A Second Term For Jonathan Will Strengthen Nigeria’s Unity – Goodluck Voters Forum

JONA 5A group Goodluck Voters Forum (GVF) stated yesterday that Nigerians should rally around Goodluck Jonathan for a second term in office if he decides to run for the 2015 election. According to GVF, Jonathan’s re-election will strengthen the unity of Nigeria.

Speaking yesterday in Abuja, the National Coordinator of GVF, Engr. Esanerovo Agbodo said that “looking at the indices of development since Jonathan assumed office, the President has done well”, stating that the current campaign of calumny against the presidency is a calculated attempt by those desperate for power to paint the administration of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in bad light before Nigerians, just to gain undeserved advantage in the 2015 presidential election.

“Unlike in developed democracies where objectivity prevails irrespective of political party inclination in assessing leaders, Nigerian opposition parties believe that nothing good comes from the ruling party even when it is glaring that the ruling party is striving to reposition the country for good.”

“It is on record that President Goodluck Jonathan has stood for free and fair elections even in the era when a State Governor in the opposition directed the announcement of results in local government elections, declaring his party candidate winner before the end of voting. All the
gubernatorial elections that have been held during this administration were devoid of any form of negative interference from the presidency in favour of even the Peoples Democratic Party that the President is a member. This disposition of the President is good for democracy and should be applauded and emulated by the opposition parties.”

“Also, amongst other achievements, for the very first time in Nigeria, e-payment method has been fully adopted and perfected by the federal government to ensure that leakages are fully blocked.

The Goodluck administration has invested heavily in upgrading the railway and so many roads are being constructed and repaired simultaneously across the country at the time that the Boko Haram security challenge is gulping so much of federal government funds. The Agricultural sector is growing very fast to guarantee food security coupled with the fact that the epileptic power generation and distribution experienced in past will soon be over with the successful privatization of the sector. We in GVF believe that a man that is committed to the real development of Nigeria like this should be encouraged and not distracted.”

“I believe that it is the duty of every Nigerian to look into the annual budget of the country since the inception of the Goodluck Jonathan administration and compare it with the corresponding projects executed rather than believe in the destructive misinformation engaged by those who
see nothing good in this administration because they are desperate to occupy Aso Rock in 2015 even if it means tearing the country apart by whipping ethnic, religious and political sentiments. Goodluck Jonathan is a patriotic Nigerian because he is responding to the developmental challenges of every part of Nigeria without prejudice and history will judge him so,
Agbodo concluded”

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