BOSF Congratulates Laolu Akande On His Reappointment

Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front (BOSF) has congratulated Mr. Laolu Akande on his appointment as Senior Special Assistant (Media and Publicity) to the President, Office of the Vice President.

The group lauded Mr Akande for his devotion to his duties and also for his wit and proficiency.

“We write to congratulate Mr. Olaolu Akande on his expected reappointment as the Senior Special Assistant(Media and Publicity) to the President, Office of the Vice President. Our appreciation, and experience of the energy and strength with which Mr Laolu Akande devoted to his duty in the presidency, coupled with his wit, proficiency and effective delivery especially in these times of abnormal opposition we believe, midwifed his reappointment as SSA (Media and Publicity) to the President, Office of His Excellency, Vice President.

“BOSF is proud of him and his track record in the presidency. We understand the rigour the office poses, and we trust that his consummation and patriotism, goodwill and service to this country will urge him ahead in excellent continuity of the role.

“Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front is glad to congratulate him. We ask him to do more and keep being a model and image of hardwork to us. In real sense, Mr Laolu Akande remains an institution we study and draw inspiration from.

“Congratulations to the quintessential man and best wishes in his continued assignment to the good people of Nigeria.”

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