Ajakaye Again Dedicates Campaign Song To Prince Audu Abubakar Of Kogi State

Ajakaye who is known for inspiring and canvassing supporters to vote credible and candidates with integrity during election with songs is back at it again after the hit for the president before the 2015 presidential election SAI BUHARI He is back with this nice tune for the people’s choice prince Audu Abubakar the APC gubernatorial candidate for kogi state titled Audu Abubakar

You might be wondering why he thinks Audu is the right choice for kogi state, but according to ajakaye he has been to several part of the state and have seen how people are suffering and complaining of the present administration and also have heard from people and friends in the state who have promise to vote prince Audu Abubakar their reasons being that he is one of the best governor they ever had according to them and that during his past tenure things were better than now

Ajakaye said he is involve in music for politics because of his theory about Nigerian Government that if there exist a government and they don’t do in favour of the poor masses there is always an option to vote them out and bring in a new one and if the new one do the same you keeping voting out until God answers us

Here words from @Ajakaye1
‘’ if them our leaders do the right thing I bet you Nigeria will be the best place to live but because some of them don’t really care about us that’s why things are the way we see them for me am being a patriotic citizen of the country and that’s why am using my music to voice out my feeling because what concerns you concerns me PLEASE I urge us always to look out for credible leader who will feel what we feel and understand what we need it is not all about collecting money and voting SHINE YOUR EYE MY KOGI PEOPLE GAA (Governor Audu Abubakar ) is the man mehn!!! ‘’

Download song below

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