Bola Ahmed Tinibu And His Commonsense Revolution, By Ayekooto Akindele

PDP rigged 2003 Election so much that some states had bulk figures that never tallied with collated figures from polling units till date. Even, the son of INEC Chairman then was contesting election under the PDP.

But if you think 2003 was bad, 2007 was worse, it was written and results were declared before election ended. People were on the queue when they heard, from their transistor radio, the results of elections they were about to conduct. Alas!!!, Obasanjo was reckless when it comes to brutal power. 

But then, Tinubu decided to challenge the status quo.
It was a suicide mission for a mere Governor who just finished his tenure to challenge the Supremacy of the PDP, he would be crushed beyond minimum recognition. But someone has to reject this impunity and free the rest of us from OBJ’s imperialism!!! Jagaban entered the Ring!

In doing so, and knowing the dangerous game of power, having seen how Abiola was killed in detention and how Obasanjo ‘inherited’ him(Imagine), how Ige was murdered in his bedroom and how PDP took over SW, how Adesanya was shot many times, with his car riddled with bullets, Jagaban decided to embark on a Revolution that is permitted by the law. He consulted Lawyers of immense knowledge, elders and peers from near, far and very far…… He challenged the PDP and 2007 election at the Tribunal.

Just like when Noah was building the Ark, people laughed at Jagaban, wondering the kind of joke he was cracking. “You have won Your Lagos, why don’t you just hide your head. PDP machinery will crush you”…. 

Tinubu didn’t just fight for AC alone, he also helped LP of Mimiko. He brought thousands of witnesses to court, he brought Forensic Experts from London and America. It was a massive revolution that took away Edo, Ondo, Ekiti, Osun away from the PDP. Unprecedented!!!!

PDP fought back with maximum venom. They removed the powers of Court of Appeal as final destination for Gubernatorial elections and gave it to Supreme Court, by this, they hoped, no one would be able to stop their rigging again.

They removed the President of the Court of Appeal Justice Ayo Salami. They docked Jagaban himself on allegations of Code of Conduct. They said he had Foreign Accounts. Investigation revealed that the foreign account was opened when he was working in Mobil and now dormant with less than 200 dollars in it….Jagaban never operated a foreign account as a Governor. Case dismissed!!!!

That is Democratic Revolution and Price was paid, and the Prize was won for all progressive Nigerians. 

All these little children must realize that you don’t need to do press ups, run kilometres and engage in physical training before you can drive a Car, all you need is the knowledge and skill to drive. Learn from those who know the way and stop your foolish blabbing.

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