Nigerian Pastors Whose Prophecy on Outcome of 2015 Presidential Election Never Came To Be

By Naija Dailies Editor

Nigerian presidential elections has come and gone. But there are lessons to be learned, especially from our supposed “Men of God” who claimed that God himself revealed the outcome to them before the election. I want to remind you of what they said. Change has indeed come (hopefully), and we must hold both our political and religious leaders accountable for every word they speak. Please read carefully and draw your own conclusion.

The Bible said, “Thou shall not take the name of your God in vain.” What are these men thinking now? Are these revelations really from God? Could He possibly be sending them contradictory messages? I know there are already explanations for all the false prophecies. But at this point, I must leave you to judge for yourselves.

1. Apostle Fredrick, Senior Pastor of Wonder City Chapel and President of the BB Frederick Ministries, Ghana

“Nigerians should watch out for the second term of His Excellency President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Although it looks very challenging with him and his ruling party now, yet the Lord says Nigerians shouldn’t lose hope in Jonathan.”

“As long as I’m concerned as a man gifted by God to see the past, the current and the future beyond the curtains of the natural, I know by the inspiration of the Almighty that President Jonathan is the set man for Nigeria. His next term on the seat will bring liberation to Nigeria.”

“It will bring hope to hopeless situations in Nigeria. On this account I therefore declare that HE Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will win the coming elections.”

2. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC)

“For Nigeria, the Lord showed me, who will win the election. I will not mention his name, because I have to be politically neutral. But when the president’s name is announced, 20 percent of a certain part of the nation will not agree. Eventually, after negotiation they will. We will agree that we’re one.”

“Wales is only 400,000 people or about a million people. They call them a nation, and they call Yorubas who are 27 million a tribe, the Igbo who are 18 million you call them a tribe. For us to have many nations that make up Nigeria, it was God that made it happen. And that prophetic mandate still remains on Nigeria. Anyone who incites people to divide this nation will lose his chance. Nigeria will remain one. After all the noise, you will be amazed that also some politicians will be shocked, nobody will be ready to die for them. There will be peace in Nigeria after the election. I see a man who will one day rise, but I don’t know when, I don’t think it’s up to 10 years though . He will turn the fortunes of Nigeria round. Nigeria will look like one of these advancing nations like United Arab Emirates , India, and China. That is how Nigeria will be.”

3. Prophet Joshua Iginla

“No matter how powerful or well-organized 2015 election is, it will be faulted. I am not a politician nor belong to any political party, I am just speaking God’s mind. The person sitting on the seat might not be perfect, but he will retain the seat. It’s not guess-work. However, it will be a battle between the lion and the tiger…Shortly after the election, especially on the night of the election, there will be great vandalisation. I see cars being burnt, lives killed.”

“President Jonathan will win, but he has to pray about his health and so many political blows. I pray the two people who enter the Aso Villa will leave together. That’s why we should pray for the woman beside the president. The president and wife should pray that the first lady would finish the tenure together and not losing one before the end of their tenure.”

4. Apostle Johnson Suleiman

“I see president Goodluck Jonathan coming back but trouble… Patience Jonathan needs serious prayers.”

“2015 presidential election will be rigged, marred in violence and end up in court case. 2015 election is another June 12. The man who truly won will not govern or rule.”

5. Primate Theophilus Oluwasaanu Olabayo, founder, Evangelical Church of Yahweh

“To start with God has revealed to me that there may not be elections next year because in 2015, we are going to witness one of the worst political assassinations in Nigeria. God further informed me that the South West geo-political zone should be very careful so that the region would not be thrown into another era of wild, wild west because I saw political assassinations everywhere,” the founder of Evangelical Church of Yahweh foretold adding that, “if there will be elections next year in Nigeria, the seat of the president is not vacant.”

“God has revealed to me that if at all there is going to be presidential election, it will be inconclusive just like (the June 12,) that we had during the time of the late Chief MKO Abiola who flew the flag of the Social Democratic Party under the military administration of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.”

6. Prophet Michael Olubode

“I want to let the people of Nigeria know that the Lord will return His Excellency, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to his presidential seat. Despite many hatred for him, it pleases the Lord God of Celestial to increase his tenure at the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock. The Lord revealed to me that the purpose of making him remain in government is to use him to build Nigeria’s economy. He will surely bring good luck to us.”

7. Apostle Dr. Ogochukwu Tochukwu Amaukwu

“If at all there will be election in 2015, I see President Goodluck Jonathan returning as president.”

“President Goodluck Jonathan is the last PDP president.”

“I see APC winning seventy percent(70%) of the seats but I see PDP taking the presidency.”

“If at all there will be election, APC will claim to have won the presidential election and will drag PDP to court.”

“APC will accuse President Goodluck Jonathan, PDP and INEC for rigging the election in favour of President Goodluck Jonathan, but the court will give it to Goodluck Jonathan.”

“There shall be a cry for a re-election.”

8. Josiah Chukwuma Onuoha of Christ Foundation Miracle International Chapel, Lagos

“The thing is that Buhari’s case will even be worse. Buhari has no grace to rule this country again. He is being pushed into it by selfish, diabolic elements. Let him go and seek God the way true Moslems do.”

9. Pastor Dapo Adeniyi

“Buhari has a good agenda to eradicate corruption in Nigeria. But it is unfortunate that he will not win the election. Though he will give (APC vs PDP) Goodluck Ebele Jonathan tough time. He will accuse PDP of rigging the election, go to court but justice will not prevail. What a pity. I see him fainting and uncooperative to ensure the peace of Nigeria after his defeat.”

10. Guru Maharaji

“There is no vacancy for Buhari at Aso Rock”

“President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the verifiable divine choice of the forthcoming presidential election. As the Living Perfect Master of creation in whose hands the fate of Nigerian project lies spiritually, I declare divinity’s decision to return Jonathan to Aso Rock over Muhammadu Buhari.”

“I had publicly and sufficiently advised Buhari against nursing the ambition to rule Nigeria again. Superior forces are actually in-charge of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am at the helm of these great and unseen primordial powers of creation.”

11. Dr. Okhue Iboi, National coordinator and spokesman of Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN)

“I don’t see General Mohammadu Buhari ruling this country. We don’t have a political party but if anyone seeks our help, we shall render it. There was a time witches in Benue State invited other witches across the country to offer prayers for the Senate President, David Mark, against impeachment. We flew to Otukpo and later to a village called Owetor. That was where we offered the prayers.”

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Father Mbaka Congratulates Buhari, Says President-elect’s Victory Confirms His Change Prophecy

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has issued his congratulations to General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) on his victory in the March 28 Presidential election.

Speaking through his spokesman, Maximus Ugwuoke, Mbaka advised Buhari to avoid the same mistake Jonathan made by surrounding himself with the wrong people. He also said he will be the first to condemn Buhari if he fails to live up to expectations.

The cleric’s spokesman said:

“It is with vindictive joy and glory to God that the Adoration Ministry, the nation and indeed the world saw the fulfillment of Fr. Mbaka’s New Year prophesy of change with the miraculous, victorious emergence of General Muhammed Buhari at the March 28th polls as the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“We wish to restate that before President Goodluck became the President of this country, Fr. Mbaka prophesied it in his message titled ‘Okolo.’ Today again, Buhari’s victory, among other lessons it portends to Nigerians, has once more confirmed to all and sundry that Fr. Mbaka is indeed a true Prophet of God and that his New Year message was indeed from the Oracle of the Holy Spirit as he declared.

The ministry with magnanimous heart holds no grudges against anyone who attacked it in one way or the other at the rage of the controversies surrounding  Fr. Mbaka’s message and view theiractions as being orchestrated by their misconstruing of Fr. Mbaka’s prophetic calling.
The Ministry joins the rest of Nigerians to congratulate Buhari as God’s chosen instrument of change to tackle the myriads of problems facing Nigeria and pray God to endow him with the wisdom to go about this onerous task.
We see Buhari’s victory as divine victory to all Nigerians irrespective of our religious and ethnic divide.”

“The prayer of Fr. Mbaka is that God will give Buhari wisdom not to surround himself with wrong people – that was the major problem Jonathan’s administration faced.
Fr. Mbaka has advocated that Nigerians should be patient with Buhari because the holes dug in the country are too much – holes of corruption, holes of unemployment, among others.”

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The Die is Cast! Acceptance Statement by General Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s President-Elect

I am immensely grateful to God for this day and for this hour. I feel truly honoured and humbled that the Nigerian people have so clearly chosen me to lead them. The official announcement from INEC was the moment the vast majority of Nigerians had hoped and been waiting for. Today, history has been made, and change has finally come. Your votes have changed our national destiny for the good of all Nigerians . INEC has announced that I, Muhammadu Buhari, shall be your next president. My team and I shall faithfully serve you.

There shall no longer be a ruling party again: APC will be your governing party. We shall faithfully serve you. We shall never rule over the people as if they were subservient to government. Our long night has passed and the daylight of new democratic governance has broken across the land. This therefore is not a victory for one man or even one party. It is a victory for Nigeria and for all Nigerians. Millions of you have worked for this day.

So many have risked life and livelihood; and others have died that we may witness this moment. And it is with a very heavy heart that I report many deaths and injuries amidst the jubilations yesterday. We send our sincere condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives; and wish speedy recovery to those who suffered injuries. I appeal to all our supporters to celebrate this victory with prayers and reflection instead of wild jubilation. May the souls of those who died rest in peace. Let us take a moment of silence to honour all of those whose sacrifices have brought us to this fine and historic hour. As the results of the election have shown, their labor has not been and will never be in vain. Democracy and the rule of law will be re-established in the land.

Let us put the past, especially the recent past, behind us. We must forget our old battles and past grievances—and learn to forge ahead. I assure you that our government is one that will listen to and embrace all. I pledge myself and our in-coming administration to just and principled governance. There shall be no bias against or favouritism for any Nigerian based on ethnicity, religion, region, gender or social status. I pledge myself and the government to the rule of law, in which none shall be so above the law that they are not subject to its dictates, and none shall be so below it that they are not availed of its protection.

You shall be able to go to bed knowing that you are safe and that your constitutional rights remain in safe hands. You shall be able to voice your opinion without fear of reprisal or victimisation. My love and concern for this nation and what I desire for it extends to all, even to those who do not like us or our politics. You are all my people and I shall treat everyone of you as my own. I shall work for those who voted for me as well as those who voted against me and even for those who did not vote at all. We all live under one name as one nation: we are all Nigerians. Some unfortunate issues about my eligibility have been raised during the campaign.

I wish to state that through devotion to this nation, everything I have learned and done has been to enable me to make the best possible contribution to public life. If I had judged myself incapable of governing I would never have sought to impose myself on it. I have served in various capacities and have always put in my best. But despite the rancour of the elections, I extend a hand of friendship and conciliation to President Jonathan and his team. I hereby wish to state that I harbour no ill will against anyone. Let me state clearly that President Jonathan has nothing to fear from me. Although we may not agree on the methods of governing the nation, he is a great Nigerian and still our president. He deserves our support and permanent respect by virtue of the office he has held. This is how an honourable nation treats its servants and conducts its affairs; and this is how Nigeria should be.

I look forward to meeting with President Jonathan in the days to come to discuss how our teams can make the transition of administrations as efficient as possible. Here, I want to thank my party for selecting me as its candidate. I thank our party leaders and members for the steadfast contributions they made to bring our dream to fruition. I thank INEC, the police and all other government agencies for performing their tasks in a proper manner and for refusing to be induced to undermine the election and the democratic process. I also wish to thank religious Leaders, traditional leaders, the media, labor unions, Civil Society organisations, organised private sector, youths and students for their roles in this election. I give special thanks to President Obama and his timely intervention and support for peaceful and credible elections in Nigeria and for sending Secretary John Kerry and other United States officials. The European Union – especially the United Kingdom, France, Germany and other nations that were actively involved in ensuring the success of this election are equally appreciated.

My sincere thanks to the United Nations Secretary General Mr Ban-Ki Moon. The Commonwealth, China, India and other Asian and Gulf states are also hereby appreciated. Finally our brothers in the African Union and ECOWAS have truly and clearly shown and demonstrate their commitment to our democratisation process. Former Presidents John Kuffour, Amos Sawyer, Bakili Muluzi and his team are well appreciated. I must also add my appreciation for the role played by civil societies, national and International observers, other world leaders in ensuring that Nigeria holds free and fair elections. I assure all foreign governments that Nigeria will become a more forceful and constructive player in the global fight against terrorism and in other matters of collective concern, such as the fight against drugs, climate change, financial fraud, communicable diseases and other issues requiring global response. I want to assure our fellow African nations that Nigeria will now stand as a more constructive partner in advancing the matters of concern to our continent, particularly with regard to economic development and eradication of poverty.

Former head of state and president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, General Yakubu Gowon, Alh. Shehu Shagari, General Ibrahim Babangida, Chief Ernest Shonekan and General Abdulsalami Abubakar deserve commendations for their statesmanship and words of caution and counsel for peace during the tense moments of this electoral period. Most of all, I thank the people of Nigeria for reposing their confidence in me at this trying moment. Our nation wrestles many challenges including insecurity, corruption, economic decline.

I pledge to give you my best in tackling these problems. The good people of Nigeria, your obligation does not end with casting your ballot. I seek your voice and input as we tackle these problems. This will not be a government democratic only in form. It will be a government democratic in substance and in how it interacts with its own people. No doubt, this nation has suffered greatly in the recent past, and its staying power has been tested to its limits by crises, chief among which is insurgency of the Boko Haram. There is no doubt that in tackling the insurgency we have a tough and urgent job to do. But I assure you that Boko Haram will soon know the strength of our collective will and commitment to rid this nation of terror, and bring back peace and normalcy to all the affected areas. We shall spare no effort until we defeat terrorism.

Furthermore, we shall strongly battle another form of evil that is even worse than terrorism—the evil of corruption. Corruption attacks and seeks to destroy our national institutions and character. By misdirecting into selfish hands funds intended for the public purpose, corruption distorts the economy and worsens income inequality. It creates a class of unjustly-enriched people. Such an illegal yet powerful force soon comes to undermine democracy because its conspirators have amassed so much money that they believe they can buy government. We shall end this threat to our economic development and democratic survival. I repeat that corruption will not be tolerated by this administration; and it shall no longer be allowed to stand as if it is a respected monument in this nation. I ask you to join me in resolving these and the other challenges we face.

Along the way, there will be victories but there may also be setbacks. Mistakes will be made. But we shall never take you for granted; so, be rest assured that our errors will be those of compassion and commitment not of wilful neglect and indifference. We shall correct that which does not work and improve that which does. We shall not stop, stand or idle. We shall, if necessary crawl, walk and run to do the job you have elected us to do. I realise that the expectation of our people today is as high as their commitment to change has been strong and their belief in us unshaken. While we pledge to begin doing our best without delay, we would like to appeal to them to appreciate the gravity of our situation, so that we become more realistic in our expectations. We will govern for you and in your interests. Your vote was not wasted. This is not the first time Nigerians have cast their votes for us, and this is not the first time they have been counted; but this is the first time that the votes have been allowed to count. With the help of God, we pledge to do our utmost to bring forth the Nigeria you seek. Thank you for your patience and attention.


General Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR President-Elect, Federal Republic of Nigeria


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“This is Nigeria’s Finest Moment” – Tinubu

National leader, All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu has described the victory of the Presidential candidate of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari, as Nigeria’s finest moment in its political history. 

“It is a moment when hope is re-born, faith is rekindled and a fresh fire of patriotism is released for the task ahead. I congratulate General Buhari, Nigeria’s President-elect,  on his  hard won victory. I salute our gallant party leaders and members for running the long distance to victory. To millions of Nigerians, I say this – the APC seeks not power for its sake, but for the purpose of bringing a better life to our people and re-building our country.
“This is also democracy’ s finest moment. Nigerians alive today have witnessed the beginning of an era of change . They made this happen and they are the true celebrants and they are deserving. Together, we share this victory. Side by side we would work together to bring our country back.”
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Buhari Deserves This Victory- IBB

I have just finished watching the proceedings of the declaration of results of the March 28, 2015 elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission and the emergence of my friend, professional colleague and former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari as the President-elect. Let me, therefore, formally congratulate General Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives’ Congress for this well-deserved victory.

This victory to me conveys two significant statements on our political history and evolution. First; that incumbents can be defeated in any democratic process if the people’s aspirations are not fulfilled. Second, that there is good reward for perseverance and hard work. General Buhari has been very consistent in pursuing his political aspiration. In fact, he reminds me of President Abraham Lincoln of the American fame, who was very dogged in pursuing his political aspiration and enriched the contents of democracy in America.  General Buhari lives true to his military calling by remaining very consistent, resilient and courageous right from 2003 till date. This enviable feat to me further enriches our democratic process and matures us into the top echelon of nations where democracy has taken firm root. That President Jonathan has indeed conceded defeat and congratulated the President-elect is also cheering news.

Let me also congratulate other presidential candidates of the other political parties, especially Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for putting up a good fight in the elections. I wish to also commend the Independent National Electoral Commission, for conducting such a free, fair and transparent election despite all the initial hitches and challenges. The beauty of democracy is that it is an on-going process that gives room for improvement, provides opportunity to make amends, and affords the people the opportunity to make a statement with their ballots during elections.

With this election and its outcome thus far, Nigeria has once again recorded another milestone in her march through the enviable ladder of democracy. Our leadership role in Africa will further be enhanced by the way and manner we manage the gains of this process. But I trust that the President-elect will live up to the expectations of many Nigerians that crave for change; and lift Nigeria to greater heights. I wish to implore the President-elect to reach out to other contestants in the spirit of one Nigeria, as he settles down for the task of leading this nation in the next four years. Your victory has no doubt broken the barriers of ethnicity and religious inclinations; two sensitive issues that undeservedly dominated the campaigns. I am confident that this victory will usher in a new perspective in our political history and development.

On behalf of my family, accept from me, our hearty congratulations.



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I’ll Be Back to Reclaim the Presidency in 2019, Jonathan Vows

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan who lost out of the recently concluded presidential elections has made it known that he would be back to re-claim his Aso Rock office in 2019

President Goodluck Jonathan who told the media this when being interviewed early this morning about how he is holding on after the loss to Gen. Buhari with a huge margin. President Jonathan also made some other shocking statements and its compiled for you in the link below.

Read excerpt from the interview and what President Jonathan actually told the media after the cut…


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Map Shows How Nigerian Electoral Demographic Changed Between 2011 and 2015

This map shows the changed demographics between the 2011 and 2015 Nigerian presidential elections.

The 2011 map was starkly divided across the middle with president Jonathan taking the south and much of the middle belt and Muhamamdu Buhari taking the north.

In the new map, Buhari encroached the south and middle belt while president Jonathan was only able to capture the south south, south west and a piece of middle belt.

2015 election map

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Dollar Drops In Nigerian Forex Market As Buhari Emerges President-Elect

News of a Buhari election victory and a smooth transition process has already begun to have its impact on the Nigerian economy suffering from many judo jabs.

As the favored opposition candidate, General Muhammad Buhari coasted to a victory Tuesday, the dollar exchange rate immediately began to drop from an all time high of N230 last week to N210 yesterday. The exchange rate is projected to fall to under N200 before the official handover May 29th.

Wednesday morning General Muhammad Buhari was declared the winner of a highly contested and heated election in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. The nation had suffered various threats to its economy, integrity and stability with threats and fears of riots and possible sectarian and terrorist war from both sides as reaction to an election defeat.

A Buhari victory has been predicted by global economists to reassure the market and increase investment in Nigeria. Buhari, an upright army man is also regarded as a better manager of the failing economy.

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Buhari’s Victory: Confidence in His Leadership Qualities, Amosun

Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun has congratulated the President Elect, General Mohammadu Buhari, for his victory at the just concluded 2015 general elections.

In a statement by his Spokesperson, Mrs Olufunmilayo Wakama, Amosun described the election as a demonstration of the Nigerian people’s confidence in General Buhari’s strong leadership qualities.

“The people have spoken and demonstrated with their votes, their confidence in the ability of the president elect to pull the Nation out of its present economic woes,” he said.

The governor added that the trajectory of the president elect, his principles and uprightness are some of the qualities that must have endeared him to the electorate.

He expressed the hope that a Buhari presidency will bring about the much anticipated and needed security, economic growth and by extension development and prosperity to the Nigerian Nation.

“I convey my best wishes and look forward to a prosperous and great country under your leadership”, the governor added.

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BREAKING: President Jonathan Set to Resign After Defeat [His Resignation Speech Leaks]

Barely twenty four hours after he was defeated by the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari, in the just concluded 2015 presidential election, president Goodluck Jonathan has concluded plans to resigned from office as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

His plan to resign is coming 2 months to the end of his tenure which elapses on May 29, 2015.

Although, sources said the president’s decision to resign resulted from the shocking and unexpected defeat he suffered during last Saturday’s poll, the president in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati said the president is resigning so as to pave way for a new government which will usher in the much desired change as reflected by the electorates at the poll.

The president’s full statement reads:


Fellow Countrymen; it’s with deep sense of patriotism that I make this speech tonight. You will recall that when I was made the acting president and subsequently president due to the untimely death of president Shehu Yaradua GCFR, I had to do my best to keep the nation as one, knowing that the polity was still heated at that moment, as failure to do so would have seen the army probably striking, hence my inability to perform to your expectation. All I did during the two years period of serving out President Yaradua’s tenure was to see to the rule of law which he began till he passed away. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

When the coast was clear for election to take place, I went into the race, campaigning to all of you in your various states, soliciting for your votes. Many of you formed various groups on my behalf to woo the electorates. May I at this junction correct this belief that I initiated the “I had no shoes” mantra; on the contrary, I was shocked myself to see the campaign jingle all over the media. As a matter of fact, I was not consulted before it was done, but I realize that it was all campaign strategy aimed at appealing to your conscience. I made various promises in each of the states I visited, which was a total of ninety one (91). Dear compatriots, I have I not forgotten the promise made in any of these States.

I do not seek to be a hero among you; neither do I seek the title of statesmanship, when I don’t deserve it. I’m not unaware that you turned your back on me during the infamous January 1st 2012 fuel subsidy which was engineered by the Federal Executive Council, an action which necessarily I would not have even considered, considering that I came from the same background as you. But who was I to say no to a Harvard graduate like Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, who you all agreed is an economic guru, when she gave cogent economic reasons on why the fuel subsidy should be removed, even though I admit that I never understood what it meant. Tonight, I want to apologize for that action which I took that that caused the protests where lives were lost. I apologize to the family of Enenche Akogwu, the Channels TV reporter who died on the line of duty reporting the anger of Nigerians against the decision I took.

I feel your pain and I do believe you also feel mine. It is my sincere drive to better your standard of living that I approved the fuel subsidy decision, especially on a day when you all should be rejoicing and making resolutions for the New Year. Please forgive my being insensitive. The hallmarks of leader is admitting when they are wrong, apologizing for it and showing true signs of repentance. Yes, cabals have taken over my administrations as I have admitted over time; cabals whom I thought I could fight to a standstill, but I was wrong. How could I fight cabals like Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote, Jimoh Ibrahim, Dantata, Chris Uba and a host of others too numerous to mention, when they all bankrolled my election? I agree that in this area I failed Nigerians; I failed you, knowing that it was your votes that brought me into power. I was not blabbing when I vowed to fight the fabrics of corruption that have eaten deep into the system, but may I tell you this compatriots; the fight against corruption can be fought only with a clean hand, which admittedly I don’t have. I’m sorry if I disappointed you.

Your complaints against Alison Madueke, urging me to fire her as Minister of petroleum is justified, and even though I truly wish to bow to your wishes, especially when glaring evidences were provided, but I truly do not have the courage to fire a kinsman, who have been a financial pillar to me and ‘bedmate’, as some of you allege, but I can sincerely say to you that they were all figments of imaginations of the media. I need not talk about Elder Orubebe; his corrupt files are on my table, but again, the same hand that held me back from firing Alison had also held me back from sacking him, but do not mistake me for gay, as I am not one. In this I know that I broke the oath of office by practicing nepotism. Once again, I apologize to all Nigerians.

Fellow citizens of our great country Nigeria, you must have observed that we are gradually winning the war against terrorism, as orchestrated by Boko Haram. Though it was not easy taking the decision to declare state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States, but send a message that we are not a nation govern by terrorists, who vowed to hold us to ransom, I had to take it. The issue of Boko Haram will be a thing of the past before the end of 2013; this I can assure you. I urge you to ignore any propaganda of the group or any other insurgent groups. We will win. Yes, we will overcome.

If there is any individual that I owe loads of apologies to, the person is Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State, who I admit has not done anything to me personally to incur my wrath. Let me at this very moment state that my fight against him has been due to what my political followers in the field fed me with, as well as his misunderstanding with my wife. I have been told that he intends to slug the PDP presidential ticket with me, an action which my political friends consider an affront to me. I know I ought to have personally asked him if it was true, but due to ill advise, I overlooked it. Rotimi Amaechi, my younger brother, accept my apology. The media has not been helpful as they have blown a little squabble into a feud. To my friends in the media, please help us in mending fences not deepening it, especially the social media which has become the main source of news to Nigerians.

Tonight, and again, I say, tonight, I am stating it loud and clear that my wife is hereby banned from attending any government functions in my capacity, commission any government properties or parade herself as an elected official of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am aware of the entire crisis that she has caused in various states that she has visited, especially her role in the catastrophe between Governor Amaechi and the presidency. While I hold my dear wife in I high esteem, I also hold the sanctity of this nation in high regards. Consequently, the Minister of State, Education is hereby relieved of his duties for personal reasons, while the Rivers State commissioner of Police, Mr. Mbu is to go on compulsory. The minister of Health is also relieved following allegations of his incompetence as former Chief Medical Director of Ebonyi State leave Teaching Hospital (EBSUTH) and his inability to quickly put an end to the Medical and Health workers strike that engulfed the country. These pronouncements take place with immediate effect.

The education travails in this country affects me just the way it affects you. My Alma Mata, University of Portharcourt is among the schools on strike and it hurts me to see it so. You wonder why I singled out UNIPORT? When I was there, I never went on strike neither do the polytechnics shut down, but today under my watchful nose, ASUP and ASUU has gone on strike the same period. I want to put an end to it once and for all, but our coordinating Minister of the economy and Minister of Finance is saying that we do not have the amount needed by ASUU, but I can assure you that we will resolve it as soon as possible.

As for the long lingering crisis in the health sector, I hereby make a pronouncement to all medical workers that the role of the chief medical director is now a position for all health workers. This is to create the much desired harmony in the health sector as we have in other climes; however the holders of MBBS will co-ordinate medical affairs during most clinical activities in the hospitals. The board of all the hospitals will be reconstituted to allow even representation of all medical practitioners. The National health bill shall be signed into law by me the moment all the grey areas are looked into and consented to by the various medical professional unions.

Compatriots, this is the solemn moment; a moment of decision. I appreciate your followership for the past four years, as individuals and a people, however I have come to the conclusion that I do no longer wish to be your president, hence I am resigning as the President and grand commander in chief of the Federal republic of Nigeria. The letter to this effect will be communicated to the Senate President.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Waking up from slumber. The president is not resigning. It is actually an April Fool Joke

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Buhari Emerges Nigeria’s President-Elect

After three previous failed shots at the presidency, Muhammadu Buhari is finally moving into Aso Rock, Nigeria’s presidential palace,as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A retired Major-General, Mr. Buhari, who contested on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, polled a total of 15,416,221 votes to defeat the incumbent and candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, President Goodluck Jonathan, who got 12,853,162 votes.

The APC candidate got the highest number of votes in 21 states while Mr. Jonathan prevailed in 15 states and Abuja.

Mr. Buhari has also met the constitutional requirement to be declared President-elect by getting more than one quarter of the votes in 27 states.

The APC candidate won in Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Kogi, Kwara, Lagos, Niger, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Sokoto, Yobe and Zamfara.

Mr. Jonathan on the other hand prevailed in Rivers, Plateau, Taraba, Nasarawa, Imo, Enugu, Ekiti, Edo, Delta, Ebonyi, Cross River, Bayelsa, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Abia and the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja).

The Independent National Electoral Commission is yet to announce Mr. Buhari’s victory because the commission is still expecting results of the presidential election from Borno.

But we can report that Mr. Buhari got 473,543 votes in Borno compared to the 25,640 earned by Mr. Jonathan.

So, the APC candidate has practically won the election by beating Mr. Jonathan by 2,563,059 votes.

Mr. Buhari’s victory makes it the second time since 1999, when Nigeria returned to democratic rule, that a retired military officer would become Nigeria’s president.

Mr. Buhari, who wields enormous support in Northern Nigeria, won in 21 states to emerge victorious.

The retired army officer’s journey to the presidency began in 2003 when he contested under the platform of the now defunct All Peoples Party, APP.

That year, he got 12.7 million votes to lose to Olusegun Obasanjo, also a retired army officer, who was seeking a second term as president.

Despite picking a southerner, the late Chuba Okadigbo, as a running mate, Mr. Buhari got a huge chunk of his votes from the north.

Four years later, Mr. Buhari, contesting under the ANPP, attempted another shot at the presidency, this time going head to head with a fellow northerner, Umar Yar’adua of the PDP.

Again, he lost.

Despite still picking a southerner as a running mate, his performance in 2007 was far worse than that of 2003 – he polled a meagre 6.6 million votes while the eventual winner got thrice his vote.

By 2011, Mr. Buhari helped found another party, the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, and, once again, he aimed a shot at becoming president.

Once again, he picked a southerner as running mate.

On April, 16, 2011, he ran against the incumbent, President Jonathan.

He polled 12.2 million votes to lose to Mr. Jonathan who got almost twice his votes.

After the 2011 general elections, three major political parties – the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), a faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), and Mr. Buhari’s CPC – began talks on a merger that would enable it provide a formidable platform to challenge the dominant PDP.

On February 6, 2013, the APC was founded.

“We promise not to disappoint Nigerians who have reposed much confidence in us,” Lai Mohammed, then interim National Publicity Secretary of the APC, said at the time.

“We say that contrary to the lies peddled by the naysayers, we are not seeking political power for the sake of getting it, but in order to use it to empower our people and allow their long-nursed hopes and dreams to become a reality.”

At the APC presidential primaries in December 2014, Mr. Buhari contested against political heavyweights like Atiku Abubakar, former vice president; Rabiu Kwankwaso, governor of Kano State; and Rochas Okorocha, governor of Imo State.

At the end of the day, the retired general polled 3,430 delegates votes to defeat his challengers.

For his running mate in the run up to the 2015 general election, Mr. Buhari again picked a southwesterner as a running mate.

During his campaign, the 73-year-old traversed the length and breadth of the country canvassing for votes.

The 2015 presidential election was the first time Mr. Buhari won in states outside northern Nigeria, winning all the south-western states except Ekiti State.

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Asari Dokubo Congratulates Buhari, Says He is a Friend to Any Govt

Asari Dokubo also congratulates Gen. Buhari.

He said: I’m not a creation of jonathan before jonathan there was asari, after him there will be asari, i’m a friend to any government in power.

This is an outrage, unbelievable.

Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo (born 1964), formerly Melford Dokubo Goodhead Jr. and typically referred to simply as Asari, is a major political figure of the Ijaw ethnic group in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

He was president of the Ijaw Youth Council for a time beginning in 2001 and later founded the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force which would become one of the most prominent armed groups operating in the Niger Delta region.

Asari Dokupe-NGTrends

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