Only 15 Of The Remaining 113 Abducted Chibok Girls Are Still Alive, Journalist Reveals

Ahmed Salkida, a Nigerian journalist who has reported extensively on the Boko Haram insurgency has revealed that only 15 of the remaining 113 Chibok girls still in captivity are alive.

Salkida stated this in a series of tweets on his twitter account on Saturday while explaining the present circimstances surrounding the whereabout of the girls.

According to him, many of the girls “died as a result of cross fires and bombardments of the security forces that no doubt were intent on rescuing them.”

He said the remaining ones are no longer under the control of the factional leader of the Boko Haram insurgents group, Abubakar Shekau, but has been married off to some of the leaders of the sect.

More than 270 girls were kidnapped by the group from a school in the north-eastern town of Chibok. In September 2017, a group of more than 100 were reunited with their families at a party in the capital Abuja.

A separate group of 21 girls were freed in October 2016 after negotiations with Boko Haram.

More than 50 managed to escape on the day they were captured, mostly by jumping off lorries and running off into the bushes.

Narrating how the girls were abducted from their school and the failed efforrs by the Jonathan govt to rescue them, Salkida said only the husbands the girls are married to can decide their fate.

“Four years ago, a middle ranking BH commander led dozens of fighters in search of food and other supplies in the remote town of Chibok, like an afterthought, they saw a chance to abduct school girls in GSS Chibok, the girls at the time were preparing for their exams.”

“The dozens of BH fighters faced no opposition during the abductn, as they struggled to convey their captives to the forest of Alagarno, the insurgent’s first war capital, which they named Timbuktu. It was in Timbuktu that they organised most of the horror we experience today.”

“Some of the girls were lucky to have escaped on their way to Timbuktu that night, because there were fewer fighters to hold more than 200 girls. At the beginning, the group didn’t know what to do with the girls, at least, not in the first one month of their captivity.”

He said the Jonathan government got in touch with him two weeks after the abduction to help negotiate the release of the girls, but lacked the political will to see it through.

“However, what many people did not know was that two weeks into the abduction, the Jonathan administration was already in touch with me for the peaceful release of the girls. By the way, I was in self-exile after pressure from the same Govt.”

“I took an excuse where I was doing a menial job in the UAE (but still reporting the insurgency), to see the president, which was facilitated by Aliyu Gebi and Labaran Maku. By the 3rd of May, I was already on my way from Abuja to Madagali, Marwa and finally to a BH camp.”

“I got a proof of life for the president and another for the media in case I didn’t get back. The demands of BH then were simple, they wanted detained members taken to Damaturu and they will move the girls to Buniyardi for swap somewhere in between. There was no word on ransom.”

“I was provided with full military escorts frm Abj to Damaturu, Govt was supposed to make sure that 70 detainees were ready on my arrival in Damaturu to meet 30 there. The rest of the negotiating team was in Abj making sure the prisoners were on a plane before my arrival…”

“On arrival in Damaturu, the military commander there was not briefed about my work. He was merely told to expect a VIP? At that time, the girls have been moved by BH, but there was no prisoners for exchange and I got a call from the former CDS to abort the operation.”

“The president later said before me that he did not call off the swap. There was a credible window, but zero Will to rescue the girls. BH were angry. I returned to the UAE to continue my hustle, but received invitatns not only by the former administratn, but the current govt.”

“4 out of 5 process that I was involved in, we came close to a swap deal, but Govt in most instances did not provide the platform I presented with the required expertise. And whenever Govt dragged its feet, Shekau will shift the goal post.”

On the status of the remaining girls aftwr the Buhari govt had suceeded in rescuing about half of them in captivity, Salkida said only about 15 of them are still alive and cannot be rescued under a peace settlements unles their husband to whom they have beem married aceept to give them up.

“I regret to state here that only 15 out of the 113 #Chibokgirls are alive today, based on my investigations in the last 3 months and we have already seen some of them in a video, which I exclusively obtained and was published on SR website.”

“What is the status of the remaining 15 girls as far as negotiations are concerned? My investigations also revealed that, they are no longer under the control of #AbubakarShekau. According to sources, they are now ‘married’ and only their ‘husbands’ can decide their fates.”

“If they are divorced or the men are killed that is when Shekau’s decision takes precedence, and in this instance, since the girls have been indoctrinated, their leader has no right to negotiate for their release, no matter the ransom offered, reliable multiple sources said.”

Salkida said it will be unbearable to share the names of rhe remaining 15 girls, stating that it is the responsibility of government.

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Breaking: President Buhari Officially Announces Intention To Seek Re-Election In 2019

President Muhammadu Buhari has officially announced his intention to run for the 2019 presidential election.

The president stated this at the National Executive Meeting of the All Progressives Congress (APC), holding at the party secretariat in Abuja.

In similar development, President Buhari appealed to party members to grant waiver to the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odegie-Oyegun and other members of the National Working Committee (NWC), who want to recontest in the party’s congress.

The NEC meeting which is presently holding is being attended by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), Senate President Bukola Saraki, Speaker Yakubu Dogara, and 24 state governors.

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Over 200,000 NPower Beneficiaries May Lose Jobs As Senate Threatens To Cut Down On SIPs Funds

Beneficiaries of the National Social Investment Programmes (NSIP) may be at the verge of losing their jobs as the Senate Committee on Appropriation has threatened to cut down on the proposed N500 billion allocations in the 2018 budget.

At the resumed 2018 Budget Defence at the National Assembly on Thursday, Chairman of the Senate Committee, Danjuma Goje said his Committee may be constrained to reduce the allocation unless it is convinced about the disbursement of funds under the scheme in the last two years.

Maryam Uwais, the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on NSIP informed the National Assembly that the programme received between 2016 and 2017 N175billion out of the N1 trillion approved in the budgets for the two years.

Goje, not convinced with the explanation further queried how the funds from Service Wide Vote have been disbursed.

Uwais, in her response, gave a blow by blow account of the disbursement of the funds, saying “a sum of N500 billion was appropriated for the NSIP budget in 2017, out of which N100 billion was allocated for the Social Housing Scheme under the Federal Ministry of Finance.

“Furthermore, out of the balance N400 billion, only N90 billion was released to the NSIP for the year 2017.”

She also said that the programme received the sum of N85 billion in 2016.

“Unfortunately, N100 billion is deducted at source for Housing Scheme by the Federal Ministry of Finance,” she said.

Goje, still not impressed with Mrs. Uwais submission, demanded proofs of beneficiaries for the various schemes under the project while alleging that the entire exercise might have been compromised.

The lawmakers bragged they should have been carried along in the entire process of how the project was being executed in their various constituencies especially as they were not in control of list of beneficiaries.

“Many people are complaining that they have not seen the impact of the programme considering the magnitude of the fund involved.

“No single person from Gombe State has benefited from your N-Power. We don’t know about your N-Power. As far as many of us are concerned, we are completely dissatisfied with what you are doing,” Senator Goje said.

The Committee in its resolution, requested the NSIO to provide it with full details of how monies were disbursed including the names of beneficiaries of its various schemes.

The lawmakers also vowed to reduce the 2018 NSIO Budget allocation unless it is provided with sufficient proofs on the performance for the last two years.

NSIP programme comprises Npower, National Home Grown School Feeding, Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme, and the National (conditional) Cash Transfer Programme.

The programme was set up by President Muhammadu Buhari, under the office of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (SAN), with 6.8 million direct beneficiaries, and another 1.75 million secondary beneficiaries comprising cooks, farmers, Poor and Vulnerable Household members.


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Cambridge Analytica Used Violent Video To Try To Influence Nigerian Election – Guardian

Cambridge Analytica sought to influence the Nigerian presidential election in 2015 by using graphically violent imagery to portray a candidate as a supporter of sharia law who would brutally suppress dissenters and negotiate with militant Islamists, a video passed to British MPs reveals.

The Guardian has obtained the video, which has graphic scenes of violence from Nigeria’s past. In testimony to the digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) select committee last week, the whistleblower Christopher Wylie told MPs: “[The video was distributed] in Nigeria with the sole intent of intimidating voters. It included content where people were being dismembered, where people were having their throats cut and bled to death in a ditch. They were being burned alive. There was incredibly anti-Islamic, threatening messages portraying Muslims as violent.”

Wylie also said Cambridge Analytica directed AggregateIQ (AIQ), the Canadian digital services firm that worked for Vote Leave during Britain’s EU referendum, to target voters with the video during the Nigerian presidential campaign.

Wylie, a former Cambridge Analytica employee, has now handed the material to MPs. Giving testimony last week, he said: “Cambridge Analytica sent AggregateIQ the video after they [CA] got banned from several online ad networks because the graphic nature of the content violated the terms of service. AIQ was quite freaked out about it. It’s a very disturbing video. They told Cambridge Analytica that. They called it ‘the murder video’.”

In his testimony Wylie said: “AIQ is the firm that’s right at the heart of the official Vote Leave campaign – one-third of all leave spending went through it – and this shows them working closely with Cambridge Analytica to distribute violent, divisive Islamophobic material that should be nowhere near an election campaign.” There is no suggestion that AIQ was involved in the production of the video.

The anti-Buhari video imagines a future in which he is president and sharia law has been imposed. “Coming to Nigeria on February 15th 2015,” the voiceover says in the manner of a trailer for a Hollywood movie. “Dark. Scary. And very uncertain. Sharia for all.” It poses the question: “What would Nigeria look like if sharia were imposed by Buhari?” It suggests he would strike a deal with the Islamist militant group Boko Haram that would be “a pact with the devil”. The video also suggests “Buhari will punish all who speak against the regime” and that “women will be veiled”. It ends by saying: “You can stop this movie becoming real.”

Another former Cambridge Analytica employee who worked on the campaign said: “It was voter suppression of the most crude and basic kind. It was targeted at Buhari voters in Buhari regions to basically scare the shit out of them and stop them from voting. People were working on it in Cambridge Analytica’s office. They’d be sitting there eating their lunch and editing this incredibly graphic and disturbing material.”The video will be seen as further evidence of dirty tricks that Cambridge Analytica employed in the campaign. Last month the Guardian revealed that during the Nigerian election campaign Cambridge Analytica was offered material from Israeli hackers who had accessed private email accounts of two politicians there.

Former Cambridge Analytica employees described how the hackers passed a thumb drive of hacked material relating to Buhari to them in Cambridge Analytica’s offices and they were directed by Alexander Nix, its chief executive, and Brittany Kaiser, a senior director, to search Buhari’s personal emails for compromising material that could be used to smear him. The material included private medical information that employees say was leaked to the press.

The video separately demonstrates the ties between Cambridge Analytica and AggregateIQ, the firm that its parent company SCL Elections employed. Last week the DCMS committee published documents that link Cambridge Analytica and SCL Elections with AIQ, including a contract, a service agreement and an intellectual property agreement that was first revealed in the Observer a year ago.

AggregateIQ is part of a current Electoral Commission investigation into a donation of £625,000 that Vote Leave made to a youth outreach group, BeLeave, which was paid directly to the Canadian firm and it is the focus of allegations made by a second whistleblower, Shahmir Sanni.

AggregateIQ did not respond to previous Guardian inquiries about the video, but said: “AIQ provides digital advertising, web and software development services to third parties. It is completely independent of Mr Wylie, CA and SCL.”

It added: “AIQ is and has always been 100% Canadian owned and operated … the services it provided to Vote Leave were in accordance with instructions given by Vote Leave.” There is no suggestion that AggregateIQ unethically coordinated with Cambridge Analytica on the EU referendum campaign.

A Cambridge Analytica spokesman said: “You are referring to Chris Wylie’s comments before a select committee which included speculation and a serious misrepresentation of the facts. We are, however, taking all allegations about possible unethical practices in the past very seriously and will investigate.”


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Looters List In Order, Says Keyamo

Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo (SAN), has said the “list of looters” released at the weekend by the Federal Government was in order.

Recall that the Minister of Information Lai Mohammed issued the list of “28 looters” in two instalments, after the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) challenged the government to name those who looted the treasury when the party was in power.

Keyamo explained that the government may also be in the process of charging those on the list who are not under trial.

His words: “If you have the facts at your disposal that somebody is a thief, and you know your facts are unassailable, you can go ahead and name the person as a thief. The person does not need to be convicted before you, based on the facts, can name the person as a thief. But this is so long as you have your unassailable facts that you can present at the appropriate time to defend yourself if you are sued for defamation.”

“Even those who have not been charged to court, the Federal Government may be in the process of charging them. It may be in the process of drafting charges and arraigning them. So long as they have their unassailable facts, there is nothing wrong with the Federal Government naming whoever it wants to name based on the facts at its disposal,“ Keyamo added.

Keyamo also encouraged aggrieved persons to sue, saying: “It is left to the person to go to court. Going to court is not a threat to anyone. It is a welcome development. A welcome development because it is even in court that the Federal Government will have the opportunity to lay bare the facts.

“So, we must encourage the PDP members who were named to go to court. If they don’t want to go to court, we must beg them to do so. That is where all the facts will be laid bare.”

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Nigeria Assumes Chairmanship Of AU Peace And Security Council

Nigeria has assumed the one month rotational Chairmanship of the African Union Peace and Security Council (AU-PSC) for the month of April.

The Nigerian Permanent Representative to the AU, Ambassador Bankole Adeoye, takes over from Ambassador Zackariaou Maiga, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Niger, who held the Chairmanship for the month of March, 2018.

In view of Nigeria’s contributions to peace and security at the sub-regional and continental levels, the country has sustained its membership of this most vital mechanism since inception in 2004.

The Peace and Security Council is the standing decision-making organ of the African Union, which is patterned along the United Nations Security Council to enforce Union Decisions, particularly in matters relating to the maintenance of regional and continental peace and security.

Crucial in Nigeria’s Chairmanship of the African Union Peace and Security Council for the month of April will be focus on the addressing the threats posed by Nuclear Weapons and the imperative of preventing terrorists from accessing these weapons of mass destruction, and their control regimes, including the urgent need for the promotion of peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy.

Importantly, the PSC will consider the nexus between Corruption & Conflict Resolution and the Imperative of promoting good economic policies in the context of Nigeria’s Championing of the 2018 AU annual theme on anti-corruption under the leadership of H.E. President Muhammadu Buhari.

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N4.2tr Bond: Lawmakers Insist Buhari Must Account For Past Loans

The frosty relationship between the Executive and National Assembly may take another turn as lawmakers have insisted President Muhammadu Buhari must account for over N9.2 trillion loans or bonds approved by the National Assembly since 2016.

Buhari had in separate letters to the two chambers of the National Assembly read at the House on Tuesday, March 27 and in the Senate on March 28, requested for an approval for a fresh N4.2 trillion bond.

In the letter titled, “Request for the Establishment of a Promissory note Programme and a Bond Issuance to Resettle Inherited Local Debts and Contractual Obligations,” that though Section 41 (1a), 44 (2b) of the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA) that proceeds of borrowing by government at all tiers shall be applied solely towards capital expenditure, his government had in August 2017 proposed amendments to the FRA.

The letter gave further insights to the borrowing plans: “The promissory note and bond issuance programme has become imperative to clear these obligations, which include unpaid obligations to pensioners, salaries and promotional arrears of civil servants, obligation to petroleum marketers, contractors and suppliers debt, unpaid power bills and obligation from tariffs reversal in 2014, export expansion grant IMBET, judgment debt and refunds to state government for projects undertaken on behalf of the Federal Government.”

The lawmakers are however angry that the President didn’t discuss with them before writing a letter requesting for another bond posited they may reject the request out rightly.

Some lawmakers who spoke in confidence, told newsmen that the “sins” being counted against the latest loan request are multifaceted, leading to what they described as a near consensus feeling that the request be thrown out.

A lawmaker said, “there is a feeling among Senators and House members that the President was treating them with contempt if not with disgust on key national issues.”

He said the sin is the fact that the nation’s procurement law mandates the government to only borrow money for capital expenditure and the lawmakers are claiming that the bond appears as a way of raising money to finance recurrent expenditure.

In 2016, the Senate had turned down Buhari’s request for $29.9bn foreign loan, describing their gesture as “technical issues.” The loan was projected to fund targeted projects cutting across all sectors with special emphasis on infrastructure, agriculture, and health.

The South East caucus in the National Assembly also took offence that none of the projects to be covered by the borrowing was sited in the zone.

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FG Releases More Names Of Alleged Looters

The challenge posed to the Nigerian government by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to release names of those it alleged to be corrupt has entered another stage as the government on Sunday released another set of alleged looters of the treasury during the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

The Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed who released the names in a press statement on Sunday also criticised the opposition PDP for its reaction to the first names of alleged looters he released.

The new list by Mr Mohammed contained 23 names.

Read the full statement by the information ministry below.

The federal government has said the list of alleged looters which it
released earlier was based on verifiable facts, including the amount
involved, the date the amount in question was collected and from
where it was taken.

Releasing a fresh list of alleged looters, in a statement issued in
Lagos on Sunday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai
Mohammed, also said those complaining that the list was too short
apparently did not understand that it was strategically released as a

”At the press conference where the list was released, I did say it
was a tip of the iceberg. Apparently, this does not mean anything to
people whose style is to comment on issues they barely understand, or
just to shoot down anything coming from the government,” he said,
adding that the Federal Government has a large number of alleged
looters on its list.

Mr Mohammed slammed the PDP for daring to challenge the Federal
Government over an issue that the party knows is its weakness: Looting
of public treasury.

”What was the PDP expecting when it challenged the FG to name the
looters of the public treasury under the party’s watch? Did the PDP
actually believe that the massive looting under its watch was a joke?
Did they think it is April Fool?” he queried.

The minister said the PDP’s reaction to the looters’ list has shown
that its recent apology is an election-induced act, contrived to
deceive unsuspecting Nigerians to vote for the party in the 2019
general election, even when it has not come clean on its looting spree
during its time in office.

”The hysterical and panicky reaction from the PDP has shown that the
party is not at all sincere about its choreographed apology. Were it
not the case, the party would have followed in the footsteps of one of
its leaders, Senator Ibrahim Mantu, who simply owned up to his role in
the party’s rigging in the past elections and said he had turned a new

”It is said that a true confession is done in humility with an
attitude of repentance. It is clear that the PDP does not know this,
hence its resort to hubris instead of humility and genuine
penitence,” he said.

Mr Mohammed said the federal government will neither be
intimidated nor blackmailed into silence, adding that it will also not
rest until all those who looted the public treasury have been brought
to justice.


1. Former NSA Sambo Dasuki: Based on EFCC investigations and findings
alone (this is beside the ongoing $2.1 billion military equipment
scandal), a total of N126 billion, over $1.5 billion and 5.5 million
British Pounds was embezzled through his office. A good number of
these monies were simply shared to persons and companies without any
formal contract awards.

2. Former Petroleum Resources Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke: In
just one of the cases the EFCC is investigating involving her, about
N23 billion is alleged to have been embezzled. She is also involved in
the Strategic Alliance Contracts of the NNPC, where the firms of Jide
Omokore and Kola Aluko got oil blocks but never paid government taxes
and royalty. About $3 billion was involved. The Federal Government is
charging Omokore and Aluko and will use all legal instruments local
and international to ensure justice.

3. Rtd. Lt.-Gen. Kenneth Minimah: N13.9 billion. N4.8 billion
recovered by EFCC in cash and property

4. Lt.-Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika: N4.5 billion. N29m recovered by the EFCC so far.

5. Alex Barde, former Chief of Defence Staff: N8 billion, and EFCC
recovered almost N4 billion in cash and property already.

6. Inde Dikko: former CG Customs: N40 billion, and N1.1 billion in
cash recovered in cash and choice properties.

7. Air Marshal Adesola Amosun: N21.4 billion. N2.8 billion recovered
in cash. 28 properties and 3 vehicles also recovered.

8. Senator Bala Abdulkadir, former FCT Minister: N5 billion. Interim
forfeiture order on some property secured.

9. Senator Stella Oduah: N9.8 billion. Interim forfeiture order on
some property secured.

10. Former Niger State Governor Babangida Aliyu: N1.6 billion – from NSA.

11. Senator Jonah Jang, former Plateau State Governor: N12.5 billion.

12. Bashir Yuguda, former Minister of State for Finance: N1.5 billion.
$829,800 recovered.

13. Senator Peter Nwaboshi: N1.5 billion

14. Aliyu Usman: Former NSA Dasuki’s aide: N512 million

15. Ahmad Idris: Former NSA Dasuki’s PA: N1.5 billion

16. Rasheed Ladoja: Former Oyo Governor: N500 million

17. Tom Ikimi: N300 million

18. Femi Fani-Kayode: N866 million

19. Hassan Tukur, former PPS to President Goodluck: $1.7 million

20. Nenadi Usman: N1.5 billion

21. Benedicta Iroha: N1.7 billion

22. Aliyu Usman Jawaz: Close ally of former NSA Dasuki: N882 million

23. Jonah Jang, former Plateau State Governor: N12.5 billion

24 Godknows Igali: Over N7 billion

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Cambridge Analytica: FG Probes PDP’s Alleged Hacking Into Buhari’s Medical Records

The Federal Government has commenced investigation into the recent revelation that ahead of the 2015 general elections, a Nigerian billionaire and supporter of former President Goodluck Jonathan paid £2m to Cambridge Analytica to hack into the medical records of President Muhammadu Buhari, then candidate of the All Progressives Congress.

The government is also probing the report that suggested that the consulting firm that combines data mining, brokerage and analysis with strategic communication for electoral process manipulated Nigeria’s 2007 elections by organising campaigns to weaken the chances of opposition parties.

A Presidency official who spoke on the condition of anonymity disclosed this to State House correspondents in Abuja on Sunday.

“The government of Nigeria is scrutinising the reports of the data mining firm Cambridge Analytica, which swiped the data of more than 50 million Facebook users to sway elections in many countries including Nigeria, where it waged a campaign to perpetuate discord and hack into personal records of the then leading opposition candidate, Muhammadu Buhari,” the source said.

He said the government had set up what he called an in-house committee to investigate whether the firm’s work for the then ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party, in 2007 and 2015 general election campaigns broke the laws of the country or infringed on the rights of other parties and their candidates.

“Depending on the outcome, this may lead to the appointment of a special investigator and possibly, criminal prosecutions by the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN),” the Presidency official added.

When contacted on the matter, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said he had not been briefed on the issue.

Shehu however said it was the right of Nigerians for the PDP, Facebook and Cambridge Analytical to explain their roles in the matter.

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Corruption: FG Responds To PDP’s Challenge, Releases ‘Teaser List Of Looters’

In response to the opposition party, the All Progressives Congress, APC ledFederal Government of Nigeria had released a teaser list of members of  Peoples Democratic Party who allegedly stole public funds in the 16 years the  party was in power.

It will be recalled that PDP which ruled Nigeria from 1999 to 2015 had therough its spokesperson, Kola Ologbodinyan on Thursday challenged Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to prove his claims that its members were involved in rampant theft of public funds when it was in power.

In response, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, in a statement released on Friday said, “The PDP has challenged us to name the looters under their watch. They said they did not loot the treasury. Well, I am sure they know that the treasury was looted dry under their watch. Yet they decided to grandstand. This shows the hollowness of their apology to Nigerians.

The Minister then released  a“teaser list” of PDP members who allegedly stole from the country below


– On the 19th of Feb 2015, he took N200 million only from the office of then NSA

  1. Then PDP Financial Secretary

– On the 24th of Oct 2014, he took N600 million only from the office of then NSA

  1. Then National Publicity Secretary Olisah Metuh

– On trial for collecting N1.4b from the office of then NSA

  1. Dr. Raymond Dokpesi, Chairman of DAAR Communications

– On trial for taking N2.1 billion from the office of then NSA

  1. Former SSA to President Jonathan, Dudafa Waripamo-Owei

– On trial over N830 million kept in accounts of four different companies

6   Former President Jonathan’s Cousin Robert Azibaola

– On Thursday, a Federal High Court ruled that he has a case to answer for collecting $40 million from the office of then NSA

Mohammed said the list is just a tip of the iceberg: “We did not make these cases up. Many of these cases are in court and the records are available.

“Some of the people on this list are seeking to plea bargain, and that is a fact. We insist that Nigeria was looted blind under the watch of the PDP, and that the starting point in tendering an apology is for them to return the loot.

“It’s like a robber admitting to stealing your car and apologizing, but  then saying he will keep the car anyway. It doesn’t work that way. The PDP is a hypocrite. And that reminds me of what English writer

“William Hazlitt said: ”The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy.”

“We will not stop talking about the massive looting by the PDP. They brought Nigeria to this sorry pass. We are now looking around for loans to build infrastructure, and they ask us not to talk about it. we will talk about it,” said Mohammed.

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Governor El-Rufai Donates N5.5m To Families Of Slain Soldiers

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has donated N500,000 each to the families of the 11 slain soldiers in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of the State last week.

He made the donation while speaking during the burial at the Commonwealth Cemetery in Kaduna.

The  Governor, represented by the SSG, Alhaji Lawal Balarabe, presented the cheque of 5.5 million naira to the General Officer Commanding 1 Division Nigerian Army, Major General Mohammed Mohammed.

According to the governor, “the soldiers fought gallantly to protect our lives and property but paid the supreme price.”

He vowed that the State Government will not relent in supporting security agencies, saying, the killers of the soldiers will be brought to book.

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Lagos NBA Resist Police Attempt To Arrest Ogunlana, Vows To Go Ahead With Protest Against Land Use Charge

The Ikeja Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), has said no degree of police intimidation will halt its planned protest against the Land Use Charge introduced by the state Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode.

The planned protest coincides with the visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to Lagos, who is scheduled to commission the Ikeja Bus Terminal and Chair the Bola Tinubu Colloquium which is holding today at the Eko Hotel and Suites.

On Wednesday, about 50 policemen had laid siege at the Bar Centre in Ikeja, in a desperate attempt to arrest its Chairman, Mr. Adesina Ogunlana.

Recall that on March 13, the NBA and human rights groups had took to the streets of Lagos to protest the over 400 per cent hike in land use charge and other taxes by the Lagos State Government.

In a surprising move, the police invasion came few hours after Ogunlana addressed a press conference stating the resolve of the NBA to return to the streets on Thursday in continuation of its protest against the new Lagos State Land Use Charge 2018.

Mr Ogunlana, who was held up in his office subsequently reached out to members of his Exco and other members of the branch who turned up in large numbers to prevent his arrest.

He said when the police authorities noticed this, they promptly sent a letter written by the Commissioner of Police, Lagos, Imohimi Edgal asking him to report to the police headquarters.

The letter titled “Invitation Letter, Re: Case of Threat to Public Peace /Conduct likely to cause breach of peace” reads in part, “This office is investigating the above-mentioned case reported through a petition to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, Ikeja.

“In furtherance to my investigation, you are requested to report to the undersigned on the 28th of March, 2018 by 1900hrs through O/C “X” Squad, who has been detailed by the Commissioner of Police to investigate the case. Your co-operation in this regard will be highly appreciated please.”


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