A Peek Into The Journey Of Admirable Entrepreneurial Success: A Tale Of Mohammed Auwal Mu’azu, Founder Of Hausa Fulanii blog

In the realm of entrepreneurship journey and success expectation, many things have always played part in terms of possibility to break even and thrive and in chosen endeavor and how it sets precedence for its lifespan.

Just like any startup and aspiring entrepreneur, Mohammed Auwal Mu’azu nursed and kicked off on a journey about a decade ago.  A journey that would flourish, gain him a wealth of business knowledge, financial advantage and equally place him in a position of digital and social relevance on the northern social media space and blogosphere.

Mohammed wasn’t without obstacles and challenges. As a matter of fact, his journey towards gaining his current secured amount of success was riddled with challenges and limitations.

Mohammed is a Gombe state native and gained his primary school education at Demonstrations Primary School, Kaduna. He proceeded to Bright International College for his secondary school education where he gained his SSCE certificate and furthered his tertiary education at Kaduna State Polytechnic where he obtained an HND in Office tech and Management Studies. 

But these phases are not as seamless as they look or sound for his journey. He gained after his initial four applications for Kaduna State University were futile and denied him admission. He never reneged and still went for Kaduna State Polytechnic. He was reportedly said to have been so financially constrained back in school, he had problems paying his school fees while taking care of his family simultaneously. It was so difficult he had problem feeding himself.

Evidence of his tenacity was proven when he took the initiative as a class rep to offer a service to course mates, doing assignments for them while he gets paid for his service and usage of his intellect. Sometimes, when it got so bad he almost missed examinations, he needed donations from fellow students to help settle his tuition in full.

He persisted through these challenges and moments of despair into a brand figure that holds so much prospects and social relevance.

Mohammed rolled out the platform about a decade ago, identifying his niche, direction and target audience while appealing to diverse groups and divides of the nation and ever since, the accolades and applause have been coming in different forms.

These are the line of awards, partnerships and deals:

  • Most famous and best Kaduna blogger by MB Entertainment in 2017..
  •  He was awarded Best Kaduna blogger of the year in 2018.
  • He was named the social media influencer of the year by Tozali Magazine in 2019. Tozali is one of the most influential magazine and media brands in the north. He is the Vice President of Gamjipearls, an event that is geared towards empowering and encouraging youths to embrace entrepreneurship and thrive towards growing employment. This is achieved through organizing fashion shows, Funfair, Youth Summit, Meet and greets and more.
  • He worked with the New media team of the former and 14th speaker of the house of Representatives of Nigeria in 2019.
  • He worked with the office of the Vice President on New media during the 2019 campaign.
  • He’s a member and promoter of the Northern Hibiscus Youths Summit Kaduna, 2019.
  • Been a brand influencer and promoter with Nestle NG, with focus on brands like Maggi and Golden Morn, 2019-2020.
  • He’s an active member of a presidential publicity team that consists of influential bloggers.
  • He’s part of a team that promotes works and projects under the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and social Development. Overseen by Minister Sadiya Umar Farouk.’
  • He’s involved with a handful of NGOs and promote variety of charity programs as well.
  • He has won and enjoyed many perks that came with his works and network ranging from expense paid trips and financial gratification.

In the long list of Mohammed’s entrepreneurial endeavors, he also run an interior design outfit based in Kaduna with the name, H&F interior. H&F is a brand of exquisite homemade interiors that caters to a bespoke need of furniture.

In addition to his professional belt and portfolio, he interned briefly with BBC Hausa, running social media management for them during the 2019 elections.

As part of his passion to create a mouthpiece for the average northerner to be heard, he and a team is working on a TV program to provide a round table platform for both youths and elderly people to deliberate on relevant societal issues. The program is to be titled PERISCOPE.

The list goes on, from passive, formal to informal acknowledgement and applause his exploits have garnered over the years and obviously promises to proceed on a progressive loop.

On an ending note “certainly, the future does not represent a position waiting for your arrival. The future is the result of every action you do now.”

This is a typical example of one of the laws of power, which is the Law of accumulation or incremental improvement. It says that every great life or career is an accumulation of hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of efforts that nobody ever sees or appreciates.

Everything counts. Things you do or relent and fail to do is recorded and totaled up.

A person becomes a success or good in his/ her field by working and improving incrementally, continuously over a long period of time.

Everything positive you do in your life compounds and multiply, expanding with force and power over the years.

Mohammed has proven times without number importance of determination, tenacity and patience. He has obviously gone through melting points that in any person’s case could either make or mar a them and in his case; it pieced him into an individual worthy of emulation and a success story.

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