Abusidiqu.com is essentially about the people and the society, a platform geared towards influencing the way people think about everything. We are of the belief that if the people are conscious and aware of happenings around them, they will be able to make the society a better place for themselves and generations yet unborn and this can only be achieved through education and enlightenment. Abusidiqu.com therefore seeks to re-awaken the consciousness of the people and enlighten them in all spheres of human endeavour towards participating in the process of making our society a better place.  It desires to give a voice to the voiceless so that together, we can break away from the chains of poverty, deprivation, disunity, conflict and declining values in our society. Together we shall demand for leadership & good governance, justice, fairness, transparency & accountability amongst others and God willing, nobody is going to stop us.

Do you share in the belief that we need to reclaim our stolen future if not the present? Do you believe it is time to change the cause of governance from the inside and not from the sidelines as we have traditionally done? Do you believe we owe it to our generation and generations yet unborn the duty to build a just society which we will all be proud of? If you share in these believes as we do, then now is the time to act. It cannot be done alone, your inputs and contributions in whatever form will be of immense benefit to us all.

Feel free to drop your contributions through our e-mail info@abusidiqu.com

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