25-year Old Hindatu Umar Appointed LG Chairperson In Kebbi State

25 year old Hindatu Umar has been appointed as a care-taker chair-person of Arugungu local
government of Kebbi state.

The young lady was appointed after the tenure of the past caretaker management had
come to an end.

The appointment makes her the youngest female to ever occupy such position in Nigeria.

However, the people of Argungu local government have voiced their rejection to the appointment of this young lady as the caretaker chairperson of the L.G., citing her age and lack of experience as reason.

Her educational qualification is also one of the factors used in the rejection of her appointment as she only had completed her secondary education and has never held any position prior.

The people of the local government believe Hindatu, a 25 year old secondary school graduate lacks what it takes to govern them.


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