A Short communication to the “Governing” All Progressive Congress By Adeniran Adebiyi

I will begin by first congratulating our great party on the recent victory at the just concluded March 28 Presidential and National Assembly Elections that produced the People’s general General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.) as the next President of Nigeria come May 29 and clinching the majority of both the upper and lower chamber of the National assembly.

My messages in four parts are to the newly elected President, the NASS, the APC-governors and the leadership of the “governing party”. To the Presidency, many have already expressed their opinions on the enormity of the task ahead, what should and need to be done and I needed not to add to it. However, I will just like to call your attention to the promise you made during electioneering of the activities you will strive to achieve during your first 100 days. This I believe is where the change should start from as I believe that is your first Continous Assessment Test (CAT) and that is where the critics will patiently await to begin their work. A “mega agenda” has also been highlighted by out daddy, Dele Momodu in the Pendulum of 11th of April.

To the APC lead National Assembly (NASS), we want from you as a matter of urgency moves that will ensure a drastic reduction in the Jumbo pay of lawmakers as part of austerity measures needed to salvage our drowning economy. We want from you policies and laws that are in the best interest of Nigerians. To start with can be a law to enhance mobile phone users privacy that has been extremely infringed upon by network provider through bombardments of individual phones with unsolicited SMS and calls both from the network providers themselves and third parties.

The electoral act on the number of political parties should be reviewed to reduce the number of parties as many parties in this election could not even manage a state assembly seat. This can easily be substituted for independent candidacy. The APC lead NASS should also ensure they avoid a re-occurrence of Farouk-gate fiasco in their own dispensation.

To the APC-governors, I will sub-divide my message into two parts; the first is to the re-elected APC-governors. I implore them to avoid the business as usual style that have always characterized re-elected governors of the “ruling party”; particularly those in states that hardly elect governors for second term in office to build on the success of their first term that made the people gave them the mandate again. And to the APC-governors that are elected for the first time in office, you have the model of numerous APC governors in different states to follow with the BRF-led administration in Lagos as the gold standard. The leadership of the APC should avoid a repetition of disaster of a forum called Nigerian Governors Forum under the leadership of the “ruling party”. Decorum and respect for rule of law should be ensured and the forum should be one where ideas and experiences are shared rather than a stage for exhibition of political prowess as the ruling party did.

To the leadership of the “progressive governing party”, it is very important to pack as many lessons as possible from what from what befell the “ruling party” and avoid same to our great party. Although the kind of master-class that was demonstrated during the presidential primaries elections and selection of the vice-president that produced the people’s general and the vice-president elect is commendable and should be keep up. However, the leadership should be wary of the recent influx (and many are still on the way) into the party of the elements of the defunct “ruling party”. The potential evil they represent is more than the gain they can offer the party as they are only coming when the soup has been made. Moreover, so many captains cannot be on the same ship. The idea of raising intelligent leaders of relatively unpopular background in the Nigeria political scene that produced the likes of Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and Akinwunmi Ambode should rather continue.

Re-admitting the likes of a certain tactless presidential campaign media director, his ilk in the ruling party and several of the People Democratic Party members that have recently defected to APC and those that will soon join them is a betrayal of trust (votes) of many of us your supporters. The defectors have nothing to offer the “governing party” but rather seeking political relevance and positions. Mass defections from the ruling party as we are witnessing in under one week of a new regime should have been resisted. The gate of defection should be close for now with the ruling party remaining in their party to provide a stiff opposition.

Though the APC leadership has denounced the defectors and the People’s General have positioned that no appointment is available for defectors in his regime, we are still waiting for the effect of that on the traffic of defections in the coming weeks.

As Daddy Dele Momodu rightly pointed out in The Pendulum of April 4, 2015, the new generation is now in charge and the expectations must be met by fire by force. Four years is a relatively short time (or big depends on how it is used) and 2019 will be here again. Our generation is a highly impatient and angry group that won’t listen to excuses or tolerate mistakes (reactions to a certain Lagos King remarks show this). We are not interested in the politics of power but rather the power of politics (which I believe Prof. Jega has given the people).

We won’t sit here idly and let you allow the usual enemies of Nigeria to crawl back through the rear door. We are watching you and we will be back in 2019 to haunt you if you pitch your tent against us.

Adeniran Adebiyi



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