Some Powerful Forces After Me, Jonathan Cries Out

President Goodluck Jonathan has raised the alarm that some powerful forces in the country are after him following his inability to win the March 28 general elections. The president who spoke through his spokesman, Reuben Abati at a media briefing in Abuja on Sunday said the forces after him have continued to push into the public domain false allegations capable of causing national crisis in an attempt to diminish his local and international reputation as well as legacy.

He cited as false a report published by Sunday Punch today alleging that the Presidency spent a whopping N2 trillion on the 2015 General elections, and that a Committee of Five has been set up by President Jonathan to conduct an audit of how the funds were disbursed by party members and state officials adding that the publication is mischievous, false and embarrassing.

According to the presidency “the President has not set up any committee as alleged in that story. It is also not true that the Presidency and the Peoples Democratic Party used state funds, or spent N2 trillion during the campaigns. The innuendoes are wrong-headed; the motives behind the story are suspicious.

The story alleges, for example, that the Presidency spent N2trillion on elections and embarked on a money-sharing spree to party members, support groups and state officials. The authors of the story and their self-appointed megaphones further insinuate that public funds were deployed in this regard. Their allegation of a theft of public funds is extremely malicious.

How much is the budget of the Federal Government of Nigeria? The annual budget of the Federal Government is a little over N4 trillion. The story is practically suggesting that half of the federal budget was spent on elections. This kind of reckless insinuation is meant to incite the public and instigate national crisis.

With FAAC having to do everything possible every month to ensure disbursements and with the Federal Government heavily committed to the war against terror in the North East, where is the alleged N2 trillion from the Federal purse? President Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party conducted the 2015 elections in strict accordance with the rule of law. The suggestion of any unlawful conduct cannot be sustained under any circumstances.

President Jonathan has done his best to protect and strengthen democracy and promote peace. He justly deserves all the accolades that he has received from both Nigerians and the international community for this. Certain persons and interest groups may not be happy that his profile has further risen and that his legacy is assured; but they do their country gross disservice when they act so unpatriotically.

Anyone who is engaged in imposing a crisis on the country by any means is not being fair to Nigeria. We can only appeal to the public to be wary of such reckless tactics now on display, which form the substance of an odd, malicious campaign after the elections.

” We are particularly worried that since the March 28 and April 11 elections, some persons have continued to work very hard to diminish the Jonathan Presidency. They need to be reminded that the time for politics is over; it is now time to focus on the in-coming government, with emphasis on national development and moving the country forward.”

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Tension In Ekiti As Soldiers Storm Ado-Ekiti, Harass Residents

Scores of soldiers in about twelve vehicles stormed Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State capital, Sunday evening harassing residents in what looked like a covert operation in aid of Governor Ayodele Fayose who squealed early in the day alleging invasion of the state by APC lawmakers. The governor had alleged that the lawmakers were leading thugs to the House of Assembly to impeach him tomorrow, Monday.

The soldiers, from the Army brigade in Akure and commanded by General Aliyu Momah,  were this night on the streets in the state capital harassing residents. Brigadier-General Momah was one of those whose voices were heard on tape planning how to rig election in Fayose’s favour in what is now known as Ekitigate.

Earlier in the day, the governor had made a televised speech on state media alleging invasion by APC lawmakers. He urged workers, motorbike operators and drivers to resist the APC lawmakers’ attempt to sit over his impeachment.

Very close to the Governor’s Office was the Governor’s convoy making a stop-over to address the troops. Residents were seen fleeing areas where the soldiers were operating

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Tension In Ekiti As Soldiers Storm Ado-Ekiti, Harass Residents

Scores of soldiers in about twelve vehicles stormed Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State capital, Sunday evening harassing residents in what looked like a covert operation in aid of Governor Ayodele Fayose who squealed early in the day alleging invasion of the state by APC lawmakers. The governor had alleged that the lawmakers were leading thugs to the House of Assembly to impeach him tomorrow, Monday.

The soldiers, from the Army brigade in Akure and commanded by General Aliyu Momah,  were this night on the streets in the state capital harassing residents. Brigadier-General Momah was one of those whose voices were heard on tape planning how to rig election in Fayose’s favour in what is now known as Ekitigate.

Earlier in the day, the governor had made a televised speech on state media alleging invasion by APC lawmakers. He urged workers, motorbike operators and drivers to resist the APC lawmakers’ attempt to sit over his impeachment.

Very close to the Governor’s Office was the Governor’s convoy making a stop-over to address the troops. Residents were seen fleeing areas where the soldiers were operating

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Nigerian Troops Storm Sambisa Forest In Search Of Chibok Girls

The Nigerian Army on Saturday landed in the dreaded and expansive Sambisa forest with the possibility of finding and rescuing the abducted Chibok girls from the Boko Haram terrorists.

It was reliably gathered on Saturday that the operation to liberate the terrorist enclave may not last more than one week as most of the strikes and special operations have knocked out the enemy defence systems.

According to a military source the sustained aerial bombardment by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) for weeks now have now made it possible for the Army to move in today for ground operation. “The operation is nearing its conclusion and the Army will be moving in tomorrow (today) and I am sure in a matter of days, if plans goes accordingly the operations will be over.

The Air Force have been bombarding the area for weeks now and with the right kind of weapon, the Army is ready for the final onslaught”, the source said. The source further confirmed that even though there is no concrete evidence that the Chibok girls were in the forest, it will however be the top priority of the military to find and rescue them if that should be the reality.

According to the source, “the fear is that some of the girls might be amongst the women killed in Bama and other parts of the liberated towns, and Sambisa offers  the more viable hope of all the remaining options to rescue the girls”.

It could be recalled that the Nigerian Military in the last eight weeks of sustained offensive have recaptured over 90 per cent of the territories that were once under Boko Haram occupation with the exception of Sambisa forest.

However, several towns leading to the forest including Allagano have been confirmed liberated last two weeks by the Nigerian Army Director of Public Relations (DAPR), Col. Sani Usman, thereby clearing the way for the final onslaught.

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Jonathan Should Take Confab Docs With Him When He Leaves – Senator-Elect Shehu Sani

Senator-Elect Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central, told SaharaTV during an exclusive interview that he believes President Jonathan should take the National Conference recommendations with him when he leaves Aso Villa.

The National Conference, which cost more than 11 billion Naira, was organized by President Jonathan last year to discuss the challenges facing Nigeria and possible solutions to them.

“My personal opinion is when Jonathan leaving the villa he should not forget to take the recommendations of that conference,” Senator-Elect Sani told SaharaTV.

“It should be part of the loads taken to his own vehicle,” he added.

Senator-Elect said that he is not sure how his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), would deal with the National Conference recommendations but that he has been in opposition to it since last year.

On the fiscal conditions of Nigeria he said that the APC-lead government needs to be honest and that, “the truth is that we don’t have as much money as we used to have.”

He argued that the salaries and allowances should be made known to the public, and should be reduced.

“The payments made to legislature must be made public and it is what I intend to do. I intend to make mine [salary] public. This includes the office staff of legislatures,” he told SaharaTV.

Everyone must make financial sacrifices from the President downward. “If they don’t sacrifice their payments and allowances then who will? Patriotism isn’t just for the poor,” according to him.

He added that it was not right that Senators and Parliamentarians are paid 100 million Naira when the price of oil is falling.


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Buhari Speaks On The Shape of Things To Come And A Small Cabinet That Will Start Work Before Swearing-in

By Vanguard

  • will go into action before we are sworn-in
  • ‘Our priorities on security, economy, unemployment, corruption’
  • On indiscipline: People are more prepared to behave than in 1983

If statements from the president-elect, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, are to be believed, the incoming administration, to be inaugurated on May 29, will hit the ground running. Buhari says he intends to put together a small cabinet that may go into action even before the swearing-in.  In a nutshell, he speaks on the shape of things to come in this interview.

There has been an influx of defectors from the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to your party, APC, since after your victory at the polls. Many think the development may destabilise the APC. How do you intend to manage the situation?

I think this is a question meant for the party. I wish John Oyegun was here to answer you because we have a system. Just because I am the presidential candidate and the president-elect, I don’t think  the system has allowed me to usurp the power of the party executives. But, certainly, in a multi-party democratic system, fundamentally, it is the number that matters for the people. But for the party, what matters is the ability to manage the number so that the majority will have its way and  there will be justice. No matter what happens to the PDP by May 29, I assure you or I assure them through you that there will be justice in the APC.

A new government, which you will head, will soon be inaugurated. Can you tell us what criteria you will be using in selecting those who you will work with?

It is a difficult time for Nigerians as you all know. I have said it in the past that, in the last 16 years, Nigeria has never realised the amount of revenue it received. The price of a barrel of crude oil rose to about 140 dollars and then  crashed to about 50 dollars. During the 16 years, we know what happened to some big companies that employ a lot of Nigerians and give them training facilities like the Nigeria Airways, Nigeria  National Shipping Line.

Even Nigeria Railway is managing to be on paper with some refurbished engines moving from Lagos to Ibadan and a few other places. If you go to their stations all over the country, you will realise that they are in a terrible shape. The important thing in a country with a huge population  of youths with more than 60 percent of them under the age of 30 who are unemployed is that you  need these institutions to give jobs and training to them. It is very disappointing that the PDP government virtually failed to use those resources to  grow the economy.

I think the worst thing is the lack of accountability and the terrible budgetary system. Imagine that over 90 percent of Nigerian budget is on recurrent. How can you sustain development in a country like Nigeria with only about 10 percent of your income? Things just have to change. There must be more money available for infrastructure, for investment in getting the factories back, employment and getting goods and services for the population. I think the sins of PDP will be coming out for several years to come.

Do  we expect a government of national unity?

Again, you want me to encroach on the party’s main power. Even if I, as president-elect, want to form a broad based government, I think that the executive of the party will have some influence on that decision. So, for me to maintain a good rapport with the leadership of the party, I want to keep your question in abeyance until further notice.

The 2015 elections did not go without pockets of violence here and there. Does that strike you in any way?

I think there are less disruptions in the second leg of the general elections on April 11 than we had  during the presidential and National Assembly elections. I hope it was as a result of the bandwagon effect because APC had the upper hand during the  first leg of elections. But what happened in the South-South and the South-East cannot be compared to what happened on April 11.

What I saw was that there was a few ballot snatching in some local government areas of Bayelsa State and a few disruptions in Adamawa, but that is nothing near what happened on March 28. I don’t think what happened on 11 is up to 25 percent of what happened  on March 28?  I think that after the elections, both parties, APC and PDP, will perhaps make their representations to INEC or the courts and then more details will emerge. Maybe we had less infractions on April 11 because the turnout was much lower. Maybe the people just wanted a president and once they got one, they just walked away. They are Nigerians and there is nothing we can do, but to convince them that they have to use this weapon which is the permanent voter cards (PVCs)

Reports from Rivers and some states on April 11 indicated violence. How do you feel about this?

Buhari meeeting speaking  Journalists  at his Dura home

I think we should allow INEC to give its comprehensive report. Meanwhile, as you mentioned in some of the states, especially in Rivers and Lagos, the two parties slugged it out. I think we have to take our time and let us get as much report as possible in accordance with the Electoral Act. I personally want to be legal about this so that people will appreciate that we believe in a system. What we need to do is to modify the system according to the law if we don’t like it, and  no one should come out and do to the system whatever he likes. For what happened in Lagos, I think that for whatever political reason, the PDP wanted to have Lagos by all means.

I have a lot of respect for the governor of Rivers State for his courage. At a certain time, the Commissioner of  Police virtually hijacked the state and the governor was virtually sentenced to the streets fighting thugs without law enforcement agents while the Constitution makes it very clear that the governor is the Chief Security Officer of the state.

So, a lot of  lawless acts of the PDP are on record and we intend to make the PDP understand it and make sure that, according to  the law, those who are responsible for that are taken to the court and properly charged. We are in this system because we believe in it and we want it to stabilize because it is good for our country. If Nigerians have the confidence that their votes count, then they will mind their business and I assure you that there will be more  security in the country.

But when people feel that they are abandoned, then they will resist. I think that by nature, human beings are rebels especially in Nigeria. You must try and placate them, convince them and show them that their rights are respected or you will not have peace. On what we hear about the money that changed hands, it would have been impossible for APC to win anything in this country because we don’t have the treasury in our pocket. There was no amount of money that could convince Nigerians this time around.

A lot of them took the money and did exactly what their conscience wanted them to do, while some even returned the money. Somehow, Rivers and Lagos were  seen as strategic to the PDP. Otherwise, how could  APC have a marginal 100,000 votes over APC in Lagos which is virtually the capital of the APC in the South- West?  A lot of things will come out, but we want to do it basically on facts which can be verified and quantified.

To some  extent, the general elections are seen by many to be credible. Will you try to retain the INEC Chairman to build on the successes recorded even though he said he wouldn’t accept another term of office?

I think Prof. Jega knows exactly what to do. He has already said that he is not going to accept a renewal of his tenure in June. I believe that he has learnt enough and will submit a comprehensive hand over notes some of which he seems to have written. At the last National Council of States meeting, he submitted a document of INEC activities right from the 2011 general elections to date with attachment showing the personnel trained, acquisition of election materials, the distributions, security, among others, and I don’t think that such that report can be faulted.

In fact, INEC was forced to accept the six weeks extension by the Office of the National Security Adviser. Luckily, those six weeks were accommodated within the constitutional time limit within which election must hold. The law says election must hold 30 days before 29th of May. So, INEC did not have much trouble to agreeing to the six weeks extension. As people say, it has come to pass.

For many years, Nigerians have been clamouring that something be done to punish those involved in election rigging. The Uwais Committee recommended a special court to try electoral offenders, but government has refused to implement that recommendation. Will your government set up a special court to try electoral offenders?

No matter how you the media try, you will not catch me undermining the authority of the party. I will look for understanding and cooperation from the National Assembly when a change of the Constitution or the Electoral Act is necessary. So for me to make up my mind here and later try to lobby is out of it because, some of them, if they are very hard, they will give me a tough time.

I will say that I haven’t read the Uwais Report, but l have read a few extracts from news papers. l think it is a good thing and we will encourage it. But we need to get a comprehensive report from the field. The running battle in Rivers, South-East and South-South, especially by Governor Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha and governor of Edo state with INEC officials and law enforcement agencies and  the army is remarkable and I think it has to be totally exposed so that Nigerians will know which of the law enforcement agencies and at what levels is undermining the Constitution of Nigeria because the Electoral  Act is derived from the Constitution of the country so that, in future, those who are in position will know that they are not above the law. I think that is what will bring more stability into the system. In view of that, I will try and work with the National Assembly to make sure that we do something about it.

There are speculations that looting of public treasury is ongoing in the land. What do you intend to do to check this problem?

I will like to work within the system because we believe in it. I have just told you about three governors and the battle they have with law enforcement agents in their states. We discussed and I  advised them to try and document these things so that they can be taken before the court and we will make sure that we register the cooperation of the court so that people who work against the law are prosecuted, especially those who have lost their immunity because this is the best way to stabilize the system.

People must not benefit from being lawless. You can’t be in a position by virtue of the Constitution, subvert the Constitution and continue to enjoy the privileges offered by the Constitution. I don’t think that will be acceptable by the APC. So, whether you are in the opposition or government, you have to behave yourself. I think that is the way we can make progress.

APC preaches transparency and accountability. But a lot of people with apparent questionable characters are moving into the APC. Don’t you think they will also pollute the APC?

For those that are coming into the APC, I have no fear because we have our party structure. The fact that you were a party Chairman or you were a minister before you joined the APC, we appreciate the fact that you remain relevant in your immediate locality. But when it comes to the centre, there is  equality in the way the government will handle you.

If we win majority of members of the National Assembly and House of Assembly in the states, it means that it is with the agreement of their constituencies that the Federal Government has the power that it has. If the Federal Government is insisting on accountability and being responsible, even if they go back to their constituencies, there is nothing they can do about the decision of the government. We are banking on that. I will give you an example of my state, Katsina.

In 2011, the CPC won all the senatorial seats and 13 out of the 15 House of Representatives seats but lost the governorship. Who did the election? Did people from space come to do the election? That is the bad thing about lack of cohesion in a party. Leadership at all levels must work in concert. Otherwise, what Katsina State suffered, any state or the centre can suffer same. Those who were chief executives from local government, to states will be encouraged to work together.

So, those that are coming in, I hope they will accept that they are coming to join those who succeeded and they should cooperate with them. They can’t come and say that because they were once ministers under PDP, they will join APC and become ministers the following month or so. I don’t think that it will be acceptable even by their constituencies.

You introduced War Against Indiscipline, WAI, as the military Head of State in 1984 to fight indiscipline. Years after, the cankerworm has remained? How do you intend to handle this? 

I will mention how it came about. When we had our first Supreme Council meeting and governors were appointed, in my office, it was only me and the late Tunde Idiagbon, we discussed and agreed that the main problem of Nigeria was indiscipline. If we could get majority of Nigerians to accept, which ever level they were, we will make a lot of progress. I could recall that I advised that we should go to the Ministry of Information because there were a lot of people with first degree, masters and Ph.D who were sociologists and criminologists just warming their seats.

I think that we have suffered enough as a people and I think that people are more prepared to behave properly now. About two years ago, I made some remarks in Hausa and people felt, now, some senior civil servants who are Directors either at the state or federal can’t educate four children because the level of education has gone down so much. Those that can afford will rather send their children to Ghana or Sudan and those who can afford it more send theirs to America and Europe because the educational system in Nigeria has virtually collapsed.They should get together and come up with a programme that will last for years and not just for six months and fizzle out. That was how we came about WAI. It was very well thought out. It was a military system. In democracy, people want a lot of freedom, but if they see the restraint in advanced democracies in Europe and America, they will realise that discipline is forced on people. There are things that, no matter how much you want to do them, you can’t do them.

Therefore, we feel that, by voting APC into power, Nigerians are placing confidence in us. On security, economy, especially unemployment and corruption, I believe that Nigerians will give us the understanding to make sure that we get our priorities right. Education is going to be very important because when you educate the people, you solve half of your problems because there is a level that an educated person will not accept. But when people are sentenced to illiteracy, when they are exposed to all manner of social vices such as ethnicity and religion so that people don’t move forward, they are used to fight themselves.

During your campaigns you promised to declare your assets if elected. Now that you have been elected, will you stick to your position?

I made a statement which has not been correctly captured by the media. I said that our generation, from the Murtala, made sure that those who had appointments must declare their assets and this was later articulated in the Constitution.

It is up to government to make sure that those who borrow money to build a house and end up with another house somewhere else with 50 bedrooms and 20 living rooms should explain to Nigerians how they got the money. I could recall that I declared my assets three times. First was when I got my first political appointment as governor of Borno State; secondly, when I was leaving government to go to the United States War College. I declared my assets then because I was closing my political chapter then technically. I could recall that Gen. Jemibewon was the Adjutant General of the Nigerian Army then. I had to declare my assets, deposit it there to be taken to court before I was allowed to proceed to the United States for my course.

The third one was when I became Head of State. From General Obasanjo down till now, those of us who  were in the Supreme Military Council, Council of State, Executive Council and even those who were Permanent Secretaries, at the time we got our appointment, the courts should be made to produce our declarations. So, all the noise about people being rich and nobody is saying anything about it, why can’t you prick the conscience of the existing government or are some of you part of the cover up?

There have been reports that you promised to end the Boko Haram insurgency within two months, but your media team reacted saying you never said so. Can you now set the record straight?

I think I am too experienced in internal security to give two months deadline on Boko Haram. I don’t think I would have made that mistake because I tried to look at some of my experiences even when I was in uniform with the rebels from Chad when I was GOC in Jos and with Maitatsine. So, for me to say that when I come into office, I will get rid of Boko Haram in two months, I don’t think I would have made that statement. I didn’t.

As I have mentioned on several occasions, we that have, at one time or the other, wore Nigeria military uniform felt terribly embarrassed that for six years, the military couldn’t bring order to 14 out of 774 local governments in the country after Burma, Zaire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Dafur where Nigerian military earned respect internationally for their performance.

To fail to secure 14 out of 774 local governments. I still can’t reconcile myself with that disgrace. We will try and work with our neigbours such as Chad, Cameroon and Niger who are fighting Boko Haram for us. Look at Chad helping Nigeria or Niger, or Cameroon itself. This nation has been humiliated by the PDP. God willing, with our experiences, we will quickly marshal support and we are asking Boko Haram to pack and go.

Can we know when your Transition Committee would be in place?

We have started discussing about it. Personally, I will make sure that it is not too big because if it is big, they will start thinking of how to influence the choice of ministers either for themselves or those they want to be ministers. But my idea is to get knowledgable and experienced technocrats who are really patriotic to study the handing over notes by ministries and make recommendations.

I want them to be completely detached people who are patriotic Nigerians, who are knowledgable and experienced. If we get majority of politicians involved it will lead to a lot of row and we may end up with inconclusive recommendations which are not very helpful in our condition.

When I get it ready and before it is published, I will show it to the leadership of my party and the terms of reference as well as the time limit and the result of their work, we will quickly study before the inauguration so that before we are sworn-in, we get into action.

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#XenophobicSA: Return To Your Africa Or We Will Kill You, South Africans Write Letter To Foreigners

South Africans write Whassap warning to foreigners. In a message Itunu Bodurin sent to Punch, signed by several groups, including the Patriotic Movement, Pan Local Forum, Unemployed Workers Forum and Anti-Crime Movement, Nigerians and other foreigners were warned to leave the country and return to ‘Africa” or be killed.

Here is what it said:

Dear neighbour from Africa and other parts of the world, we have travelled the world and have not found one country that allows the floods of humans across its borders as South Africa is experiencing. Even in war-torn parts like Syria, Ukraine, Yemen and Somali.

We were seven million people in Johannesburg city in 2011. Today, we have an estimated 13 million. In Johannesburg alone, you have taken over entire suburbs: Yeoville, Berea, Bez Valley, Turfontein, among many. You have even moved into rural parts of our country that have 80-per-cent unemployment, and there are no visible signs that you have jobs either.

We want to be proudly part of the geographic construct called Africa, but we are as different from one another as Kenyans are from Nigerians; Ivorians from Chadians, etc.

We are pleading with you to return to your home countries. Go and build up those countries so that we can all live in economic, social and political prosperity and peace as neighbours. The genocide in this corner of Africa will be far worse than what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Then the entire continent will be condemned to ashes. Is that what you want?

South Africans not fully employed or who were found guilty of crimes, were recently repatriated from Nigeria and rightly so.

Our people are preparing for war against all foreigners (from Bulgaria, Pakistan and Bangladesh to Africa, north of the Limpopo) and we are all very scared. Please go home and build Africa. Millions will die if you don’t. This we can guarantee.

Meanwhile groups are calling for the boycott of South African products and services to push the government to act in the interest of locals and foreigners alike.

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African People’s Union Declares Citizen Economic Sanctions Against South Africa

The Position of the African People’s Union on the decades-long and ongoing xenophobia in South Africa:

Whereas it has come to the notice of the people of Africa that blacks in South Africa still live in apartheid-like conditions, in ghettos called ‘townships.’

Whereas it is realized that in spite of South Africa’s booming economy there are limited opportunities for blacks, leading to animalistic competition.

Whereas it is understood that the ‘townships’ ghettos for blacks lacks reasonable security for life and property.

Whereas we do realize that xenophobia in South Africa was initiated as government policy of the ANC since 2002.

Whereas we do recognize that the subhuman style of mass deportations of migrant foreign workers since 1994 bearing all brutality and insolence of colonial operations deployed against blacks during apartheid, directly contributed to the development of systemic xenophobia in nation. *Lindela.

Whereas we do recognize that the “community policing” and spying provision in the 2002 Immigration act adopted by the ANC in 2005 directly promotes and endorses xenophobia.

To This Effect:

The African people’s Union expects the South African government to review its Immigration laws towards protecting and not persecuting foreigners.

We expect the South African government to act to protect foreign nationals in the state.

We expect the South African government to act to protect South African blacks in the townships.

We expect the South African government to provide real opportunities for African blacks in the townships.

The African People’s Union Resolves:

To embark on widespread citizen economic sanctions against the South African government and corporate business interests via citizen boycotts.

To continue to promote citizen sanctions against the Pretoria government and South African big Corp. until there is actual policy change and real effort to improve the living conditions in the townships and the security of lives and property of citizens and foreigners is treated as high priority.

To this effect, all Africans and friends of Africa are encouraged to boycott South African big Corp. products and South African government operations:

Boycott their MTN phone networks

Boycott South African Airlines

Boycott South Africa’s DSTV

Boycott ShopRite stores

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Ondo Mysterious Death: No Causeway for Alarm, Our Monitoring Team Remains on Alert, Says Ogun Govt

Following the cluster of mysterious deaths in neighbouring Ondo State, the Ogun State monitoring response team has maintained close contact with the Ondo State authorities and based upon the information available, the State Government has put on alert all our disease surveillance teams.

 In particular, we are monitoring Ogun Waterside Local Government Area closely and are sensitizing our border communities to reduce cross border movements to Ondo State for now. Further blood tests are being carried out on collected samples, to ascertain if the deaths have been caused by ingested poisons or other infectious agents.

Given recent outbreaks, we are aware that the members of the general public may be worried. However, we wish to assure the people of Ogun State that there is no immediate cause for concern. The Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun  had enhanced the capability of the Ogun State disease surveillance team during the ebola outbreak and now the rapid response teams have been put on full alert on the order of the Governor. 

Also, we wish to inform members of the public in Ogun State that there are no similar unexplained deaths in our state and the characteristics of the outbreak in Ondo State are not suggestive of a highly infectious disease.

The cause of the recent unexplained cluster of deaths which affected Ode-Irele township and Ayadi Community in Irele LGA, Ondo state is yet to be explained, but recently released laboratory results have ruled out fatal infectious diseases such as Lassa fever and Ebola haemorrhagic fever.

Early reports confirmed 13 individuals have died. The symptoms common to the individuals who died were sudden onset of blurred or lost vision, headache, loss of consciousness followed by death, all occuring within 24 hours. Experts were deployed early to the sites in Ondo State to collect samples and evaluate the outbreak. A full history of each case has been documented. So far, the outbreak seems to be limited in range and no spread has been reported.

However, until the nature of the illness is fully ascertained, we urge our people to avoid traveling to the affected areas. They should also continue to observe strict personal and environmental hygiene and ensure that food and drink are obtained from reliable sources. Anyone with similar symptoms should report to their local hospital promptly. Ogun State Public Health Hotlines can be reached on: 0109914012109099140122 and 09021715984.

We also urge the public not to circulate unconfirmed rumours. Public Health authorities in Nigeria generally and Ogun State, in particular, operate on full and timely disclosure. Therefore, official sources remain the best way to obtain reliable information.


Dr Olaokun Soyinka

Honourable Commissioner for Health, Ogun State.

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Kidnapping Is Our Family Business, Nanny Who Kidnapped Orekoya Kids Confesses

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Thief Servant, Gov Muazu Of Niger State In Last N1.2 Billion Looting To Frustrate New Govt

Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu after appearing on NTA state broadcast earlier today to apologise to Nigerlites and seek for their forgiveness has gone behind the curtains to continue with his evil plans of creating more emirates out of the present Bida, Kontagora and Minna emirates councils.

Governor Aliyu’s plan which is on top gear is already on the desk of  the Niger State House of Assembly. These reporters investigations reveals that the Chief Servant has already wired 1.2 Billion Naira to the legislators for quick implementation of his evil plan starting from tomorrow, March 14, 2015. An act that will cause disharmony amongst our Royal fathers and above all threaten the peaceful co-existence Niger State enjoys.

It is indeed an irony for Governor Aliyu who in his state broadcast over the outcome of the elections today, admits that, they are proud to be citizens of Niger State, the only State that is ours to build for the benefit of present and future generations. Indeed, as Nigerlites we have much more that unites us than divides us. Hence, we must put behind us the mixed feelings and experiences of the just concluded elections and forge ahead with the task of supporting the government to realize our collective development aspirations.

On the other side, Nigerlites shouldn’t be surprised at the hypocritical attitude of the Chief Servant and his Fake Apologies to Nigerlites, his words during the inauguration of the  Peoples Democratic Party gubernatorial campaign committee last year are still very much fresh in our memories.

Nigerlites should recall that the Chief Servant said and stressed that politics is all about lying and if one cannot lie, then he or she has no place in the game and that If you are talking of honesty or morals, go and become an Imam or pastor. Politics cannot be the way it used to be.

Governor Aliyu went on to affirm that “If you cannot lie, get out of politics. Anything you are involved in has its own rule. You are in politics to win, win first and let other things follow. Basically we believed that it is the Chief Servant’s game of deceit that saw to not only failing to deliver Niger state to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his much anticipated dream to the red chambers, Senate but also in his much acclaimed bid to ensure that his anointed and Istiharah  candidate, Alhaji Umar Nasko who emerged through a fraud primaries , succeeds him at the Minna Government House also failed woefully.

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Buhari to Sack all Top Management, Probe and Break up NNPC

The new administration of Nigeria’s president elect Muhammadu Buhari will first sack and replace the top management of the Nigeria National Petroleum Commission, NNPC, before restructuring the oil company. Then it will investigate its accounts to restore credibility, APC sources say.

A bill will be drafted to break the NNPC into four entities, as already prescribed in the latest PIB draft. But it will also, crucially, remove the oil minister from the NNPC’s board of directors to curb political interference.

One APC source also told Reuters that more generally, the petroleum minister’s current powers would be heavily trimmed.

Oil and gas will have separate companies for upstream, with a third covering pipelines and refining, and a fourth will be an inspectorate. It could be submitted to the National Assemblyy in the first quarter of next year, one NASS APC source said.

The immediate implication of all these is that foreign oil firms keen to know how Nigeria’s president elect plans to tax them could be waiting a long time as he makes ending corruption and reforming the opaque national oil company his most urgent sector priorities.

The World Bank has already thrown its weight behind Buhari’s promise to probe NNPC over allegations of missing funds.

Four party sources from Buhari’s All Progressives Congress (APC) told Reuters the issue of fiscal terms, seen as crucial by the industry, will have to wait on current thinking about oil and gas policies for Africa’s leading producer.

Crude output has stagnated close to 2 million barrels per day over the past few years, owing partly to underinvestment.

“We need to address the structural issues and leave the fiscal for now,” Senator Bukola Saraki, whose APC party controls both houses of parliament after a landslide win, told Reuters.

“A more transparent NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation) is needed with reasonable accounting,” he said.

Buhari owes his March 28 victory against incumbent Goodluck Jonathan partly to a perception that Jonathan allowed corruption to get out of control — especially in the oil sector.

A string of multibillion dollar oil corruption scandals tainted the NNPC and other bodies that handle energy.

By contrast, Buhari was seen as one of the few Nigerian leaders to have cracked down on corruption during his military rule in 1983-1985. Many Nigerians hope he will again.

“The worry is that there’s going to be a lot of time wasted in witch-hunting…That could take a year in which nothing else will happen,” said a Nigerian investment banker focused on upstream oil and gas projects, who declined to be named.

APC leader Bola Tinubu, whose support was instrumental in Buhari’s victory and wields huge influence, told Reuters a transitional committee would be set up.

“No way will we discuss that now,” he said.

Jonathan’s administration re-drafted a Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) in 2012 that had been in the works for a decade.

The PIB was meant to change everything from fiscal terms to overhauling the NNPC, environmental rules and revenue sharing, but its comprehensive nature caused disputes between lawmakers.

Yet the main thing the oil companies were worried about was tax. The bill proposes 20 percent tax on offshore projects and 50 percent for onshore. Shell, Exxon and other majors had all complained publicly that the terms are unfair, given the risk associated with operating in Nigeria.

Uncertainty over the fiscal terms of the bill have been holding back billions of dollars of investment, especially into capital-intensive deepwater offshore, leading some to propose the bill be broken up into several pieces debated separately.

“It doesn’t need to be an omnibus, you can take things piecemeal,” one APC source said.

Hopes that doing so would resolve the fiscal issue quicker look slim, since the voting public are much more concerned about cleaning up graft than making oil majors happy.

The average Nigerian benefits little from the country’s huge energy resources while politicians wear gold watches and build monster homes in the capital Abuja.

Also, says Control Risks’ Thomas Hansen, “The cabinet needs to strategise first and fiscal terms are likely to take longer and require discussions with the (international oil companies).”

The World Bank reportedly supports Mr Mohammadu Buhari to probe the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

Speaking during a video conferencing from Washington to journalists from across Africa on the release of the bank’s analysis of issues shaping Africa titled ‘Africa’s Pulse’, top officials of the bank said looking into financial record of the country, especially into allegation of corruption at the NNPC, would check impunity and build public institutions in the future.

Answering questions from journalists, World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa, Mr. Francisco Ferreira said, “One norm that has to change is the norm of impunity. I am from Brazil myself. So, I am also used to a country where people could be corrupt and escape justice. That keeps the people to keep doing it.

“So the current stand of the government-elect to look into what happened in the past hopefully will have consequences for the future. And those consequences will be that institutions will be stronger; norms will be cleaner and people will not have to steal millions of dollars from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

“People have alleged in the past that there had been major corruption scandals there. If that stops, then that will have very high returns in terms of the money staying around to be spent on education, health, roads and power that the poor people in Nigeria across the country need.

“So my sense is that it will be good to promote cleanliness in politics.”

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