Bola Shagaya and her many sins By Abdulraheem Salman

The coming out of the ghost at night alone is not a true reflection of its fear and lack of courage, rather, it shows its absolute respect for daytime and actions of the people therein.

It is worthwhile to commend the management of this noble medium (?abusidiqu.com) for the value they have added to the political, social and economic interactions among our people with a view to ensuring mass participation as well as awareness in the state affairs. You are all indeed GREAT!!!

The happenings in the acclaimed state of harmony, Kwara State, is not only worrisome but so co?ndemnable owing to the numerous political occurrences orchestrated by some alien and novice politicians whose stock in trade is propaganda, blackmail, mischief as well as imposition.

It is saddening to note that what is currently happening in the Kwara state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had its genesis right from the time when some over ambitious party chieftains (excluding Sen Gbemisola Saraki), who dogmatically ?granted and supported the uncharitable nomination of Dr. Abubakar Suleiman as the Minister to represent Kwara State in the federal executive council.

The undue nomination of the university teacher as a Minister was at the instance of Mrs. Muina Bola Shagaya who grievously lobbied ?to have her way at the expense of better personalities who best understands the intrigues of Kwara Politics.

However, as we currently have it in Kwara State, the end is yet to be heard in the dubious moves by the political dealers and lobby groups who are so anxious to reap from the society they least contributed to.

Records have clearly revealed that virtually all the aggrieved governorship aspirants? have sow their seed of destruction since the period they selfishly endorsed the nomination of the the minister following their acceptance of cheap promises offered by Mrs. Muina Shagaya whose record is terribly unclear even up to her matrimonial life.

For people who still have the good the memory  the roles played Mrs Shagaya in the incidence that eventually led to the death a renown journalist in 1986, Mr. Dele Giwa, in the popular Gloria Okon saga during Gen. Ibrahim Babagida’s regime, without mincing words, the political dealer and destabilizer ( Muina Shagaya) is nothing but a questionable character.

Only few people will be aware of the numerous atrocities committed by Mrs. Shagaya with Kwara PDP’s platform and claiming that she is the sole financier of the party fooling vast majority of party faithful.

Shagaya went as far taking bank loan with Kwara PDP’s name and claimed to have donated N 25 million during the party’s fund raising held in Abuja. She has not reflected her crude and inordinate selfish ambition by desperately earning her son, Mr sheriff the Ilorin West/Asa Federal House of Representatives ?but she remained head-bent to impose another person of her kind, Mr Dele Belgore, as the guber candidate of the party.

Not minding the relentless efforts of other aspirants who have done so much for the people of the state in the past and are striving to ensure that poverty is reduced to the barest minimum in their own endeavours.

Dear Kwarans, the occurrence of the Monday?  botched governorship primary was masterminded by the lobby group led by Mrs Shagaya and the Minister for National Planning, Dr Abubakar Suleiman, and other stooges with all of them dancing to the drum of shame beaten by uninformed and unpolished minds.

Many thanks to the forum of governorship aspirants ?who in their wisdom hurriedly stood in absolute resistance of the frivolous moves demonstrated by the Abuja based politicians.

Chairman of the forum, Senator Simeon Ajibola who read the text of the press conference explained that in spite of the presence of security agents, attempt was made to rig the primary in favour of a certain candidate.

All the governorship aspirants except Mr. Dele Belgore, SAN, were present at the press conference. They jointly signed the briefing.

Ajibola said the number of delegates which was supposed to be 709 rose to 1, 500, disclosing that over 700 fake delegates were smuggled to the venue with fake tag.

He stated that it was the fake delegates that started the commotion which led to the abrupt end of the exercise.

The Chairman however declared that there was no election held on Monday and called on the national leadership of the party to order fresh election within 24 hours.

“We will resist and collectively fight any attempt to impose candidate without free and fair election”, he said.

Therefore, who is fooling who? Please let there be decorum in our dear state, Kwara.

Kwarans shine your eyes well well, beware and avoid political fraudsters!!!

Abdulraheem Salman writes from Ilorin.


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