#Boko Haram: Whose breed, whose recruit? By Rabiu Usman

Nigeria’s leadership at the moment can safely be equated with a dentist that’ll constantly insist on knowing the kind of bone that caused its patient’s toothache before examining the pain and a possible treatment. The activities of the dreaded sect has raised a lot of dust as regards their modus operandi, vis-a-vis; what’s is their motive, who’s their target, why is it spontaneous mostly in the opposition led states. We pay more attention and even more curious on the class of fire that is emanating from Shekau’s burn-fire carnival, while we show an infinitesimal interest on how to reduce or exterminate the oxidising flame that has razed our collective peace and tranquillity like a wild-fire for a period of five years of the current dispensation.

The Nigerian government had engaged the killer sect earlier in 2003 on the hills of Gwoza village, a Local government in Borno State, where they’ve had a misconstrued verdict of the term “Migration” in Islam. Several graduates and undergraduates were annihilated in a face-off with the then non-partisan Nigeria gallant military personnels. Hundreds of the militants confiscated their school certificates in exchange for a better qualification in Mohammed Yusuf’s Sundays and Fridays extremism tutorials in “State Low-Cost” and “Anguwan Doki” area of Maiduguri respectively.

I’ve had the opportunity to attend some of Late Mohammed Yusuf’s lecture in 2006, as the adage goes “curiosity kills the cat”, I was more than curious, I wanted to have knowledge precisely of a congregation that crassly abhor Western Education while they can’t ride on donkeys to Saudi Arabia for Pilgrimage without appreciating”Newton first law of motion” as the brilliance of Aeroplane invention and the versatile usefulness of Michael Faradays’ electricity, to mention but few. All through the grace of God. I’ve  attended the lecture to ascertain the inclination of the sect with the name they widely bear if it wasn’t a fiction of my imagination or a slander against them. During the course of one of the sermon, a letter was addressed by the leader in a well written grammar and carefully Cc-ed to various authorities of the nation, cautioning the state governor Ali Modu Sheriff (Over the spate of shooting of some 19members by the military because they refused to wear crash helmets, while the sect where headed for the burial of a deceased in 2009) whom they refer to as “Karamin Dan Iska” little bastard, in an intellectual fashion and display from a people that detest modern learning. I soon realised it wasn’t a myth. It was a 21st century or better still a cruel and disjointed and warped belief. Mimicking what the great prophet of Islam has done compassionately and tenderly with his companions during his lifetime.

The traumatising and agonising sore of wounds we’re nursing today due to insurgents is older than the present dispensation. It can be said that the scars have eaten more deeply than before due to perpetual denial and an indolent wish that mere absent mindedness would yet again serve as the routine “Magic Wand” of solving a Nigerian problem. It has worked and been working for successive regimes before. Its sufficed during #OccupyNaija protest. It was a master pills during #NISRecruitment. It never disappointed during ASUU strike. It’d have been a companion as well in recent time of mass abduction and frequent bombing, Alas, the evil gesture of funds and weaponry to insurgents, with recently a chef service of meals via choppers hovering around the seat of power in Sambisa by the sect’s supposed sponsors that have grounded GEJ’s transformation train has made the concoction ineffective. Incommunicado of the government has made the carnage more audible and the plight of the inhabitants infuriated beyond redemption.

As the led continue to wean and moan over the many years of neglect suffered from the apex leadership, the government soon “Jonathanised” the menace and admitted it had clue about the gladiators behind our misadventure, they are in my government, they are lurking in my cabinet like a dispersed butterflies. They wine and dine with the government in Aso Rock and in the other hand sabotage it in Sambisa. Mole one detected but action refused, reason is still unknown like the many unknown mayhem perpetrators. Another provocative outburst by a political juggernaut in the North was traced as a likely factor of the sinking ship of GEJ’s retrogression agenda, an agenda where the bane of our misdemeanour (corruption) was reared to mature fully and then legalised (as common stealing and pardon) afterwards directly or indirectly. The ship is sinking in a murky ocean of politics between the ruling party and the opposition.

The suicidal act of GEJ’s government refusal to get rid of the moles it attest to be revelling in their midst, and the lack of balls to quiz the leader who spewed the reckless comment vindicates the government’s lack of integrity and sincerity to end the carnage. What was my deduction from the foot soldiers of Boko Haram? I saw a bunch of youths that are emergency adherence to a misguided Islamic ethics and ethos in Borno as a result of decades of idleness with little or no empowerment for them by the state.

Suffice to say that the scourge is a state breed from youth disconnect in government and the federal government’s recruit due to its refusal to bring its alleged sponsors to book and also using the scourge as a smear tool for any perceived enemy of the president. The masses are continually used as the collateral damages  of both party callous transaction.

General Muhammadu Buhari, his political party and HRH Muhammad Sanusi II (now Emir of Kano) are all casualties of the government’s smear crusade.

Rabiu Usman is a writer and teacher based in Lagos.

On Twitter: @rabiusm

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