux of the allegation being that some members of the NEDG have been monetarily influenced.

“Although the group failed to mention from what source the monies came from, we had taken a position, based on intelligence made available to us that the PDP has compromised the integrity of an unnamed few in the NEDG with huge and ridiculous sums of money.

“And watching President Goodluck Jonathan reading from a prepared script gleefully as he answered questions in the debate confirmed our suspicion that there will be “EXPO”. Without a fore-knowledge of the question to be asked, how did the president come with prepared answers?

“These two scenarios: The allegation of corrupt inducements in the NEDG and the president reading from a prepared script during the debate validates our reasons for abstaining from the debate.”


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Unconfirmed Picture of Alleged Boko Haram Leader Shekau or His Imposter in Aso Rock Surfaces [Photos]

By NewsRescue

A picture has emerged that informants are swearing is Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau or a usable double, strolling in Aso Rock; the seat of the Nigerian government in the Abuja capital.

The picture is not clear enough for NewsRescue forensic analysis, but we have provided it below and request the government clarifies the identity of the man in it and his mission or role in Aso rock.

A late Special Assistant to the Vice president of Nigeria, Namadi Sambo, Isaiah Balat who died in February of 2014 was rumored to have seen the same Abubakar Shekau in Aso Rock at the time. His death was said to have possibly been poisoning for his discovery.shekau-aso-rock-pic2

NewsRescue has received classified reports that Abubakar Shekau or his current publicity double is in the custody of the Nigerian government who are waiting for the right time and for his satisfactory successful programming for his video to be released with statements tailored to help the ruling party’s political fate. See: [Boko Haram Leader, “Abubakar Shekau” Reportedly In Nigerian Govt Custody].

The opposition APC party has meanwhile warned Nigerians to expect the presidency to unleash a fake Shekau any moment before the elections next week.

But just as this allegation and the picture above was hitting the airwave, a reader drew our attention to an earlier photograph of some strange faces standing behind President Goodluck Jonathan during his visit to Baga, one of the Nigerian towns earlier held by the Boko Haram sect.

In the photograph, one of the starnge men in military uniform is a look-alike of the man in the other photo said to be Shekau or his imposter strolling inside Aso Rock. See: [Who Are These Strange Men Among The Soldiers that Welcomed President Jonathan To Baga? [PHOTOS]]

Shekau 2

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President Jonathan Confesses To BBC About Boko Haram [Video]

In the following video now being watched by all Nigerians, the president of Nigeria made several notable confessions to the BBC interviewer. ‘Confused, incoherent and corrupt’ are the words that have been used to describe his performance in the interview. The confessions he made are are as extracted below:

  • Scroll to bottom for video

1. Goodluck Jonathan admitted that Boko Haram insurgents are not so much being killed but are just being deactivated and are dissipating into neighboring countries from where at any time they may be re-called to relaunch their pogrom on Nigeria’s north. The president of Nigeria explained that these insurgents (numbers may be as many as 30,000) are relocating to neighboring countries as far as Central Africa and other points from where they were recruited. NewsRescue earlier reported on this finding; that Boko Haram terrorists were obviously not being killed and brought to justice but the terrorists were being deactivated and in essence evading justice while being able to re-group at a future date.

2. President Jonathan surprised the viewers by saying that he had no clue about the military operations and that in regards to the Chibok girls, whatever the military chiefs said is what it was. In essence the president admitted that a coup had transpired in the country and he was no longer in charge of the Nigerian government. It would be the second time he would make such admissions. The first instance was when he claimed he was unaware of the military decision to have the February 7th presidential elections postponed.

3. From the video the president failed to address the failure of his government and the other PDP administrations for a total of 17 years straight who had not according to him, bought equipment for the Nigerian army. The president admitted that he had totally failed to handle Boko Haram for the six years of his administration as he in his words, underestimated the seriousness of the problem. President Jonathan did not deny the questions indicating subversion of most of the yearly $5 billion budget to equip the army, simply telling the interviewer that he should be happy Nigeria is in this 6-week period, doing something at last.

4. The president admitted that Boko Haram was a foreign orchestrated plot and not a local “opposition” sponsored insurgency as he had insinuated and accused politicians of for the entire 5 years.

5. President Jonathan said he is hurt when Boko Haram terrorists die. Though this statement may be viewed in two ways: indeed as many of the terrorists are forced conscripts, empathy must be felt; the president’s unusual romance with the terrorists once again definitely draws attention.

6. In spite of all the above, the president confidently said he was going to win the upcoming elections. That is unusual as with the record as illustrated, baring resorting to rigging, it would be impossible for any leader to be confident of winning.

Watch the video



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War On Boko Haram: Nigerian Govt Not Cooperating – Chadian Govt

Chadian and Nigerien troops fighting Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East are reportedly begging their Nigerian counterparts to take over towns recaptured from the sect.

Nigerian authorities had announced that troops had recaptured all towns occupied by members of the terrorist group in Adamawa and Yobe states, remaining Borno, the last of the three north-eastern states mostly affected by the insurgency.

A report by The New York Times on Friday, entitled ‘Foreign troops beg Nigerian soldiers to occupy recaptured towns,’ said foreign troops had led journalists on a tour of the liberated towns without Nigerian troops on the ground.

Chadian authorities were reported to be angered by “the near-total absence of cooperation from the Nigerians in a crucial regional battle.”

The report said Chadian soldiers were wondering why they, and not the Nigerians, were holding towns like Damasak, several days after the last Boko Haram fighter has fled or been killed.

The Chadian Foreign Minister, Moussa Faki Mahamat, was quoted as saying, “The Nigerian Army has not succeeded in facing Boko Haram. The occupation of these towns, this is up to Nigeria. My fondest wish is that they assume their responsibilities.

“Our biggest wish is that the Nigerian Army pulls itself together — that it takes responsibility in the towns. We are ready to disengage, right away.”

Second Lieutenant Hassan of the Chadian Army was quoted to have berated the Nigerian troops as failing in their responsibilities.

He said, “We asked them (Nigerian Army) to come, to receive this town from us, but they have not come. It is because they are afraid.

“We fought on the night of the 14th, and the last attack was on the 15th. We called them on the 16th and told them to come; they didn’t believe we were here.

“It is up to them (Nigeria) to hold the town, not us,” said Lieutenant Hassan, referring to the Nigerians. “Our role is offensive. Our mission is to chase the terrorists.”

The Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, however, told our correspondent on the telephone on Saturday that it was not true that Nigerian troops were not willing to take over such territories.

He said there was no town liberated by the Nigerian troops in the ongoing offensive against the insurgents that was not effectively cleared of terrorists’ presence and was not being well patrolled.

He added that the collaborating nations had warned against “irresponsible” comments involving the operation, stressing that the military would not join issues with anyone.

Olukolade said, “It is not true that our soldiers are not willing to take over such communities. There is no town that our soldiers have liberated that is not being well secured and well patrolled at the moment.

“We have always warned against irresponsible comments in this collaboration and we are not ready to join issues with anybody.

“We will do everything to sustain this collaboration.”


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