Acting President Osinbajo Has All The Powers To Fire DSS DG, By Nathaniel Adoji

For those asking if Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has the powers to fire the DG DSS, Lawal Daura, the answer is YES, HE CAN!

Days before President Buhari embarked on his 10-day vacation, he wrote the National Assembly and categorically informed them as he is expected to do constitutionally, that Vice President Osinbajo will assume the role of Acting President.

An Acting President has ALL the powers of the President. Thus he can hire and fire as much as the President can. The provisions of Section 145 of the 1999 Constitution make this clear when it says the Vice President as Acting President shall discharge all the functions of the President. The power of ‘hire and fire’ is undoubtedly one of such functions.

Those who know the duo of President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo, you would admit that they always work together on everything. Thus it would be fair to conclude that the Vice President consulted with his boss before taking this key decision that many Nigerians are applauding.

And even if he did not, he has all constitutional powers to do so!

Nathaniel C. Adoji

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