AbdulRazaq Asks Kwara Govt To Give Account On N70bn Rice Project

The AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq governorship campaign organisation has called the Kwara state government the most unaccountable in the country, alleging that its so-called N70bn rice project with one Vasolar Consortium was a grand fraud. 

“Kwara State government runs the most deceitful and unaccountable government in Nigeria as most of its claims are based on outright falsehood while its projects were often conceived to either give the impression that it was doing something or divert public funds to advance private business interests,” Rafiu Ajakaye, media aide to the organisation, said in a statement on Tuesday. 

“A few examples include the Shonga farm project, aviation school, diagnostic centre and recently the so-called International Vocation Centre, all of which the government now says belong to private concerns after public funds had been used to establish them. 

“In 2012, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed entered into an agreement with one Vasolar Consortium which, to quote the governor, ‘will provide a total capital of N70billion over a period of four years while the State government is expected to provide seven million euros and 20,000 hectares of land of which 5,000 hectares will be cultivated yearly. Government Ahmed while signing the MoU at the Government House Ilorin recently described the project as another giant step of his administration towards effective governance.’

“It has been seven long years since that MOU was signed and nothing has been heard of this clearly fraudulent rice project. Where is the public fund sunk into the Vasolar fraud? To further appreciate our O To Ge (enough is enough) campaign, Kwarans may recall that the collaboration between Kebbi state government and Lagos on rice production started on March 23, 2016 and the first yield of that collaboration was in the market by the yuletide of the same year, precisely December 21, 2016. The Igbemo rice in Ekiti started much after the Kwara contraption and the rice is now in market.

“Just like people cannot point at any benefit from the Shonga farm, into which billions of public funds and resources were sunk, it is safe to call the so-called MOU with Vasolar Consortium a big scam and an economic crime against the people of Kwara.

“Because they have no answer to the many questions surrounding their stewardship, they have been engaging in scaremongering and entering into laughable agreements that the people of Kwara North know they don’t intend to keep. We call on the anti-graft agencies to scrutinise the books of Kwara State government to see how much exactly was frittered away in the name of this phantom project and prosecute all the officials involved in the grand deception.”

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