Bombshell As Group Says Stella Oduah Bought Six, Not Two Bulletproof Cars

STELLA-ODUAH-OGIEWMA new revelation has been added to the ongoing controversy over the purchase of two bullet cars by the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah, as a group known as Investigative Reporters In Aviation (IRA) has come out to state that the minister actually bought to six bullet cars as against the two that was two that is widely known.

Although, there was a report of how the Nigerian Airspace Management Authority (NAMA) bought four Toyota Tundras for the Minister as well as the  admission by George Uresi, the chief executive officer of the FAAN to a hearing of the Senate Aviation Committee that the agency indeed bought four bullet proof cars for Ms. Oduah at N70 million each, the revelation by the IRA has lends more credence to the report

Speaking for the group, Mazi Kanayo Ochei, and Kenneth Uti President and Secretary respectively, said their investigations reveal that in addition to the two cars she forced the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to purchase for her, she also forced the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) to buy two each of the same brand of cars.

“I don’t understand why Nigerian media are shouting about NCAA alone, when a total of six bulletproof cars were actually purchased by the Minister on the bill of three aviation agencies,” they said.

“Our work as IRA revealed that while Nnamdi Udoh of NAMA bought two BMW, Joyce Nkemakolam (Acting DG) of NCAA bought two BMW, and Mr. Uresi George of FAAN bought two bullet-proof American specs limousine for the Minister of Aviation.”

They further stated that all the purchases were made from Coscharis Motors and cannot be denied.

“If Nigerians really know the magnitude of the rot in the Aviation Industry as at this moment, they will carry placards against this administration,” the IRA officials said, noting that the FAAN is heading for bankruptcy, with the MD on the verge of taking a bank loan to pay workers’ salaries last month.

“The only option left for FAAN now is to begin to use part of their statutory remittance to Federation Account to offset their bills.”

On the part of NAMA, the IRA described it as being in disarray, that nobody seems to know what is going on and that the workers have completely lost confidence in the Management. They noted that members of the NAMA staff have threatened on several occasions in the recent past to embark on industrial action based on poor conditions of service and heaps of unpaid allowances.

“IRA further wants EFCC to call Coscharis Motors for questioning on the six cars purchased by the Minister so as to get to the root of this issue,” they said.

IRA calls on President Jonathan to recognize that only a level-headed, matured and patriotic Minister can help Nigerian Aviation industry, “not a self-seeking, corrupt and proud person like Stella Oduah.”

Furthermore, the group said, “We also want to advise the newly confirmed Director-General of NCAA Fola Akinkotun to stop defending what he knows practically nothing about, while we sympathize with his position, we advise him to stop making any further reckless press statement in any futile attempt at defending those who all Nigerians know how they ganged up to prevent him from taking up the position of the DG NCAA for almost 5 months after he was chosen by President Jonathan.”

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