APC Restructuring Committee List Is Lopsided, Says Group

A Muslim group, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC). has said that it is greatly dissatisfied with the membership of the restructuring committee.

The group, in a press release signed by its President, Professor Ishaq Akintola, questioned the absence of the original proponents of restructuring in the committee.

The part statement reads:

“Our disappointment stems from the exclusiveness of the list. Where are the proponents of restructuring in the committee? They are not there. Can APC shave a man’s head in his absence? Objectivity demands that at least one or two people from the South East where the call for restructuring and self-determination is loudest should be there.
“We can understand if PDP governors from the South East are excluded but at least a state chairman of the APC from the sub-region should have been picked.
MURIC demands a review of the membership of the committee before its first sitting in the interest of transparency and objectivity. We appeal to agitators who feel genuinely aggrieved to pursue the path of dialogue. The emergence of the ruling party’s restructuring committee is a strong signal that hope is on the way.
Finally, we affirm that although setting up the committee in the first place portrays the ruling party as a listening political body, the recent agitations which created tension in the country calls for cautious, objective and patriotic appraisal.”
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