APYF: Buhari Has A Track-Record Of Supporting Young People

Chairman of the All Progressives Congress Youth Forum (APYF), Mr. Ife Adebayo, on Thursday, stated that President Muhammadu Buhari’s comments about the youth of Nigeria were misrepresented.

n a statement released by the APYF to correspondents, Mr. Adebayo stated that President Buhari’s track record on empowering young people speaks for itself.

The Chairman said: ”Mr President was totally misrepresented.

“Just looking at the Buhari administration’s track record with young people, you will know that his statement is being given meanings that were not intended by Mr President.

“A President that started a social intervention program that is aimed at empowering 500,000 graduates cannot intentionally call these same young people lazy. A President that pays 200,000 young people N6billion monthly, at a rate of N30,000 per person every month, simply to ensure that these young people are compensated for their hard work, cannot call young people lazy.

“We can already see the results of these programs. Many young people are back at work. Hundreds of thousands of these same young people have already started their own businesses.

“If you come to the villa, the offices are filled with young people. Some are in their 40s, but a vast majority of them are either in their 30s or under. For example, the advisory team on power in the villa, which is working to to fix power issues in the country, is made up of young people mostly below 35.

“Furthermore, only on Tuesday, the Vice President was in Lagos to visit and support young Nigerians doing amazing things in the technology space. He applauded these young innovators for breaking boundaries and using technology to solve problems. By these actions, clearly, we can all agree that this is a government that has been consistent in its support for young people.”

The Chairman went on to emphasize that President Buhari himself welcomed young Nigerians that participated in the Aso Villa Demo Day in 2016. He also cited that recently, Mr. President also stood with the young people in the APC and spoke against the tenure elongation for party officials.

“I can go on and on,” Adebayo said, “But I think those castigating Mr President are being hasty and not taking the time to think his statement through.”

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  1. This is a very good explanation from a responsible person here. Without being told, Nigerians know very well that Buhari’s comments was deliberately twisted by the media outlets that are being sponsored by the corrupt elements who are against the ongoing repositioning of Niger by Baba Buhari. But, to their greatest dismay, we are not disturbed at all, because, PBM remain our choice for 2019

  2. Sometimes I pity some people who will not verify before making comments. It is obvious Buhari was misrepresented by the elements who never want Nigeria to progress. I don’t need anybody to tell me before I know that Buhari is the most patriotic President we ever got since 1999. He remained the best candidate for 2019. No amount of campaign of calumny against Buhari will make us change our minds from voting for him. The construction of second Niger bridge alone is enough reason for me to know Buhari is the best man for that position.

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