America Election And The Rest Of The World By AbdulRahman Agboola

Will it amount to sarcasm to express that the world is at peace, not really, considering the obvious signals of third world war that must be averted in the interest of world peace. Without peace, infrastructural development and socio-economic growth remains mere classroom discussions as the only panacea to progress and productivity is peace. Peace is relative as a term and in usage, philosophers classified that; peace is not absence of conflict but presence of justice.

The race to the white house has opened a new chapter in the history of presidential election campaign in America. As a matter of immediate history in America, there seems to be record of power rotation between the Democrats and Republicans usually every eight years. On few occasions when the trend would have changed, certain factors sustained that trend, but recent events speak volume of what the western world really means about America Interest.

There are Countries regarded as world power, America is among the strongest, it has been America versus the rest of the world in the last two decades. America government has influence in core decisions on economy and safety of several countries of the world. Under the guise of a model for democracy globally, the country provides essential services in shaping political decisions and actions across the globe.

Invariably, whatever concern Americans is a global concern, that is the wave of the moment and until another stronger world power surface, America will continue to be the concern of majority. The America renowned for campaign of issues and strong presentations of factual direction for improving the welfares of countrymen at election period has gradually shifted from the path of hope to despair, just because the two leading presidential candidates can be classified as characters with different weaknesses and antecedents.

There is this notion that America government under the Democrats improves America Economy and avoids wars and collisions with other countries, while America government under the Republicans shakes the world with oppressive tendencies and wages war. There are diverse views to this hypothesis, the eight years of President George Bush spilled bloods through invasion of several countries and the consequences are still fresh and difficult to bear for the victims of America invasion in those climes. The eight years of President Obama deviated from that trend and apart from germane isolated cases; the Obama Presidency undertook peacekeeping missions, prerogative of mercy and diplomacy, than naked use of power like his predecessor.

The November 8 America Presidential Election has been characterized by campaign of calumny, mudslinging and insult trades between Hilary Clinton-former Secretary of States who is the Democratic Party Presidential Candidate and Donald Trump the Republican Party Presidential Candidate. Obviously, the duo of Hilary and Donald are the most intellectually equipped Americans qualified to be America President, certain factors imposed them as the frontrunners, but those factors now queries the intelligence and ultimate concerns of the electorates to determine the more suitable President among these two candidates.

In China in 1966, through the platform of the Red Guards, there was a cultural revolution that led to human tragedy, there are regrets and gains for China as a result of that occurrence. The daily records of human tragedy across the globe today is really scary, the world is no longer safe as it used to be, we are now threatened with nuclear weapons that can wipe countries away within few minutes.

The greatest achievement of Obama Presidency is world safety under his watch, his diplomatic dispositions maintained cordiality with other world powers in the midst of serious contentions and rivalry. The Russia and the Iran are diplomatically contained as a result of the maturity potentials exhibited by Obama and all his legacies bequeathed to Americans and the rest of us are now under threat.

Donald Trump has vowed to drain  the dam in Washington DC, Obama Health Care Policies to be repealed, Africa deserves to be colonized again and there will no longer be freedom of religion again in America, as mentioned by Donald Trump in the cause of electoral campaigns. Donald Trump has exhibited the ancient white supremacist tendencies and will probably engage Russia and Iran in battle of supremacy which will be too difficult for the world to bear.

The fact remains that Hilary Clinton represents the continuation of Obama legacies; her antecedents clearly classified her as a peace maker with safety and security consciousness to the protections of Americans and the rest of the world. In terms of political experience and exposures, she has proved her wits, expertise and deep knowledge of domestic and international needs required from America President.

Where Hilary will be liberal on notable issues like Immigration and social services, Donald has vowed to rule with iron fist against Africans in particular. The race to the white house has reached a critical stage and the finest President in the history of America has warned on the danger a Donald Trump Presidency portends to the whole world.

The Republicans are hopeful of a return to power to reconstitute America as a bully as witnessed years ago, the Democrats are fearful of the end of a good reign that will smear the image of America. The judgment was informed by assessment of both conducts and dispositions of these two leading candidates in the last few weeks.

Where front liners on gender equality intend seizing the opportunity in America to score the highest political points with a Hilary victory, the masculine proponents are hiding their fears with the possibility of resting the most strategic world power in care of Hilary. If feminism is coming to the greatest task in America for the first time, Hilary’s candour, humility and sense of humanity position her as a good candidate for that litmus test.

To imagine an egocentric racist with highest pride as America President is the greatest nightmare for conscious people. History has taught Africans in particular never to trust white supremacist, they admit us into their folds just for our little importance to the growth of their Country while we underdeveloped ourselves. Whether Africans bows to women authority is not the issue at stake, how capable is Hilary to provide good and efficient leadership for America is the question.

There is a joker in America election, Obama will be the loser if Hilary fails to secure the required votes to emerge as America President, and his legacies will be wiped off by the white supremacist with targets to forbid a black man from ever becoming America President again. President Obama will surely be victorious again, I trust he will assist Hilary not just to defeat Donald Trump, but to entrench a new order in America with a new record that after a black man ruled America, a woman succeeded that black man in the white house- a situation very difficult to fathom just ten years ago.

The rest of world are not just mere lookers, we should learn new things from America Election, the issues raised against Hilary Clinton bothers on sense of judgment and not competence to rule America, when will the rest of the world be seriously conscious on basis of judgments by our leaders before reposing  confidence in them and earn peoples trust.

In our clime, how many of our former first ladies whether at State or Federal level can boast of the credentials and competence of Hilary Clinton. When will our women advance from political meddlesome to proper conducts and position themselves strategically to compete with men in the political space.


Comrade AbdulRahman Agboola

National Coordinator,

Mass Action for Good Governance and Grassroots Development in Nigeria

massaction4gg@gmail.com 08029809000


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