APYF Cautions Senator Misau Over Comment On Aisha Buhari

The All Progressives Congress Youth Forum (APYF), Adamawa State Chapter, wishes to caution Senator Issa Hamma Misau, the Distinguished Senator representing Bauchi Central in the National Assembly, from involving the wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, in his ongoing feud with the Inspector General of Police.
While Senator Misau has every right to raise allegations of corruption, impropriety and irregularities against the institution of the police and the Inspector General as an individual, the involvement of Mrs. Buhari in this matter is a step taken too far.
This is because the allegation raised against her and her staff border on the personal safety of the wife of the President and Commander in Chief of Nigeria’s Armed Forces. Therefore, this should not be an issue that is up for debate, whether politically or personally.
The APYF stands by the truth and by the ideals of transparent governance that guarantees the safety and well-being of our public office holders, their families, and the general public, consequently, it is our strong belief as the youth wing of the ruling party that all members of our party must adhere to an honorable code of conduct that is devoid of the inclusion of family members of political figures to settle political scores or make sensational points.
On this account, we strongly urge Senator Misau to cease and desist from all pointless allusions and insinuations to the person of Mrs. Buhari.
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