2019: Makarfi, Emmanual Hunt For Credible PDP Candidate

Ahead of the 2019 Presidential election, former Governor of Kaduna State and erstwhile PDP caretaker committee chairman, Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel has sought a credible candidate that would wrest power from President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Makarfi, who visited Governor Emmanuel in Uyo, pointed out that the party could not afford to field the wrong candidate for next year’s poll.

Makarfi, who described his visit to the state as a home-coming because of the battles he fought with Udom and the state Chairman of the PDP for the soul of the party during the trying moments, said: “Whoever stands with you in such crisis must be a friend indeed.” He charged the state’s delegates to choose wisely from the many qualified aspirants to Aso Rock Villa, taking into consideration their antecedents as well as contributions to the party.

He insisted that the party do not have the luxury of picking the wrong candidate at this time, stressing that the party needed to close ranks after the primaries to ensure its success at the polls.

Udom commended Makarfi for his contributions to the survival of the PDP over the years, adding that he was not surprised at Makarfi’s dexterity in managing crisis in the PDP, having successfully managed Kaduna State, which he said, was like the microcosm of Nigeria.

“We can’t forget your patience and tolerance. You have an unusual way of accommodating our diverse opinions and bringing everybody together. If we did not have somebody like you, PDP would have been no more.

“When you were governor in Kaduna, you broke barriers and created an atmosphere of unity,” Udom stated.

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