Mo Abudu, Aisha Bagudu, Others Named In FAME Women Awards Of Excellence

In commemoration of the Women’s History Month, Abuja based NGO, FAME Foundation has unveiled the recipients of its maiden edition.

Earlier in the month, the NGO called for nominations to be made via a provided google docs, through where these women were selected after a thorough selection process. A total of 12 women were carefully picked out of the over 80 nominations.

The recipients are Mo Abudu, founder of Ebony Life TV; Amina J. Mohammed, deputy secretary-general, United Nations; Tara Fela-Durotoye, CEO of Tara International limited; Hajiya Aisha Atiku Abubakar Bagudu, wife of Kebbi state governor; Aisha Falode, Chairperson, Nigerian Women Footbal League; Tonto Dikeh, Nollywood Actor and Founder, Tonto Dikeh Foundation; Janine Anthony, Founder, Ladies March; Latiwa Amato, President of Latiwa development Foundation; Esther Ijewere, Founder, Rubies Pink Initiative; Natasha Akpoti, Founder, Builders Hub Impact Network; Uwem Asomugha, Philanthropist and Lara Owoeye-Wise, Mentor and Advocate.

In a reaction to the award, Founder of the Fame Foundation, Aderonke Bello said the aim of the award is to recognise and appreciate women who have beaten the odds by mentoring and advocating for the needs of the society.

“We called for the nominations to honour great women in Nigeria, who are contributing to the betterment of the society especially the lives of women and girls.”

“Nigerians have nominated and we have selected the winners, we say a big congratulation to the awardees, and we hope to see them all in Lagos for the gala night in October this year.” she concluded.

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Police Arraign Apostle Suleiman’s Alleged Ex-lover, Otobo, For Stealing, Blackmail

The police yesterday arraigned Stephanie Otobo, 23, who claimed to have had an affair with Apostle Johnson Suleiman, before a Tinubu Magistrate’s Court, Lagos, over alleged intent to steal, and blackmail.

Otobo is facing a three-count charge bordering on conspiracy, blackmail and threat to life preferred against her by the police. She was also charged alongside one Wisdom Godstime.

The prosecutor, M.A. Animashaun, told the court that the defendants and others at large committed the alleged offence on February 14, 2017 at about 10:30 a.m., at Police College, Ikeja, Lagos.

He said that the duo conspired among themselves to steal by demanding for property and an attempt to extort money. Animashaun also said that the defendants with intent to blackmail a man of God, unlawfully demanded the immediate payment of $1million to Otobo by Suleiman, else she would call a press conference and accuse him of committing adultery with her and having illicit relationship with her and thereafter kill him.

The prosecutor further alleged that the defendants, with intent to extort money from Suleiman, accused him of committing adultery with Otobo and that he also promised to marry her.

According to the prosecutor, the offences committed are punishable under sections 411, 301 and 303 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State 2015. However, the defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

Magistrate Kikelomo Bukola-Ayeye in her ruling granted the defendants bail in liberal term and asked them to deposit N100,000 with two sureties in like sum, who must be gainfully employed.

Meanwhile, the magistrate ordered that the defendants should continue with the bail earlier granted them. She, therefore, adjourned the case to April 27, 2017 for the commencement of trial.

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Whatsapp Chat Between Thin Tall Tony And Wife Leaks After His Eviction From BBNaija

  • You can be sure this was how their conversation went last night.

Tony: Babe.

Wifey: Tony.

Tony: My love

Wifey: Really? That’s what you’re going to say?

Tony: Haba it’s been a long time.

Wifey: Yeah, two long months.

Tony: How are you?

Wifey: I’m okay. How else do you think I am?

Tony: I know. I missed you too.

Wifey: Silence.

Tony: Bobo and Princess nko?

Wifey: They’re asleep.

Tony: I’ve really missed you guys.

Wifey: When did you actually miss us?

Tony: What do you mean?

Wifey: I’m just asking ni. When did you miss us, was it when Bisola gave you head or when you were chasing Tboss?

Tony: Ahan, but you know it was a game na!

Wifey: Tony please please. What kind of dirty game?

Tony: Honest babe. Shebi you saw when I was talking to Ebuka. None of it meant anything.

Wifey: Easy for you to say. The whole world saw you deny your family for this game of yours. You said all your family members are dead.

Tony: Ehn I just said that…

Wifey: Let me talk Tony! I’m the one that had to suffer all the insults from viewers. My friends whisper around me now. I know they talk about the rubbish husband I have that went to disgrace himself on Big Brother.

Tony: Wait…

Wifey: Did you wait before stripping yourself naked the very first week? People were even pitying you at that point sef. Until you and Bisola started kissing. That was a game too abi?

Tony: It was my strategy…

Wifey: To win 25million abi? Oya where’s the money. Show me the money na.

Tony: But babe you know how these things go…

Wifey: Yes I know how it goes. When you’re around women the first thing you do is deny your family. Remember how I caught you with that actress? Your excuse was that you were rehearsing with her. This one you were doing on satellite tv, that one is rehearsal too abi?

Tony: True to God babe, the whole time I was in there, it was my family I was thinking of o!

Wifey: Tony it’s thunder that will fire that your mouth. ‘Bisola I want to knack you this night without condom…’ Shebi it’s your family that was on your mind when you said that?

Tony: Honestly I don’t even remember I said that. You know we were drinking and that just came out.

Wifey: Yeah whatever.

Tony: You don’t believe me? Sincerely it was part of my plan to win…

Wifey: But did you win? They offered you one million naira to quit. You refused.

Tony: It doesn’t matter that I didn’t win the actual prize money. My appearance alone will open doors.

Wifey: It needs to open doors to a new house. Me I can’t live in this compound anymore. Even our neighbour’s daughter calls you T-T Trash.

Tony: Ah darling, slow down. We can’t move just yet. You know I’ve been away since January and I’m only coming home with the Pay Porte clothes I was given. When they make me ambassador…

Wifey: So all the embarrassment you gave me was for jeans and T-shirt. Chai, I have suffered o!

Tony: Babe just relax. I can fix this. Just let me get home tomorrow. Okay?

Wifey: Be coming, or did I say you should not come? Just stop over your mothers house and pick the children. I’m going for a beauty pageant.

Tony: Babe babe listen. You’re a wife and mother . You can’t go and be exposing your marital body anywhere.

Wifey: Well that’s rich coming from you.

Tony: See I’m still your husband.

Wifey: Define husband.

Tony: Why are you fighting me?

Wifey: You think I have strength to fight? Abeg I dey go sleep.

Tony: Baby let’s sort this out now. I don’t want things to be weird when I get home.

Wifey: Oh things are already weird. Just check Twitter and see what people are saying about you. About us. Some even abuse me for supporting you still.

Tony: Don’t worry all will be well when I get there.

Wifey: Na so.

Tony: Wetin that one come mean now?!

Tony: Babe.

Tony: Are you still there?

Tony: Hi.

Tony: I love you babe.

Tony: I’ll see you soon.

Your number has been blocked by this user.


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Nigerian Airforce Officer Who Shot His Girlfriend Dead Left A Note [READ]

A Nigerian Airforce officer, Lieutenant Kalu, who shot his girlfriend, Solape Oladipupo to death left a note before committing the heinous crime.

The officer, who is reportedly still alive and in police consider is now been interrogated as authorities are still investigating the murder-suicide that occurred on Sunday morning at the Makurdi Airforce Base.

In the note, the killer officer made no apologies for his plans, starting it with a defiant title, ‘My Fucking Note’.

‘It’s a privilege for me writing this note because it would be read by most of men. 

It’s a love story of a guy falling in love with a wrong witch who pretended to be good in my eyes and in the eyes of my loving mother. Am a simple guy who never partake in namevarious (nefarious) activities. Most individuals say I have a future here it is. Am a guy who pull two rounds in a witch and one round to my fucking body.

For it is said he who kill by the sword shall die by it.

Most idiot would insult me, yes! If I were to be in there shoes I would do the same likewise if they were to be in my shoe, they would even pull more than three rounds on the witch.

Call me crazy lover who died for heartbreak.’

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Another Lady Reveals How Apostle Suleman Sexually Assaulted Her In 2013

A staff member of AIT, Honey Phoenix Evarist, has taken to explain how about how a pastor of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) sexually assaulted her in 2013.

Read her story below:

In 2013 my mum told me i needed deliverance because i refused to act like a “christian” she took me to a pastor of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) he said i will do a retreat with him for one month so i went back home to pack my stuff.

This man would always enter my room without knocking. His hands would linger around my breasts when he hugs me…i was uncomfortable but i tried to bring my “mind out of the gutter”. We used to have night prayers and he would prolong the prayers till his heavily pregnant wife got tired and he’l encourage her to go to bed and rest…once she leaves he starts to tell me how much he loves me and how i dont need deliverance because there is nothing wrong with me,and how i am a nice girl who her parents misunderstood.

”I was not all that suprised and i tried to take advantage of the situation. I would miss prayers or evening service because i knew he wont do anything about it. But then his wife started to notice that i had too much freedom.and what surprised me was that he did not seem to care…he would try to kiss me when his wife was just one room away…he would wink at me when her back was turned…he would hold my hand at the back seat of the car when we are returning from night vigil. He was like a love struck teenager.

I began to avoid him and it made him more desperate…one time he asked if i was avoiding him and I made him know i did not like what he was doing and he told me if i want his P.A could arrange for us to have a quiet time somewhere… I had to tell the Assistant pastor all that was going on. I still recall the tears and the look of unbelief on his face that night. The assistant did nothing about it…but advised me to pack my stuff and leave before things get out of hand. But i couldn’t leave because the “retreat” was not over.

”One night at the night vigil at OFM headquarters in Auchi i went to confide in a friend…and my father’s driver overhead everything and he told my dad once we returned to Abuja.

The sad part about it all was that my parents called the pastor and his wife to ask them…instead of me. And they heaped it all on me. They said i have been misbehaving because i am tired of the “retreat” and i sleep during prayers,i dont go to the evening services and i have come up with accusations because i want to go.

The good thing was that i moved back home. Till today i wonder what sort of brains the pastor’s wife had in her head.”

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Apostle Johnson Suleman Bought A Mercedes-Benz 450 GL For Nollywood Actress Daniella Okeke

Johnson Suleman, the controversial Nigerian pastor at the center of an adultery scandal gave a $76,000 brand-new Mercedes-Benz 450 GL to Nollywood star Daniella Okeke in 2016, an official Lagos State website shows.

Ms. Okeke was previously named by Stephanie Otobo, Apostle Suleman’s estranged lover, as being one of the other women in his life.

For her part, the actress in 2016 proudly displayed the Mercedes-Benz SUV GL 450 on her Instagram page in front of a brand-new house where she parked it.

After her name was revealed by Ms. Otobo at a press conference covered extensively by Saharareporters, some Nigerians invaded Ms. Okeke’s Instagram questioning the source of her wealth given that she has not featured in any prominent movies in recent years.

The more inquisitive among them took advantage of a new website for vehicle registration in Lagos State which unveils the ownership of any vehicles by its number due to a bug on the webpage, and discovered that one of Ms. Okeke’s most prized possessions, the posh Mercedes-Benz car, is registered to “Apostle Suleman Johnson.”

This discovery is the second window into the pastor’s private life following the one opened by Ms. Otobo, but he has vigorously denied the amorous relationship she claims to have had with him.

Last week, Ms. Otobo was arrested and detained by Apostle Suleman, who procured some federal police officers to rough up the woman.  She was behind bars for a few nights.

Ms. Otobo had insisted that Apostle Suleman impregnated her following sex romps in Italy, New York and Nigeria.  The pastor denied the allegations and threatened to sue SaharaReporters for reporting the story.

On Thursday, he also threatened Festus Keyamo, whose law office in Lagos is representing Ms. Otobo, demanding an apology and the payment to him of N1bn for blackmail and injury.

In a rebuttal on Friday, the law office denied that Mr. Keyamo, its Head of Chambers, was actively involved in the matter, as he has been in Abuja.  It described the pastor’s allegations of a conspiracy against him as pathetic, ludicrous and a nonsensical smokescreen.

Among others, the chambers revealed that the pastor paid millions into Ms. Otobo’s account and that it has pictures of him exposing his private parts, evidence of which it said would emerge in court.  It also stated that other victims of the pastor have started to come forward to tell their stories, armed with proof.


Vehicle registration data fetched from Lagos State website for Daniella Okeke

Daniella Okeke poses in front of another luxury carDaniella Okeke’s GL 450 parked in front of her new houseDaniella Okeke

Daniella Okeke’s Mercedes Benz GL450

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Aisha Reignites Love With Buhari, Presents Him With Gardenias Flowers

Unknown to many Nigerians,  the First Lady Hajiya Aisha Buhari yesterday presented Gardenias flowers to her hubby,President Muhammadu Buhari to welcome him  back.

The flowers were handed over to the President at the private lounge of their residence at the Presidential Villa by the First Lady who spotted a Navy blue dress which was laced with stones.

Those who witnessed the symbolic ceremony were the wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs.Winifred Oyo-Ita, the Senior Special Assistant to the First Lady, Mrs. Hajo Sani; one of the daughters of the President; and the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, Alh. Abdulazeez Yari, and the wives of some governors.

The President, who was caught unawares by the rare present, was beaming with smiles to the admiration of all.

According to a celebrated florist, Michael  Gaffney, Gardenias is “ loaded with fragrance.”

 He added:  “These elegant flowers signify purity and joy, and connote deep, old-fashioned love.

“The man who buys these likely has a history with the woman he’s buying them for. Because they’re pricey and are sold as single blooms…”

Apart from the flower scene, Hajiya Aisha openly shook hands with the President and hugged him when she sighted her husband.

Many women including the wife of the Vice President and a former Deputy Governor of Plateau State, Paullen Tallen were excited to witness the reunion.

Meanwhile, Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State yesterday described the safe return to Nigeria of President Muhammadu Buhari as the best gift Nigerians have had this year.

He commended Nigerians for the outpouring of love and support they expressed during the President’s medical vacation abroad, and his eventual return.

Masari said: “All praise be to Allah, the Almighty, who has answered our collective prayers by returning  the President back to us hale and hearty to continue leading us in the just, fair and sincere manner that are his trademark over the years.

 “The President’s safe return today is so far the best gift we as Nigerians have so far had this year.”

The governor, who made these observations yesterday in reaction to the return of the President from a 50-day medical trip to the United Kingdom, also lauded Nigerians for their prayers for the health and wellbeing of President Buhari while he was away.

Katsina State had witnessed a series of prayer and fasting sessions organized institutionally and privately,  by both Muslims and Christians for the health of the President and the welfare of the nation.

Masari urged Nigerians to always put their leaders and country in thoughts and prayers, saying that with positive thoughts and prayers, the country would overcome any challenges confronting it.

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Hadiza Bala Usman, Funke Akindele, 32 Others Named 2016 Most Influential Nigerian Young Women

As the world marks International Women’s Day, this also affords us the best opportunity to highlight the works of young Nigerian women who are breaking glass ceilings across all sectors attributing to the success of the Nigerian economy.

The list culled from the 2016 Avance Media Most Influential Young Nigerians, demonstrates 34 phenomenal women have led the fort to create opportunities for others across the world, ranges from women in Business, Entertainment, Social Entreprise, Sports etc.

In a special remark to wish the Most Influential Nigerian Young Women a happy international women’s day, Prince Akpah, MD of Avance Media remarked the amazing works of all young women in Nigeria and admonished those with bigger platforms to help create more opportunities for women who can also rise to influence Nigeria and the world positively.

Below is the ranking of the Most Influential Nigerian Young Women

  1. Funke Akindele
  2. Linda Ikeji
  3. Tara Fela Durutoye
  4. Muna Onuzo
  5. Yasmin Belo-Osagie
  6. Toke Makinwa
  7. Aisha Augie-Kuta
  8. Mofolusade Sonaike
  9. Asisat Oshoala
  10. Blessing Okagbare
  11. Hadiza Bala Usman
  12. Chidiogo Akunyili
  13. Yemi Alade
  14. Uche Pedro
  15. Empress Njamah
  16. Toju Foyeh
  17. Shade Ladipo
  18. Grace Ihejiamaizu
  19. Ebi Atawodi
  20. Toyosi Akerele
  21. Omotola Jalade
  22. Ola Orekunrin
  23. Chioma Agwuegbo
  24. Toolz
  25. Amaka Osakwe
  26. DJ Cuppy
  27. Mercy Johnson
  28. Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi
  29. Nkechikwu Azinge
  30. Stephenie Enaife-cooker
  31. Bukky Karibi-Whyte
  32. Shola Molemodile
  33. Folawe Omikunle
  34. Oluchi Orlandi

Source: Avance Media

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King Sunny Ade Pays “Thank You” Visits To Fashola, Fayemi, Fowler, Others

Following the success of December’s ‘Sunny On Sunday’ Concert, Juju maestro, King Sunny Ade, embarked on a thank you tour to some eminent Nigerians for their various roles culminating in the success of his 70th Birthday Grandstand Concert.

Although it has been several weeks since the event held at Balmoral Marquee, Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, the ‘Sunny On Sunday’ Concert left a huge mark as one of the most talked about events to be witnessed in the country. During the historic event, King Sunday’s Vintage Fender guitar, designed by the artist Victor Ehikhamenor, sold for a record N52.1 million.

During his two-day, thank you tour, the Juju maestro crisscrossed Lagos and Abuja in the company of the Temple Management team, led by CEO/ Founder, Idris Olorunnimbe.

At each of his stops, the juju maestro donated KSA branded materials to his VIP guests which included the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, Minister of Mines and Steel, Kayode Fayemi, the current and previous MD/CEOs of Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe and Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede as well as the Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Tunde Fowler.

Other host on the whistle-stop tour included His Royal Majesty Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi and Victor Ehikhamenor who painted his famous guitar.

The final visit was made to Babatunde Folawiyo, Chairman, Temple Management Company, who revealed that the ‘Sunny on Sunday’ was the product of an 11-year old covenant between he and KSA.

“I have always been a Sunny Ade fan,” Mr. Folawiyo said. “We have the bad habit, as a nation, of celebrating only the dead. It was one of the proudest moments of my life for Temple Management to have the honour to serenade a living icon such as KSA.”

The Founder/CEO, Mr. Olorunnimbe, added that despite time constraints, the Temple Management Company were able to deliver a technically flawless production.

Another major highpoint of King Sunny visit was at the Ministry of Information and Culture where His Excellency, Lai Mohammed, announced that King Sunny Ade would be made one of the ambassadors of the ‘Change begins With Me’ campaign.

Announcing the appointment, he said: “We are looking for people like you (King Sunny Ade) that the younger ones can look up to. It’s not just that you have been around for fifty years but you have been around for fifty years without any single stain on your part and that is very hard.

Alhaji Mohammed eulogized King Sunny Ade for elevating the juju music genre into an international commodity that is now accepted all over the world.

“Most people like you would have had one issue or the other that today their integrity would be at stake. Your integrity is as strong if not stronger than when you started. So it would be a pleasure if you can accept to be our Ambassador of the “Change Begins With Me”.

“I want the younger ones to look at you and see that you can actually get to the top without cutting corners. That is exactly what you have done. You have never cut corners and you have gotten to the top. “

While accepting the offer to serve as an Ambassador of the “Change Begins With Me” Campaign, King Sunny Ade pledged to partner with the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture to move the nation forward.

“You don’t need to say much. This is what I love to do and it has been in me. We are ready to do that officially throughout the whole world,” KSA said.

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN also explained that KSA has a valuable role to play as an ambassador and change agent.

“We are still suffering from regular attacks in the Niger Delta that affect our power generating capacity,” Fashola said. “King Sunny Ade is a national icon and he can help Government communicate our message in a language that everybody can understand.”

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I Endured Abuse, Infidelity, Humiliation In My Marriage – Tonto Dikeh

Fresh from celebrating her son’s first birthday, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, has given her version of what transpired in her broken marriage to Oladunni Churchill.

In a video interview with Azuka Ogujiuba, who conducted a similar question and answer with Tiwa Savage in April 2016, the mother of one accused her husband of domestic abuse, infidelity and humiliation.

Tonto married Churchill in 2015 and was delivered of a son, Andre Omodayo Churchill, in February 2016.

The marriage, which thrived on falsehood and social media validation, was effectively over by the second week of 2017.

While she said the interview was not to discredit the man she now calls “my ex-husband”, the 31-year-old gave graphic details of alleged abuse suffered in the short-lived marriage.

“I stayed back in my marriage, not because of my child,” the professed born again actress said.

“I stayed because I was doing it for myself, because I loved my husband with all of my heart.

“I stayed because he begged me to stay a couple of times.

I stayed because I just didn’t want to give up.

“I didn’t want to give up on the marriage just like that.”

She showed pictures which she claimed were of injuries inflicted on her during domestic abuse.

Not even the tears running down her face and making her mess of her make-up could stop her delivering messages she hopes will make her husband be a better man or teach somebody somewhere a lesson.

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#BBNaija: Kemen Apologises, Asks TBoss For Forgiveness

Ex-Big Brother Naija contestant, Ekemini Ekerette, better known as Kemen, has apologised for sexually harassing fellow housemate TBoss before he was evicted from the show.

Kemen was on Sunday found to have violated TBoss by touching her inappropriately without her consent.

Consequently, he was evicted from the reality show/competition.

His action had elicited furore among Nigerians and widespread condemnation, especially on social media.

The former Big Brother Naija contestant on Wednesday released a statement of apology, seeking forgiveness from TBoss and all women.

“My name is Ekemini Ekerette, popularly known as Kemen (@Kemen_Fitness) one of the Big Brother Naija 2017 Housemate. I am a Fitness Trainer and a Model before joining the Big Brother house,” he said.

“Firstly, I hereby tender my sincere apologies to TBoss and ask for her forgiveness as well as all the women in Africa who perceived my action as violation or a sexual offence… however I have stated the reality of what actually happened in my interview.

“I knew that everybody was playing the game in the house at the same time competing for the prize. I realised that I overplayed my game which brought about my disqualification.

“As you all know, I have my fitness outfit, where I train a lot of people both men and women. There has been no case or report of such acts from me. I regret the turn of play while trying to play and compete for the prize.

“I must emphasise that reality is different from perception however I also use this medium to apologise to all women being the International Women’s Day, and the entire crew of Big Brother Nigeria, including my fans and family.”

Credti: TheCable Lifestyle

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Apostle Suleiman Dumps Pregnant Canadian Lover, Gets Her Detained In Lagos

Apostle Johnson Suleiman, the founder of the Auchi-based Omega Fire Ministries, has been accused of dumping his pregnant lover, whom he promised marriage, and is using the police to silence her. The lover, Miss Stephanie Otobo, is a musician based in Ontario, Canada, who goes by the stage name of Kimora.  Miss Otobo’s attorneys, Festus Keyamo Chambers, in a letter to the Inspector-General of Police, said she was arrested on March 3 at a United Bank of Africa branch by heavily armed policemen from Federal Criminal Investigations Department (FCID), Alagbon, at the Anthony Village area of Lagos. She has since been in detention, where she has been denied food and visitation by her lawyers.

Apostle Suleiman and Miss Otobo, according to her lawyers, met in September 2016, when she visited Nigeria from her base in Canada. They began a relationship, with Apostle Suleiman telling her that he had divorced his wife and wanted more male children. The affair grew stronger. Apostle Suleiman made a marriage proposal to Miss Otobo, which she accepted. This was followed by a formal introduction of Apostle Suleiman to her family. On the occasion, the preacher took along drinks and gifts and informed Miss Otobo’s family in Delta state of his desire to marry their daughter.

With the affair gaining in intensity, Miss Otobo abandoned her blossoming musical career in Canada to move over to Nigeria to the delight of Apostle Suleiman, who promised to buy her a house and provide her the standard of living to which she was used in Canada.

So strong was the relationship that Apostle Suleiman made a habit of licking Miss Otobo’s body from her toes to her private part any time they wanted to make love. Miss Otobo also became a member of the Apostle Suleiman’s church, following him around the world, selecting sermon topics for him and choosing songs for his church services.  Apostle Suleiman also sent Miss Otobo money on a regular basis.

The pastor’s desire to have more male children, according to Miss Otobo’s lawyers, made him demand that his lover should get pregnant. She subsequently got pregnant. But in September 2016, Miss Otobo visited Nigeria and told the preacher that she was pregnant in a hotel she was lodged in Ikeja, Lagos.

The news of the pregnancy angered Apostle Suleiman, who apparently was afraid of the scandal such could bring. He wanted her to have an abortion and proceeded to give her a concoction, which made Miss Otobo bleed profusely and subsequently abandoned her, calling off the marriage proposal. Miss Otobo later went to Warri, where he met another pastor and told him his story. The pastor recorded her story and started using it to extort money from Apostle Suleiman.

After the disagreement over the pregnancy, Miss Otobo returned to Canada. But Apostle Suleiman got in touch with her and apologized for abandoning her. He subsequently started to persuade her to return to Nigeria. Last week, Miss Otobo returned to Nigeria. Apostle Suleiman, working on a scheme to silence her, paid money into her account and then got the account frozen. It was while Miss Otobo was trying to make a withdrawal from her account, having tried unsuccessfully to use an Automated Teller Machine, that she was arrested on the orders of Apostle Suleiman.

According to Miss Otobo, Apostle Suleiman is a spectacularly dissolute man. He once requested her, she said, to bring her friends along for group sex, a request turned down given that there was a plan to get married.
Miss Otobo, through her lawyers, warned Apostle Suleiman that she has their naked pictures together, raunchy text messages, bank statements, and other implicating items.

They lawyers disclosed that Miss Otobo used to send nude pictures to Apostle Suleiman every Sunday, just before he went on the pulpit.

Despite these, Suleiman called off the marriage proposal. However, Miss Otobo is not willing to take it lying down. She is demanding to be paid the sum of N500million as damages for not honoring the promise to marry her. Miss Otobo also wants Apostle Suleiman to stop harassing her and threatening her life. Her lawyers have given the preacher a seven-day ultimatum to meet the demands or get reported to law enforcement agencies for the threat to her life and face trial for breaching the promise to marry her.

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