6,000 APC Members Join ADP In Osun

About six thousand members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State have dumped the party for the Action Democratic Party.

The defectors were majorly executive members of the ruling APC at the ward and Local government levels, including 8 members of the state Executive council of the party led by the Deputy State Chairman, Alhaji Azeez, Adesiji.
Alhaji Azeez Adesiji announced that 580 members of the Local government executive of the party as well as 5,620 ward executive members had decided to move to the ADP.
Alhaji Adesiji explained that their decision to quite the APC was based on undemocratic practises and impunity reigning in the party.
The former APC Deputy Chairman also added that members of the party at the local levels were abandoned by those he said took over the party.
He charged the leadership of the Action Democratic Party to be fair, equitable and just in decisions as well as other opportunities to promote cohesion in the party.
Welcoming the defectors to the party chairman of the ADP in Osun state, Mr Toye Ola-Akinola assured them of the level playing field in all competitive political offices.
Mr Ola-Akinola said the ADP was more concerned about the Sustenance of Nigeria’s democracy, therefore the would uphold fairness and equity and give all members sense of belongings.
Reacting, the All Progressives Congress APC, Osun State described the defectors as members who feel their interest could be better taken care of somewhere else  despite the fact of being part of the government in the last eight years
In a statement by its Director of Publicity and Strategy, Mr Kunle Oyatomi the APC said the issue involved in the next election was not about an individual, but a collective effort.
The APC maintains that the party with its unprecedented achievements in the last eight years in the state, the people would attract overwhelming support of the people in the next election.
Adenitan Akinola
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