Jumia Travel Lists Five Indicators of Tourism’s Potential in Africa

Have you taken a tour round its major African cities? You can definitely tell why Africa is home to lots of beautiful and amazing tourist destinations. Indeed, the future of Africa’s economy is dependent on how the potential of tourism is properly harnessed.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 5 interesting indicators of tourism becoming the biggest contributor to Africa’s tourism.

Diversity of landscapes and cultural richness

The continent is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world, if not the most beautiful. There are too many amazing destinations to visit in Africa. Some examples of the beautiful destinations include:Tsavo National Park in Kenya; Semien Mountains National Park in Ethiopia; Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; Olumo & Zuma Rock in Nigeria; Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe; Kasubi Tombs in Uganda; Cape Coast Castle in Ghana; Krugar National Park in South Africa; Pyramids of Giza in Egypt; and Lago Rosa in Senegal. If you want to truly discover Africa, schedule a vacation to visit any of these destinations. Remember to book your flight & hotel accommodation on Jumia Travel.

Young and urban population…part of the growing middle class

The youth are the future of any nation’s economy. Surprisingly, the African youths are now part of the growing middle class. Traveling, to an extent, can be expensive. Only those with the required purchasing power can conveniently travel. According to the recently released hospitality report on Africa, the growing middle class, comprising majorly of youth, are found to travel more to these destinations in 2016. Since the future of the African economies lies with the youth, tourism is bound to thrive largely.

Growing uptake of e-commerce, enabling rise of tech startups

The rise of e-commerce companies in Africa has propelled more and more tech startups in the continent. As e-commerce continues to experience a gradual boom, additional employments will be created; more people will have the means to travel and explore these beautiful destinations.

Infrastructure improvements (roads, airports, dams)

As much as there’s a deficit of infrastructure development in Africa, there’s still hope after all. Government institutions in each country are now making frantic efforts to provide the enabling environment for tourism to thrive, such as provision of good roads; building world-class airports (and rehabilitating old ones); ensuring 24/7 power supply; and many more. These improvements will ease the stress of traveling to or within the continent.

Increasing interest for the continent (airlines, international hotel chains, event organization)

Africa is like a beautiful woman with many attractive features. The future of the world’s economy is in Africa – the 2nd largest continent in the world. Realizing this fact, organisations are rising up to invest in the continent, considering how much potential it has. More and more airlines are being introduced almost every year; international hotel chains are expanding into Africa; event organisations and many couldn’t help but come to Africa to tap into the resources of the continent.

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Lagos At 50: Origin Of The Word, Ikeja By Tanimola Anjorin

There are five (5) divisions in Lagos State namely: Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos and Epe (“IBILE”)with Ikeja as the state capital. In recent times, “Ikeja” has been attributed to the abbreviation of Ikorodu and Epe Joint Administration,allegedly coined by colonial administrators for ease of administration. This is a distortion of history because the town Ikeja has been in existence before the coming of the colonial administrators. This clarification is in the spirit of the Golden Jubilee of Lagos State celebration.

From the various status of Lagos as a colony, a federal territory, a capital, and finally attaining independent statehood on May 27, 1967, Ikeja was always in existence although it was a part of the western region. On May 31, 1967, Lt. Colonel Mobolaji Johnson was sworn in as the first military governor of Lagos State.

Prior to this appointment, Johnson, a Lagosian had been appointed by Major General Aguiyi Ironsi to administer the affairs of old Lagos which was then a federal territory (constituting Eko, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island stretching across the lagoon, terminating somewhere at Fadeyi on the Mainland). The current celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Lagos State is limited to the creation of Lagos State as an administrative unit. Upon the creation of Lagos State in 1967, Ikeja was made the state capital of Lagos State.

The name “Lagos”was given to the settlement by the Portuguese but Ikeja is an indigenous word traceable to a deity of the Awori stock in Ota. Amore was the first settler in what is today known as Ikeja. He had emigrated from Ota in search of a suitable farmland and this search led him to a virgin land now known as Ikeja.

While Amore was at Ota, he sojourned at Iga Oniyanru (“Oniyanru Compound”) where a deity called Akeja was worshipped by the inhabitants. Due to the hospitality Amore received while he was at Oniyanru Compound, Amore named his new farm settlement after the deity, Akejawhich is being worshipped by the Iyanru people in Ota. The name was distorted over time to assume the current name Ikeja. The Oniyanru Compound and the deity, Akeja are still present in Ota, Ogun State.

The sequence of past events needs to be properly documented to preserve our cultural heritage, particularly events which are as important as the origin of the the capital of Lagos State. This is with a view to avoiding improvised narratives suggesting that the name is of a colonial birth. It must be emphasized that Ikeja is not a creation of the colonial masters but an ancient city which predates the colonial era.

Tanimola Anjorin is an Historian and a Lagos-based Legal Practitioner.

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Boy Who Went Viral For Singing ‘IF’ Gets Educational Scholarship From Davido

A five-year-old boy has benefitted from Davido’s magnanimous inclination after going viral for singing ‘IF’, a hit song by the Afropop star.

The singer has supported the family of the boy, who’s known as Utibe, with financial assistance.

An Instagram user with the username ‘Sham Rock’ had a few days ago shared a video of the boy singing: “N30 million for my account oooh”.

According to Sham Rock, he took the video at a time when Utibe should have been in school.

Accompanying the video was a caption that read: “I went for presentation at q. I. C central school ibeno, after I parked my car I over a head a loud sound coming from d corner when I looked I saw this 5years old boy singing 30million for my account, by davido, I called him and asked him what class he is, he said he has not started school, he just came to see the sister in school, he was not even wearing a slippers, with this dirty jeans shirt, I had to trace him to the sister who said the mum is sick, n d that she stays with the aunty who manage to send her to school, d boy was even bold enough to sing the song for me to video him.

“I wish I can do more for this boy,” Sham Rock added

Empathising the boy’s plight, Davido wrote: “OBO GOT YOU FOR LIFE KID!!! NOTHING MAKES ME MORE THAT U FINALLY GET TO START SCHOOL!! 30 billion for ur account oooo!!!! ? WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS!!”


Sham Rock also confirmed that the singer has assisted the boy and his family.

“Davido just showed utibe love, and he promises to handle his accommodation,” he wrote.


Davido has over time paid the tuition of several persons who sought assistance on social media.


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Eight Governors, Ministers Storm Lawal Daura’s Daughter Wedding

The governors of Imo, Gombe, Kebbi, Zamfara, Katsina, Kano, Edo and Kogi states ministers, members of the national assembly and service chiefs on Friday attended the wedding fatiha of the daughter of the Director General, State Security Service, Lawal Daura.

The ministers who graced the occasion include the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau; Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi and Solid Mineral, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, among others.

Marliya Lawal Daura was married off to one Zaharadden after the payment of N50,000 dowry at the Low-Cost Housing  Jumaat mosque in the town.

In his remark, the Chief Imam of the mosque, Abdulkadir Ibrahim, prayed for marital bliss of the couple and the nation.

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Understanding The Need For Sex Education By STER Initiative

Sex education is coaching on matters generally relating to human sexuality. These issues include emotional relations/responsibilities, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity, sexual abuse and violence, sexual/reproductive health, consent, sexual/reproductive rights, safe sex, birth control and sexual abstinence.

The topic of sex education is a sensitive one globally, especially the aspect that relates to sexual abuse and violence. This is because sexual violence has a range of complex effects on the victims and the society. With the rising rate of sexual violence around the world, most researchers have focused on the causes of sexual violence and not often how to address the problem. This is a major problem faced many large societies including the Nigerian society. The United Nations in 2016 reported that 46% of women in Nigeria between the ages of 12-50 have been in some way sexually abused. This figure is a subtle cry for help; we need to face the harsh reality as a society and admit that our inability to talk about issues pertaining to sexual violence is part of what has led us here.

Recently, STER (Stand to end rape) Initiative posed a question on social media via twitter, asking its followers a how they learnt about sex and who gave them sexual responses. 90% of the respondentsadmitted learning about sex “R” rated movies while others disclosed that they learnt from watching older people have sex. Now, it is very confusing for a child whose emotions are ragging to fully understand what sexuality and its different components are. This is why he/she needs to be taught about it by older and well-grounded people and not through movies. This is where sex education comes in.

During puberty, a child begins to experience changes in their body, changes they may not fully understand. This is coupled with different emotions they may not be able to comprehend. As humans, when confused about things, being able to ask questions help us get by. That is why sex education is important. It is imperative that these children know who to pose their questions to and get quality replies. This may be an uncomfortable topic to have with your child; however, it is important to speak to them about sex and what it entails so that they don’t go outside to learn harmful or incorrect things about sex and the change their body is undergoing.

One of the major issues that surround sex and all it’s components is the harsh reality of contacting diseases. With sex education, children can be taught different means (abstinence, condoms etc) to remain healthy. There are some Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infractions (STIs) that must be taught to these children so that they know how to avoid them, stay safe and healthy.

Sex education also helps children explain and control their emotions. It is through Sex Education that the subject of consent is being taught. Last week, many stories on sexual violence filled the Internetand from the stories you could sense that the perpetrators of these crimes did what they did because no one has told them otherwise. They all felt entitled to the bodies of their victims because they were never educated on the negative effects of sexual abuse on victims. Now when children start having these feeling, some societies tag them as wrong but this is also false. With sex education, they would get to understand that what they feel is totally normal and should not be perceived as a wayward feeling. They’d also be informed on how to deal with these sexual urges and the importance of consent if they eventually feel the need for sex.

Another major truth we have to understand is that if we don’t form a system and a good curriculum to teach children about sex, they will find a way to learn about it on their own. The age of curiosity would set in and any piece of information they get would be considered as reliable and expedient. Some schools already adopt sex education across Nigeria and teach in classrooms. However, they are still prohibited to saying some few words, such as sex, condoms and abortion. We must come to realise that the technological advancement of the world has made it so easy for any child to dig a source on the Internet that may provide dangerous or inaccurate information. This is something we should avoid. Being self-taught on sex can lead to various misunderstandings later in life and can land a child in trouble.

If at this day and age we have people coming out to say “Oh I did not realize it was bad to sexually assault” or “I’m not sure how to control my urges”  then we have failed as a society to help educate our children on what is wrong and what is right. This is something that we have in the power of our hands to change. Let us leave the mentality of sex education being a mean of corrupting innocence to a place where we see its importance and ability to save future generations from diseases and wrong choices.

Sex educations exist for the sole purpose of educating and steering people from alternate life choice. That’s is why STERis calling for an intervention in our society. We need parents giving their children proper coaching on sex. We also need the Ministry of Education to understand the importance of sex education, how it can go a long way in saving lives and reducing sexual violence in Nigeria, train special personnels’ on guidance and counseling and impose it on every school’s curriculum.

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I Am A Card-Carrying Member Of APC Says Fuji Musician, K1 The Ultimate

Nigerian most respected Fuji musicians, K1 the Ultimate, has disclosed his stand on politics, saying “I’m in politics already but I have never sought for elective office. I believe that everybody is a politician; as long as you interact with people. I am a card-carrying member of APC.”

He said this while shedding light on rumour hitting the cyberspace that he is switching to hip hop music.

According to him: “I’m not tilting towards hip hop but presenting Nigerian entertainment the way it should be. Collaborations are a vital part of keeping abreast of happenings from one generation to the other. For instance, I worked with Olamide so we could have a fusion of sounds.”

Shedding light on how he takes care of his voice, he said, “I treat my voice by resting a lot and not overloading it. This is what I have been doing for the past 40 years. I don’t damage my voice by using some substances just because other people are using them. Whenever you are tired, everything about you, including your voice, goes to sleep. You have to rest because even if you use drugs, you would still need to rest and it may have already caused damages. That is nature and you cannot do anything about it. Everybody must have plans for their lives.

As for me, I work hard and when I’m not working, I’m at home. I’m a family man. I usually go on vacation every year and I do that during  Ramadan, so I can recharge myself physically and mentally. Fuji music is not for trouble makers. All genres of music have fans that fight whenever they are excited. It is something that happens in a lot of places and not just in Fuji music.”

The performer also said he has perpetual thirst for knowledge. “One of the greatest things anyone can do for him/herself is to be trained to be able to overcome challenges. I learn from people around me every day and I read a lot,” he said.


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I Only Pierced My Balls And Didn’t Tattoo It Says Charly Boy

Nigerian entertainer and social activist, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy, has said that he did not tattoo his genitalia.

In his words: “News of people committing suicide is what people should focus on not what I do with my body. I just tattooed the names of all my children on my left arm. I did not do that on my balls. If I tattoo my genitals, who would see it? I only pierced it. It is not everything that is online that one should believe.”

On what he invests his time in now, he said, “I am a volunteer in the Mumu Don Do movement and that takes a lot of my time. We are doing a lot of sensitisation right now and trying to have more allies. It is not a political movement, it is just to jar youths out of their docility to begin to show their frustration with the status quo. If young people don’t come together, it means we would be in the same situation in 2019. It is important to always speak up against what you’re not comfortable with.”


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10m Nigerians Suffer From Asthma, Says Expert

Prof. Gregory Erhabor, Consultant Pulmonologist, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, Osun on Sunday said more than 10 million Nigerians were suffering from asthma.

Erhabor, who is also the Managing Director, Asthma and Chest Care Foundation, Ile-Ife, gave the figure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

The expert, who also disclosed that 500,000 patients died annually, globally, due to the disease, said that Nigeria had not done much in the area of research.

“In the area of research, we are still not where we should be, but notwithstanding, we are able to understand the cause of asthma and how to control it.

“One of the challenges is that, many people do not know how to prevent the ailment.
“That is why the foundation is trying to make the awareness for patients to know the symptoms of the disease and study them.

“The Asthma and Chest Care Foundation gives out free drugs to asthma patients so that could be able to know how to control the ailment.

“We are being funded by ourselves and few other donours, government agencies should also come to our aid because we cannot do it all alone,” he said

The professor urged the Federal Government to give asthma treatment the much needed attention.

He called on the government to train more doctors and nurses and other health care practitioners on the management of asthma.

The medical practitioner also called on the government at all levels to subsidise the high cost of drug for the treatment of patients.

“Some of these drugs are not affordable and quite a number of them are not available in the country.

“We want a situation in which the government will bring the drugs down to the level of common asthmatic patients.


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In Cross River, Couple Sells Daughter For N400,000

A couple, George-Sunday Udoh and Victoria George-Sunday, have been arrested by the Cross River State Police Command for allegedly putting up their six-year-old daughter, Favour Udoh, for sale at the cost of N400,000.

Southern City News learnt that the couple decided to sell the child in order to raise money to rent their own apartment in Ikom, headquarters of Ikom Local Government Area of the state.

Parading the couple alongside 28 other suspected criminals to journalists in Calabar, the state Commissioner of Police, Mr Hafiz Inuwa, said that the couple was arrested in Ikom on April 26 following a tip-off.

A top police source said the couple had confessed to the crime, adding that the deal was foiled by a decoy policeman.

He said, “From their confession, the wife had given birth to Favour for another man before getting married to Udoh. But the couple took her as their daughter. They have two other children together. They have been living with the man’s sister but they are not comfortable in the house because of insults.

“So, they agreed as couple to sell the girl and use the money to get accommodation. They actually placed her for sale at N1.5m. A police went to pose as the buyer and they agreed for N400, 000. They were even telling the decoy policeman that the girl was old enough to do house chores.”

The commissioner of police, however, said that the couple sold the child out of poverty.

Inuwa added that they were in need of money to pay their house rent and possibly open up a small provision shop.

He said, “On April 26 2017, following a tip-off, our men arrested a couple, George-Sunday Udoh and his wife Victoria George-Sunday for allegedly selling their daughter at the cost of N400,000.

“The suspects were arrested by our operatives attached to the Ikom division. The case has been transferred to State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department here in Calabar and investigation is ongoing,” he said.

But, the father of the child, Udoh, in an interview with PUNCH Metro, denied the allegation.

While admitting that the girl was the daughter of his wife that had lived with them for over five years, Udoh said they never contemplated selling the child.

He said, “It is true that we don’t have money and things are very hard with me and my wife, but we did not sell our baby for N400, 000. We never thought of that kind of thing for her,” he said.

Mother of the girl, who was looking downcast, refused to comment on the matter.

She simply said, “I do not know what they are talking about.”

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Oro Festival vs Lagos @50: a Lugubrious Show of Absurdity By Yusuf Jimoh

Just few days, I wrote to applaud the ingenuity of the Lagos State Governor in ameliorating the  conditions of Lagosians, I had thought it would take a while before the dark side of this government would hover on our peaceful consciousness.

But Alas, the emergence of the notorious Oro Festival, usually held twice within a month in Ikorodu town is indeed a big dent and constitute a worrisome development.

The “Oro” rituals in Ikorodu has violated and still continuously violates the freedom of women. This is not only immoral to any rectitude Lagos state ever claims to project, it also constitutes a big devastation to any respect the Center of Excellence may claim to have for women’s rights.

No doubt, Lagos State has come of age as it celebrates 50 but the horrendous violation of fundamental human rights of women, conspicuously happening under the ‘scrupulous’ watch and criminal silence of the State government is a huge ‘massacre’, a strong retrogressive wheel driving the Commercial Hub of West Africa into pre-colonial era!

The other day, Lagos state was quick to claim media attention by outrightly kicking against the action of a ‘club-guy’ parading women on chains like dogs on Lagos streets. In fact, one of the news agencies wrote that the governor ordered the guy’s arrest.

While the government said it did so to continue to protect women’s rights, it beats the imagination of every sane citizen that the same proactive government, headed by Wonder Boy – Akinwunmi Ambode has continuously kept mute on the atrocities the Ikorodu ritual vampires are unleashing on the liberty of innocent women. This is a feat Ogun State has achieved few years ago under Governor Ibikunle Amosun.

Governor Ambode’s progress in Lagos has been characterised with very distinctive successes. I have always applauded it. But what is the essence of a good governance that violates basic human rights and universally granted freedom? Does Lagos subscribe to selective judgment on violators of peace and freedom of people?

Or why, in a civilised and sane society will women be locked away from the outside world – from Friday evening only to be released on Sunday morning. Why will they be locked in from Wednesday evening only to be released on Friday morning. Why will businesses and essential services (banks, hospitals, markets, supermarkets, farms etc) be shut for about 36 hours just because some miscreants wants to bath naked, walk naked and cane themselves naked in the public, but without the presence of women.

The Oro ritualists’ violation of the freedom of our women in Ikorodu is as worse as Boko Haram’s many violations on our women in the Northern part of the country.

Ikorodu indigenes are part of the most civilised Nigerians. Aside the Isale Ekos and the Epetedos, the Ikorodus arguably wield the most influence in Lagos State. They are the most traveled Nigerians, constituting the largest black population in the UK and many other European countries. But how this exposure has not imparted on their dark age adherence to Oro festivities remains puzzling to many men and women of civility and sanity.

This is perhaps the best and most opportune time for the legal luminaries and right activities to prove their mettle.

Unfortunately, it seems Lagos State is watching gleefully with what can best be described as Criminal Silence. Isn’t this a  shame @50?

Yusuf Jimoh Aweda is the Director of Centre of Human Rectitude and member of TRNG Writers Club.

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Lessons from @TheWillieXO : Being More Than Just Another Music Act

Willie XO is not your everyday music artist, he is refreshingly different. You wouldn’t be mistaking if you confused the giant hunk Willie X.O for the latest boxing sensation, Anthony Joshua. His difference though is not just about the looks. The 6ft 6 giant was introduced to the scene by veteran Nigerian hip-hop recording artist, CEO of the talent managing outfit known as ‘The Goretti Company’ responsible for launching the careers of Phyno and Chidinma among others.

Willie X.O is understood to have received major financial backing from a Dutch company who heard his music and fell head over heels. He has been in Nigeria for some weeks working with hit makers like Kris beats, Del’B, Suspect etc. After snooping around, we have managed to receive samples of his music and we must say his husky voice sounds so fresh and unique from what is currently on offer.

Upon arriving Nigeria, Willie X.O. has been visiting the poor in various hoods and is said to have given away millions. He said on a video posted on Instagram. It was nothing but love as seen on his Instagram page @theWillie.XO . He has since asked for suggestions on underserved communities to visit next. He has also vowed to pay tuition fees for five university students.

Visit his Instagram @theWillie.XO if you are an A student. Meet the hunk who has been visiting deprived areas in Lagos sharing money to the poor. According to Willie X.O., he made a pact with himself that whenever he makes it, he will always help the poor, give back to the community and he’s definitely fulfilling that very promise.

Do you like his generous deeds, drop him a support message on Instagram @theWillie.XO . This is quite inspiring and a kind of fresh air from an industry that seems to only know to take from the fans. Here is to more like this gentleman. 

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Court Sends Mercy Aigbe’s Husband To Kirikiri For Wife Battery

Lanre Gentry, the husband of Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, has been remanded in Ikoyi Prison for alleged wife battering.

Yewande Aje-Afunwa, presiding on Tuesday at Ogba chief magistrate’s court in Lagos, ordered Gentry to remain in prison custody until his bail is perfected.

Gentry 52, was granted bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in the like sum. The sureties must show proof of tax payment and own houses in Lagos with title documents.

The police charged Gentry with three counts of breach of public peace, assault and causing grievous bodily harm on his wife. He pleaded not guilty.

Police prosecutor, N. Peter, told the court that Gentry on April 17, conducted himself in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace by constituting nuisance and behaving in a disorderly manner in a public place.

Peter further said Gentry unlawfully assaulted his wife by beating her with physical blows all over her body.

Gentry was further alleged to have caused Mercy Aigbe grievous bodily harm after giving her a blow on the nose, with blood gushing out.

Peter said the offence committed by Gentry was contrary to and punishable under sections 157 (f), 168 (a) and 171 of the Criminal Law No II, Vol. 44 Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.

The case has been adjourned till May 12 for trial.

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