2015 Elections: Signs of PDP’s Readiness For Violence By Akeem Oyalowo

So I watched the media aide of the president on Sunday march 15 on TV and he once again never fails to disappoint.

One thing is clear, if there is violence after the election, there is ample evidence of the PDP inciting and formenting it.

Yesterday, Doyin Okupe admitted the opposition party is a victim of hate speeches coming from his party. But he adduced it to the person of the candidate the opposition decided to choose at its well organized primaries.

It is quite ridiculous and revealing, that a presidential media aide, will come on live TV to admit to and justify hate messages.

Doyin Okupe has right like any other Nigerian to support any party he likes, but he certainly does not have the right to justify the use of hate messages and speeches.

This is coming after the first lady was filmed asking party supporters to stone anybody found mentioning the “change” slogan of the opposition party.

She was also widely reported as saying “it is a must” for her husband to get 2 terms in office.

The PDP is surely battle ready to spill blood the way they are going.

In Rivers state, APC made a public statement claiming 36 party members have been killed, yet it is still 2 weeks to the election.

Same rivers state, a well known thug on the payroll of the government for the protection oil pipelines came out to ban political parties from campaigning in his home town, yet we claim to be practicing democracy.

Asari Dokubo another public thug on the payroll of the government for the protection of oil pipelines also promised to unleash violence on any voter found not voting for the president’s party on election day.

There is a recording of 2 ministers, 1 senator, an army general and a sitting governor planning to intimidate and manipulate voting processes in a governorship election which installed the (sitting) governor, yet the President went ahead and nominated one of the ministers who had earlier resigned again to come back to the seat he vacated.

The governor of Katsina state was caught on TV inciting the ruling party supporters to lynch opposition party members. Same party which has people turning party membership cards and decamping to the opposition.

In Kaduna, the governor was recorded threatening to unleash violence on the opposition.

In Bauchi state, the ruling party’s campaign was supposedly stoned by opposition party members. As reported, only for the governor of the state who is a party member to absolve the opposition and reveal the ruling party hired thugs to do it, so as to cast aspersions on the opposition.

The President met with ethnic militia in the southwest last week, and today march 16, they are protesting for the removal of the electoral commission head and destroying opposition party posters and billboards while at it.

The PDP does not expect Nigerians to be decent people and does not expect that as Nigerians that we have any value system at all.

It believes that its 16 years of misrule and impoverishment ought to have pauperized us so much that nothing ought to be left of our dignity, and as such we ought to accept whatever it is they are offering.

It is why the vice president will go to the north and campaign that there are more muslims in his party than Christians and the Christian president will make the churches a cardinal point of electioneering activities in the south.

This thus is my conclusion:

For all that the PDP has done, Nigerians are doing worse to themselves.

It is not the politicians who have declared war on our collective prosperity, it is us ourselves. While there is an attempt to divide us based on our ethnic and religious leanings,  the mixture of the ruling elite does not have such colorations.

We know that perhaps the best of humanity that we have experienced has often been from people who do not worship the way we do or speak our languages.

We know that the best of our human experiences has not been from those who have the same spiritual prescriptions as us and that if our religions asks us to choose who to hate and love, it is not human enough to lead us to God, who is the creator of all.

We know that common sense is not taught, and even when we say it is not common, it is because it is not commonly practiced.

We know that poverty does not know ethnicity or religion and that politics only seeks to color it so, so that we can make fatal mistakes in our voting decisions.

We know that a government who cares about our common dignity, will not keep in position, a minister responsible for the deaths of young graduates, mauled to death based on a phantom government job opening, for which hundreds of thousands of jobless youths were made to apply for a fee.

We know that a government which cares about the people will not keep quiet when the chibok girls were taken, for a whole 18 days!

We know that a government which cares about the people will not keep away from the troubled zones of the country for all of the years it has been going on, only to then find the courage when election approaches to first go and campaign!

We know that a government which cares about the people will not try to win a war it all but ignored for 6 years in 6 weeks.

We know a competent government will not inherit a treasury with a low debt profile in a period of boom to becoming highly indebted just when trouble looms.

We know deep in our hearts that it might just be that, our support for a government such as the one I mentioned above, might just be because we see our ethnic groups, our religions instead of our shared humanity.

If our faiths only lead us to keep hold of our impoverishments, we might as well publicly declare ourselves led astray.

If our ethnicity leads us to believing we do not deserve to be led better, what happens when power changes hands, will we then desire good governance, which we can insist on now?

The choices for us in this election is very clear, it is either we pitch our tent with hope as espoused by the coalition of change or continue with incompetence, in which case the hopes of a generation might be lost, the continued existence of a giant might be placed in jeopardy, as its clay feet starts to show sign of decay and its people who all along happily acted complacently, faces the woes of being cannon fodder, to the greed of a ruling few gone berserk!


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