Italy Police Arrests Nigerian John Ogais Over Alleged Rape And Torture Of Migrants In Libya

A suspected Nigerian human trafficker known as “Rambo” has been arrested in Italy on charges of torturing and killing migrants held captive in Libya, Italian police said Tuesday.

The suspect named John Ogais, 25, was traced to a reception centre in Calabria in southern Italy and clapped in cuffs on charges of belonging to a transnational smuggling ring, specialising in human trafficking, murder and rape.

Detectives in Agrigento in Sicily have pulled together witness testimony from migrants who accuse Ogais of torturing people held captive in a makeshift prison, with at least two men reportedly dying at his hands.

Many of those rescued from flimsy dinghies in the Mediterranean as they try to make the perilous trip to Europe bear torture scars and tell rescuers they had no choice but to flee for their lives from the crisis-hit African country.

According to police statement, one of the witnesses said that his cousin and others had been caught and tortured nearly to death while they tried to escape.

Another said: “Once I saw Rambo the Nigerian kill a migrant he had gagged and tortured for a long time.” The Libyan Express reports.

A third witness said he saw Rambo beat an underage boy and a man to death.

People rescued at sea have described harrowing ransom situations in which captors lock up migrants and demand their families send money to buy their freedom. Those who fail to comply are executed.

Reports have also emerged of ruthless traffickers burying people alive on the beaches of Libya if they refuse to board unseaworthy dinghies and overcrowded boats.

Despite the dangers, many of those arriving in Libya — fleeing conflict or poverty — find it almost impossible to get out again, if not by sea, this according to AFP

According to a report by the UN’s Refugee agency, over 77,000 people have tried to cross the Mediterranean to Europe since the beginning of the year, close to 2,000 have tried trying to cross.

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Man With Over 100 Children Proposes Mistakenly to His Daughter

An 80-year-old farmer in Eastern Ghana who has 12 wives and over one hundred children, almost committed incest with his own daughter after proposing to her.

The octogenarian, who is still exploring to have more wives, has given birth to over 100 children with 12 women over half his life.

On the occasion of 2017 Father’s Day, the children and the wives, all of who are married to him in a polygamous marriage, marched to Asilenu’s residence on Sunday.

“If I get a lady today, I will marry her and have more children. As for men, even in old age we can still father children. I’m not impotent,” Asilenu told TV3’s Portia Gabor who spent some time with the family on Father’s Day.

Unfortunately, Asilenu has lost track of his family- He’s unable to mention the name of all his children.

When Portia Gabor asked him to do a roll call, he got stuck along the line in mentioning their names. And it was thus not surprising that he proposed marriage to one of her daughters who he met in town.

But for the awareness of his daughter, Asilenu would have committed inc*st by having amorous relationship with her own daughter, unknowingly though.

One of his sons narrated how his father proposed to one of his sisters and the interesting excuse Mr Asilenu gave when it emerged that he is the father of the lady he had expressed love to.

“He [Asilenu] met the lady and said he loved her…..and later on, the lady said she was his daughter,” she told Portia Gabor, adding “he [Asilenu] said his eyes were worrying him, that was why he didn’t notice it was her own daughter and we laughed over it”.

The son also suspects they are more than 100 children: “In fact we’re plenty, we’re almost 100 and something” he told Portia.

Just like their father, some of the children do not know their numerical placement in the family.

Portia Gabor asked one of his daughters, Mary Asilenun, where she place in the family numerically and she simply laughed and responded, “…I can’t remember”.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Deposes Nephew, Appoints Son As Heir To Throne

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has on Wednesday, announced the appointment of his son, Mohammed bin Salman, as heir to the throne and deputy crown prince.

Mohammed bin Salman will now be the first in line to the throne when his father, 81, dies.

This comes after the Saudi King deposed his nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, as the next-in-line to the throne in a royal decree.

“His supporters praise him as hard-working and say he offers a hopeful vision for the kingdom’s future, especially for its large youth population. His critics have called him rash, inexperienced and power-hungry,” the New York Times writes of the new crown prince.

The Saudi government’s official news agency reports that the newly-announced crown prince was also named deputy prime minister and maintained his post as defence minister.

According to the decree, the former crown prince was also fired from his post as interior minister.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns Over Company’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick has resigned from the ride-sharing company.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur announced he was stepping down as the firm he founded in 2009 deals with a sexual harassment scandal.

According to the New York Times, a shareholder revolt made it untenable for him to stay on at the company.

The newspaper reported that earlier on Tuesday, five of Uber’s major investors demanded that the chief executive resign immediately.

They then obtained a letter in which Kalanick announced his resignation, titled: ‘Moving Uber Forward.’

‘I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life I have accepted the investors request to step aside so that Uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight,’ it read.

Kalanick’s resignation comes after he took a leave of absence earlier this month in the wake of a report being released into sexual assault claims made against the ride-sharing company.

In an email to staff at the time, Kalanick said he was taking ‘time off from the day-to-day’, giving no end to the widely anticipated hiatus which comes after a hellish period of professional and personal turmoil for the CEO.

He chalked the decision down to giving himself time to grieve for his mother Bonnie, who died in a boating accident on May 26, but said he would also use the time away to reflect on his leadership in light of the scathing report into Uber’s cultural problems which stemmed from allegations of rampant sexual harassment.

His decision, though widely anticipated and called for by industry experts, came after former attorney general Eric Holder returned a damning, 13-page report into Uber’s flaws.

The ex-attorney general and a team at Covington and Burling LLP created the report after being asked to investigate claims made in February by female former employees who alleged rampant sexual harassment at the company.

The two ex-employees also claimed at the time there were also incidents of homophobia and racism, all of which they said took place inside the environment fostered by Kalanick and his circle of trusted top executives.

Holder’s report featured a list of 10 recommendations that could help fix its culture, including a ban on booze at work parties and staff members having sex with each other.

Last week a woman raped by an Uber driver in India filed a lawsuit accusing the on-demand ride service of invading her privacy and defaming her character.

Source: Daily Mail

Florida Police Found 7 Fake Credit Cards In Dammy Krane’s Pocket

A report in New Miami Times said seven fake credit cards were found in the pockets of Dammy Krane on 1 June when he was arrested at  Opa-locka Executive Airport in Miami Dade, Florida.

The police have now slammed a nine count felony charge at Miami Dade’s criminal court for credit card forgery and grand theft against the 23 year-old pop artist, whose real name is Oyindamola Emmanuel Johnson-Hunga.

Dammy Krane’s trouble began after he used a bogus card to book a private jet flight to Washington, D.C., police said. When the police searched him, they found seven false credit cards in his wallet, according to the police report, details of which Miami New Times published today.

Agents from the mobile-phone booking app TapJets had called police, when they found that the first card Dammy Krane tendered was bogus. The jet company told Miami-Dade Police that Krane and a partner, Chukwuebuka Ilochonwu, had booked a $10,943 trip on a jet from Opa-locka to Washington, D.C.

Krane lists a permanent U.S. address in Baltimore on the police report, according to the report by Miami New Times.

Two MDPD officers staked out the jet runway until Krane and Ilochonwu showed up. Police searched the pair and found seven cards in Krane’s pants pocket. When authorities checked the cards later, all seven had numbers on the face that didn’t match the numbers on the security strip on the back.

MDPD says Krane used one of those cards to book his flight and then gave TapJet two other fake cards when he was asked for backup cards for the travel.

His co-defendant, Ilochonwu, police soon learned, was out on bond on four other credit card fraud charges.

He’d been arrested in April on felony charges stemming from a case in Miami Beach.

Dammy Krane who is now out on bail has tried to exculpate himself from the arrest mess, blaming “agents” and assuring fans he’s innocent.

“I do not partake in fraud,” Krane says. “I do not partake in such activities. Agents booked my flights with fraudulent cards.”

“My life is all about my music, and that’s what I’m all about,” he says. “I’m sorry I got caught up in this mess.”

The Benue-born Krane  rose to fame five years ago on the success of his hit single “My Dear,” He became a major player in the Afropop scene, with a quarter-million followers on Twitter and regular chart-topping hits.


Somali Soldier Who Killed Minister Siraji Gets Death Sentence

The Somali soldier who shot dead the country’s youngest-ever cabinet minister last month has been sentenced to death by firing squad.

Abas Abdullahi Siraji was in his car near the presidential palace in Mogadishu when he was killed by Ahmed Abdullahi Abdi, who reportedly mistook him for a militant Islamist.

The military court which sentenced the soldier said he can appeal.

His lawyers argued that the killing was an accident, the AFP news agency reports.

They said that the minister’s car attracted suspicion after it drove up behind the car carrying the auditor general, who the soldier was protecting.

At 31, Mr Siraji became Somalia’s youngest-ever member of parliament last November before becoming the minister of public works earlier this year.

He grew up as a refugee in neighbouring Kenya, home to hundreds of thousands of Somalis who fled drought and conflict, and was seen a role model for his widely admired determination to succeed.

Sensing his popularity with the youth, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo appointed him to the cabinet.

When Mr Siraji was killed, the president cut short a visit to Ethiopia to attend his state funeral.

Somalia has been wracked by conflict since the long-serving ruler Siad Barre was ousted in 1991.

It is currently battling militant Islamists from the al-Shabab group, which is affiliated to al-Qaeda.

Source: BBC

One Killed, 8 Injured As Van Runs Over Muslim Pedestrians At London Mosque

At least one people has died and at least eight more have been injured after a van struck a crowd of Muslim pedestrians leaving a north London mosque.

A 48-year-old man was arrested following the attack which many see as a terrorism related near Finsbury Park Mosque in Seven Sisters Road.

Officers were called at 00.20 BST and remain at the scene, the Metropolitan Police said.

An eye witness said he heard the driver of the van shouting that he will kill all Muslims.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) said a van “intentionally” ran over worshippers.

The body said it was a “violent manifestation of Islamophbia” and called for extra security around mosques.

Prime Minister Theresa May described it as a “terrible incident”, adding: “All my thoughts are with those who have been injured, their loved ones and the emergency services on the scene.”

Many of the victims are believed to have just left evening prayers after breaking the Ramadan fast.

London Ambulance Service said it had sent “a number of resources” to the scene.

Video posted online of the aftermath showed a scene of chaos as people tried to help the injured.

One man could be seen giving CPR to a victim in the street while another man’s head injury was treated with a makeshift dressing.

An eyewitness told how he jumped out the way of the van as it struck.
He said: “He just came into all of us. There was a lot of people. We got told to move straight away.

“I was shocked, shocked, shocked. There were bodies around me.

“Thank God I just moved to the side. I just jumped. Everyone is hurt. Everyone is actually hurt.”

Another who lives in a flat on Seven Sisters Road told the BBC she saw people “shouting and screaming”.

“Everyone was shouting ‘a van’s hit people’.

“There was this white van stopped outside Finsbury Park Mosque that seems to have hit people who were coming out of the mosque after prayers finished.”

She said the road was “backed up” with police cars, ambulance and fire engines.
Labour leader and Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn said on Twitter: “I’m totally shocked at the incident at Finsbury Park tonight.

“I’ve been in touch with the mosques, police and Islington council regarding the incident. My thoughts are with those and the community affected by this awful event.”

‘Horrible to watch’

London Ambulance Service deputy director of operations Kevin Bate said: “We have sent a number of ambulance crews, advance paramedics and specialist responses teams to the scene.

“An advance trauma team from London’s Air Ambulance has also been dispatched by car.

“We are working closely with other members of the emergency services at the scene.

“Our priority is to assess the level and nature of injuries and ensure those in the most need are treated first and taken to hospital.”

Witness Cynthia Vanzella said on Twitter: “Horrible to watch police officers doing cardiac massage at people on the floor, desperately trying to save them. I just hope they did.”
The MCB said its “prayers are with the victims.

OIC To Discuss Humanitarian Situations In North-East, Lake Chad Region

Preparations are ongoing at the General Secretariat of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to convene the 44th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) which will be hosted in the Cote d’Ivoire capital, Abidjan, on 10-11 July 2017.

The 44th CFM will be held under the theme: “The Role of Youth, Peace and Development in a World in Solidarity.” Some of the prominent issues that will top the agenda of the conference include countering terrorism, extremism and Islamophobia and the latest developments in the regional and international scenes, particularly the Palestinian question and the situation in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Afghanistan.

The Council will also discuss the humanitarian situation in a number of countries, particularly, Somalia, Nigeria, and countries of the Lake Chad Basin as well as the humanitarian and political situation in the Central African Republic.

The foreign ministers will also deliberate on the situation of Muslim communities in the non-OIC Member States, particularly the Rohingya in Myanmar and Muslims in the Philippines and Thailand.

There will be meetings of the OIC Contact Groups on Muslims in Europe and on Jammu and Kashmir which will be held on the sidelines of the conference.

The session will also discuss the latest developments at the economic, cultural, and social and media fields, in addition to the domains of youth and women, science and technology, as well as the ongoing efforts to implement the OIC-2025 Ten-Year Programme of Action.

46 Year-Old Nigerian Nabbed For Smuggling Drugs In Korea

South Korean Police said Wednesday they have arrested a 46-year-old Nigerian for smuggling large amounts of methamphetamines, also called meth, into the country through international mail from China.

The Nigerian yet to be identified is being detained by the Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency in Seoul.

Yonhap, the Korean news agency said the Nigerian twice last week and via post attempted to smuggle into the country 605 grams of meth , worth some 2 billion won (US$1.77 million). The drug was hidden in women’s cosmetic products.

Each parcel was delivered via international express mail.

The volume of meth he tried to sneak into Korea is large enough for about 20,000 people, the police said.

The suspect, who lives in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, and has a blue-collar job, received the mail from China through Cambodia.

The police received intelligence about possible drug smuggling earlier and impounded the drugs at customs located at Incheon International Airport, it added.

The police said they are investigating whether the suspect had any accomplices.

It appears a Nigerian drug smuggling ring is very active in Asia, especially in India where many Nigerians have been arrested.


North Korea Releases US Citizen Otto Warmbier

North Korea has released Otto Warmbier, an American serving a 15-year prison term with hard labor for alleged anti-state acts, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says.

Tillerson says that Warmbier is on his way back to the US to be re-united with his family.

The State Department secured Warmbier’s release at the direction of President Donald Trump, Tillerson’s statement said.

Tillerson says the State Department continues discussing three other detained Americans with North Korea.

The announcement comes as former NBA player Dennis Rodman is paying a return visit to North Korea.

Warmbier is a University of Virginia student from suburban Cincinnati.

He was sentenced in March 2016 after a televised tearful public confession to trying to steal a propaganda banner.

Daily Mail

South African Court Denies Pastor Omotoso Bail Over Alleged Sex Abuse

The founder of the Jesus Dominion International church, Durban, Pastor Tim Omotoso, has been denied bail by the Magistrate’s Court at Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Omotoso has been held since April 20 over accusations of child sex abuse and human trafficking.

Delivering the ruling, Magistrate Thandeka Mashiyi said the pastor whose family are all UK nationals, faced a sentence of at least life imprisonment.

“His family, wife and children are all United Kingdom citizens, his church has international branches which he visits from time to time, he is regarded as an illegal immigrant [and] there is nothing tying the applicant to South Africa,” Mashiyi said.

Omotoso is also accused of using fraudulent travel documentation.

Mashiyi added: “Based on the strength of the State’s case, the gravity of the offences, as well as if convicted, the applicant faces very lengthy sentences.

“I find that there is a likelihood that if he is released on bail he might attempt to flee and evade his trial.”

The case’s investigating officer, warrant officer Peter Plaatjies, testified against the pastor.

He said senior members of the minister’s church would draw ‘vulnerable’ girls aged 13-15 into the church and have them perform sexual acts with him.

The pastor is charged with having trafficked more than 30 girls and women who were part of his nationwide church network.

He allegedly sexually abused the trafficked girls at a house in Umhlanga, near Durban.

Evidence was given suggesting Omotoso had the means to intimidate victims and witnesses and provoke them not to testify against him.

His child victims were reportedly told not to tell anyone what had happened or they would be ‘cursed and die’.

Mashiyi said: ‘I am taking into account that there is a public outcry about the explosion of these crimes of human trafficking, rape and sexual assault on young girls and women.’

Outside the court, Omotoso’s supporters from his church prayed for him, while his opponents celebrated the bail denial, calling it a “victory to the nation and to the society at large”

The case has now been postponed until July 21.

Egypt Seeks Nigeria’s Support In UNESCO Election

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has assured the Egyptian government of his country’s support in ensuring Ms. Moushira Khattab wins the position of Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural.

Osinbajo said this in Aso Rock, on Friday while receiving Ms. Khattab, a Special Envoy of Egyptian President, Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi.

Professor Osinbajo stated that it was important for African countries to remain united so that the continent would take its place in the international community.

His words: “We have seen the great importance of UNESCO…The world body’s role has become more imperative now that Nigeria faces the challenges in the Northeast, especially as it concerns the Education planning of hundreds of thousands of displaced children”.

The acting President assured Ms. Khattab that Nigeria would consider the request of her country, Egypt.

He thanked the envoy for the visit and extended President Muhammadu Buhari’s friendly greetings to the Egyptian President.

Ms. Khattab said that the African Union has pledged to support her candidacy in the forthcoming UNESCO election.

She requested for Nigeria’s support, considering its important role and the great respect in Africa and globally.

Special Envoy Khattab also conveyed the greetings and best wishes of the Egyptian President to President Buhari, for speedy recovery and safe return to Nigeria.

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