No Muslim Should Be US President – Ben Carson

Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson said Sunday no Muslim should be president of the United States, adding a new twist to a controversy roiling the party’s White House nominating race.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Carson, a retired brain surgeon who often refers to his own deep Christian faith, was asked whether a president’s religion should matter.

Asked whether he believes Islam is consistent with the US constitution, he responded: “No, I don’t. I do not.”“I guess it depends on what that faith is. If it’s inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter. But if it fits within the realm of America and consistent with the constitution, no problem,” he said.

“I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that,” he added

The issue abruptly surfaced in recent days when Republican frontrunner Donald Trump let pass unchallenged a questioner’s assertion that US President Barack Obama was a Muslim.

Trump later said he was not “morally obligated” to defend Obama against the man’s unfounded claim, but his handling of the incident drew fire from Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, the White House and some Republican rivals of the billionaire real estate mogul.

Carson, who slipped to third among Republican presidential contenders in opinion polls Sunday after running second to Trump for weeks, said he believed Obama was born in the United States and is a Christian.

His remarks predictably sparked ire from Democrats.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a presidential hopeful, said on the campaign trail in New Hampshire that he was “disappointed” in Carson, who is black.

“It took us too long to overcome the prejudice against electing a Catholic or an African-American president. People should be elected to office based on their ideas, not their religion or the color of their skin,” Sanders said.

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a congresswoman from Florida, said it was “hard to understand what’s so difficult about supporting an American citizen’s right to run for president.”

“Of course a Muslim, or any other American citizen, can run for president, end of story. To think otherwise is not only harmful to our political process, but it elevates and validates discrimination in this country,” she said, calling for an apology.

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Mecca Crane Collapse: Saudi To Give Families Of Dead Pilgrims N70m Each

Families of the six Nigerian pilgrims who died in the last Friday’s crane collapse in Saudi Arabia’s grand Mosque will get N70 million each.

They will also be entitled to two Hajj slots each next year to be fully paid for by the Saudi government.

The custodian of the two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Tuesday ordered that top officials of the Saudi Binladin Group be banned from traveling outside the kingdom after the probe of the incident partially blamed the construction company for the crane crash.

The Saudi authority announced that families of each of the 111 people who died in the accident will be paid a compensation of  one million Saudi Riyals.

One Saudi Riyal is the equivalent to N70.

Saudi local newspaper, Arab News, reported that ‘King Salman ordered the payment of the following to the families of the victims: SR1,000,000 to the family of each person killed in this accident; SR1,000,000 to each injured whose injury resulted in permanent disability; SR500,000 to each of the other injured.”

According to the report, such payment would not deprive the families of the deceased and the injured from claiming for private right before the competent judicial authorities.

“The king also issued directives to host two family members of the deceased as the king’s guests to perform Hajj next year.

“The injured who cannot perform Hajj this year can perform it next year as the king’s guests. The families of the injured who stay in hospitals for treatment shall be granted visiting visas to take care of the injured during the remaining period of Hajj and return to their country,” the royal court said.

A royal court announcement published by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said the king is reviewing the report of the Accident Investigation Committee, which suggested negligence on the part of the Saudi Binladin Group, but concluded that it found an “absence of criminal suspicion.”

The report said “the main reason for the accident is the strong winds while the crane was in a wrong position.”

Apart from the 111 people who were killed, 331 others were injured when the giant crane being used in the expansion project at the Grand Mosque toppled and crashed into a portion of the mataf (circumambulation area) around the holy Ka’aba on Sept. 11.

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French Economist Writes Open Letter To Buhari, Warns Him Against Trusting Hollande

Tiécoro Diakite, the French economist of Malian origin, has published an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, warning the Nigerian president about the real goals and objectives of France in Africa.

According to Diakite, those goals are far from what is declared officially by the French President Francois Hollande.

Diakite, who is a PhD in Development Economics, warns that France’s foreign policy in the Francophone Africa remains neo-colonialist and greedy. Diakite also accused the French leader of hypocrisy and backing wicked deeds of corrupt African leaders. He also warned Buhari that when France says about their support in war against Boko Haram it can mean exactly the opposite.

Read Tiécoro Diakite’s letter translated from French in full.

Dear Mr. President!

The majority of Africans greeted your election to the Supreme post of Nigeria. The Federation of Nigeria, the largest truly independent African country is the matter of pride and dignity of African people. Your predecessor had relegated Nigeria to the level of Francophone African countries under neo-colonialist French rule with such domination tools as the French army and the CFA franc [currency used in Africa guaranteed by the French treasury].

After more than fifty years of formal independence, Francophone Africa remained under French rule. Except for the reigns of [Guinean] President Sekou Toure, [Malian president] Modibo Keita and [the president of Burkina Faso]Thomas Sankar, Francophone Africa has seen only “virtual independence.”

The Federation of Nigeria which fought to preserve its territorial integrity and its position vis-à-vis sovereignty of the colonial powers, must avoid any allegiance to France, which has tried once to destroy its unity by supporting the secession of Biafra. Nigerians should bear in mind the detrimental policy that France pursues in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

In the war against Boko Haram, France is positioned as saviour of Nigeria and its neighbours by inviting you and its neo-colonialist lackeys to the meeting in Paris. Why in Paris? Why not in Africa? France despises the African people and supports the corrupt presidents and stateless persons. Its military intervention in Mali which France seems to be proud of, has served and serves only its neo-colonial interests (uranium in Niger, protecting French nationals).

Accordingly, you should not be fooled, when France manifests its concern in the fight against Boko Haram.

The French intervention in Mali is becoming a nightmare for the country. Given the actions of France in this political and military crisis [in Mali], peace is not forthcoming in this country.

France’s intervention in the Nigerian will bring nothing positive in that country, on the contrary, it will only serve to stir up hatred between ethnic groups in Nigeria. Divide and conquer has always been the policy of France in Africa.

France has not enough military power to be able to provide the sustainable resolution of the armed conflict.

The only thing France is good at is adding fuel to the fire as seen in Syria and as we have seen in the Western-Iranian negotiations. The Nigerian and African people ask you not to get involved in the French political game that will only tarnish your presidential image and the patriotic feelings which the Nigerian people credited to you.

Yours sincerely,

Tiécoro Diakite

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Mugabe Delivers Wrong Speech In Zimbabwe Parliament, Opposition Calls It ‘Historic’ Blunder

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has delivered the wrong speech at the opening of a new session of parliament, repeating an address he gave to the legislature last month.

The 91-year-old leader read the 25-minute-long speech through to the end on Tuesday, apparently unaware that he was delivering the same text he presented during his state of the nation address last month.

“There has been a mix-up of speeches resulting in a situation where… the president delivered the wrong speech,” said presidential spokesman George Charamba.

“The mix-up happened in his secretarial office,” Charamba was quoted as saying in the state-owned Herald newspaper’s online edition.

“The error is sincerely regretted and corrective measures are being considered.”

Mugabe, Africa’s oldest leader, earlier this year fell down the steps leading from a podium. He was unhurt, but video of the fall went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, the country’s  main opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which is critical of Robert Mugabe’s long rule, said the parliamentary blunder committed by Mugabe called into question his fitness to hold office.

“This is a historic blunder. Anyone who is still of a sound mind would have quickly picked it up that the speech was the wrong one,” MDC spokesman Obert Gutu told Reuters.

“But it dovetails with what we in the MDC have been saying that Robert Mugabe is no longer fit for purpose. He should resign,” Gutu said.

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87 Killed, Over 180 Injured As Crane Collapses In Mecca Mosque

At least 87 people were killed and as many as 184 more were injured when a crane collapsed at the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca on Friday, the Saudi Arabian government has said.

Al-Arabiya television earlier said the crane had fallen because of strong storms. Western Saudi Arabia has been hit by strong sand storms in the past few days.

According to a report on Al-Jazeera television, the crane fell on the east side of the mosque after a sandstorm and heavy rain. It said that the building’s doors were shut and people were locked inside. Its reporter said there was “slight pandemonium” and that one person was killed in the rush to get out.

The reporter said:“Dozens of ambulances are heading to the site. The authorities closed off the area shortly afterwards. This whole place is already a construction site. What made it worse is that around 5.30pm there was severe rain and it’s just gushing down the road. I am surrounded by people who are grieving. The mood here is of sadness.”

The country’s civil defence authority said on its Twitter account that rescue teams had been sent to the scene. The tweet said that the authority’s director general Suleiman al-Amr attended.

The Grand Mosque, which houses the Kaaba, the cube-shaped structure towards which Muslims worldwide pray, has been surrounded by a number of cranes. Reconstruction work has been going on to enlarge the mosque by 400,000 sq m (4.3 m sq ft), allowing it to accommodate up to 2.2 million people.

The work has continued for the past two years and was expected to be largely completed before this year’s pilgrimage, which begins on 22 September.

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Egyptian President Fatah Al-Sisi nominated For 2015 Nobel Peace Prize

The United Nations Organization for Arts (UNARTS) office in the Middle East has nominated Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize “for his efforts in spreading peace, saving Egyptians from imminent danger in June 30.”

In a Sunday statement, the UNARTS office for Africa Middle East said the nomination comes as “President Sisi has been battling terrorism and combating the threat of violence in the region by changing the ideology of extremists and uprooting every idea leads to sectarian strife.”

The nomination was submitted to the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize committee in Stockholm, UNARTS head office in New York and other UNARTS’s regional offices across the globe, Director of the UNARTS in Africa and Middle East Nabil Rizk was quoted by Youm7 Wednesday.

“Based on his insight on best ways to fight terrorism globally, his concern for humanitarian issues including supporting people of special needs and fighting corruption, President Sisi is a well-deserved nominee for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize,” said the statement.

So far, the Nobel Committee has received 276 candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015. 49 of these are organizations, and 227 are persons.

Since he assumed power in June 2014, Sisi has been repeatedly calling for a “religious revolution” against extremism and terrorism.

Egypt’s former President Anwar al-Sadat and Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin were awarded the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize shortly after signing the Camp David peace treaty in September 1978.

Cairo post

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Ghana Suspends 22 Judges Caught On Video Receiving Bribe

Ghanaian authorities on Wednesday suspended 22 junior judges accused of bribery after they were captured on video, the Judicial secretary said in a statement.
The Judicial Council is also probing the conduct of 12 high court judges and several other court officials, who had been mentioned in the video, which was recorded by undercover agents, the Judicial Secretary said in a statement.
An investigative journalist with the newspaper Crusading Guide released the video last week and petitioned President John Mahama and Chief Justice Georgina Wood to remove the judges from office.

Following the expose, the Judicial Council held an emergency meeting and recommended the suspension of the 22 junior judges as part of the investigation process after taking initial responses from them, the statement said.

“The Council fully reckons that the perception, or actuality of corruption in the Judiciary undermines confidence in the institution and cannot be tolerated to continue in any shape, or form, hence the need to act with utmost dispatch,” it said.
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Chad Sentences 10 Boko Haram Members to Death

Chad has sentenced 10 members of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram to death on terror charges, after a three-day trial in the capital N’Djamena.

The 10 were convicted over their roles in twin attacks on the capital in June, which killed at least 38.

The attacks were the first by the Nigerian-based group in Chad, which hosts the headquarters of a regional force set up to fight the militants.

Worthy of note is that Nigeria which is worst hit by the Boko Haram insurgency has yet to sentence any member of the sect to death despite numerous arrest made by security agencies.

In July, Chad reintroduced the death penalty for acts of terror.

Read full on BBC

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Two TV Journalists Killed During Live Show In USA

Two television journalists were shot and killed in Virginia on Wednesday morning while conducting a live television interview, their station, WDBJ7 said.

The incident occurred during a live broadcast in Bedford County, when shots could be heard, sending the reporter and her source screaming and ducking for cover.

During the live broadcast, shots and the reporter’s screams could be heard, and the camera fell to the ground.

The station said that journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward died in the incident.

Media reports said Parker and Ward were filming a feature segment for the morning news programme at Bridgewater Plaza, a shopping and recreation plaza.

“We do not know the motive, we do not know who the killer is,” Jeff Marks, the station’s General Manager, said on air.

A certain former station employee, Vester Lee Flanagan II aka Bryce Williams who was the suspected terrorist, shot himself after police pursued him.

He was reported fired by the station after being taken to the HR by the cameraman. He was envious of the reporter Alison Parker who also just got promoted.

Vester Lee Flanagan II is in critical condition but aliv


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Donald Trump Slams Obama For Allowing ISIS Get 2300 Armored Humvees Via Iraq

US republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump in a latest campaign speech at Iowa blasted the Obama-led US government for ISIS successfully acquiring 2300 US built armored Humvees from Iraq mid last year when Mosul fell.

Trump accusing US policies in choosing friends and allies who it supports, defends and sells arms to, ridiculed the Obama and Bush governments for their actions in Iraq and the benefits they gave such an “ally” that would loose 2,300 sophisticated Humvees to ISIS which potentially built ISIS into the brutal force and global menace it is today.

Observers wondered why the US allowed ISIS to capture the vehicles it knew were located in Mosul and did not immediately scramble jets to destroy them.

The United States had recently refused to sell ammunition to Nigeria–being devastated by Boko Haram an ISIS partner–claiming the Leahy law prohibited such arms transfer, however the more reckless Iraq which could loose 2300 Humvees to ISIS brings US’ reference to the Leahy law in denial of Nigeria into question.

In spite of Iraq literally gifting these billion dollar worth of vehicles and ammunition to ISIS, by December last year US Congress approved a plan to replenish equipment the Iraqis had lost, including 175 tanks, worth $12.5 billion, 1000 new Humvees, machine guns, and grenade launchers. The US is not only still selling arms and military vehicles to Iraq, it is actually supplying them these which will potentially be transferred to ISIS with US taxpayers money.

Donald Trump who has revolutionized political campaigning with his blunt remarks and analysis, promises to lead the United States on a new path of honesty, decency and meaningful self preservation and “make America great again.”

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Foreign And Commonwealth Office Pledges UK Support For President Muhammadu Buhari

The British Foreign Office has pledged support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s war against corruption.

In a letter addressed to the Press Secretary of the All Progressives Congress UK (APC UK), the Foreign Office’s Magdalena Williams noted that “it is an important time in Nigeria,” adding that the Prime Minister, David Cameron stands “ready to support President Buhari and his new Government on his clearly stated priorities” – one of which is to tackle corruption.

The UK Government stated that it was looking “forward to working with President Buhari, “in the fight against the terrorist group, Boko Haram which has killed many and left millions displaced in the North East.

It expressed new hope of building an “excellent platform for a new beginning to a long-standing partnership and reiterated that effort would be made to help Nigeria’s Commander in Chief in “stabilising the economy in the face of low oil prices.”

The Foreign Office’s support for the leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC)

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Hamas Captures Israel’s Spying Fish Off Gaza

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has captured a dolphin with “spying equipment” off the shore of the Gaza Strip.

According to Wednesday reports by Palestinian media outlets based in the blockaded sliver, the aquatic animal was captured a few days ago.

Hamas commandos noticed the sea creature thanks to its “suspicious movements” and caught it.

A small surveillance camera was strapped to the dolphin along with a remote-control monitoring device, also capable of shooting small arrows.

Sources were quoted as saying the arrows were capable of injuring or even killing a man.

The animal was reportedly being used to track Hamas naval commandos’ movements and training in the water.

The move was considered as part of the Israeli regime’s underwater espionage off the coast of the enclave.

Israel’s use of animals for espionage activities is not uncommon. In 2012, an eagle, equipped with Mossad’s tracking and other surveillance devices, was captured.

Egyptian officials have even spoken of sharks, controlled by Mossad, to kill tourists in the Red Sea in an attempt to harm tourism there.


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