Buhari At 76: APYF Felicitates With President

The All Progressives Youth Forum, APYF, joins well-wishers across the country and around the world in celebrating the 76 Birthday of our dependable leader, the incorruptible President, father of the nation and Commander in Chief of Nigeria’s Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari.

As Nigeria continues the process of a total rebirth under your leadership; your birthday has become synonymous with the newness that our country is now witnessing. Each time we celebrate your life and existence, it reminds us of how pivotal your sincerity and truthfulness has helped this country to regain a new life. No doubt, your life has greatly impacted the fate of Nigeria and its future.

APYF is ecstatic and thankful to God that when the enemies of the country wished you death, the omniscient God kept you alive and has now blessed you with even greater energy to move our country to the next level. The policies and reforms of your government may not have swell the purse of the minority elite; but they have impacted the lives of the majority of the downtrodden who, through your social investment programs especially, have come to know that a government can exist for all and not just a few privileged individuals.

As young people and fellow custodians of the mandate of our great party, the APC, we see your birthday as yet another opportunity to provide a more purposeful leadership and rededicate yourself in the service of Nigeria and its people. We pray that the Almighty, in His infinite mercies, will endow you with greater wisdom and grace with which to continue to pilot the affairs of this nation to greater heights.

Happy birthday, once again, Mr. President. Live long and well sir!


Alwan Hassan
For: All Progressives Youth Forum

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