2015 Election: President Obama’s Personal Message to the Nigerian People [Video]

President Barak Obama of the United States on Monday urged Nigerians to vote peacefully in Saturday’s election, and to accept whoever wins.

In a video message from the White House, the American leader congratulated Nigerians on what they have achieved so far, and advised that they have an opportunity in the election to write the next chapter by voting.

He however stressed that for elections to be credible, they must be free, fair and peaceful.

“I call on all  leaders and candidates to make it clear to their supporters that violence has no place in democratic elections and that they will not incite, support or engage in any kind of violence before, during or after the votes are counted,” Mr. Obama said.

He also called on all Nigerians to peacefully express their views and to reject the voices of those who call for violence.

“Successful elections and democratic progress will help Nigeria meet the urgent challenges it faces today,” he said. “Boko Haram, a brutal terrorist group that kills innocent men, women and children must be stopped day.  Hundreds of kidnapped children deserved to be returned to their families and Nigerians who have been forced to flee deserve to return to their homes.”

He underlined that Boko Haram wants to destroy Nigeria and all it has built.  “By casting your ballots you can help secure your nation’s progress”

He recalled the civil war saying, “To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done,” and challenged Nigerians to keep Nigeria one.

“In this task of advancing the security, prosperity and human rights of all Nigerians, you will continue to have a friend and partner in the United States of America,” he promised.


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  1. Behold. The day of deliverance of the suffering people of Nigeria from the darkness- imposed and oppressive government of Goodluck “Badluck” Jonathan and his imposing wife Dame is at hand.
    Our courage, boldness, determination, perseverance, endurance, prayer and fasting with the use of our PVC at the polls to cause a change of governance by voting out the most wicked, corrupt, rudderless, cancerous and clueless regime that Nigeria has ever been saddled with for the past 6 years is about to yield good fruit of better and standard living.
    Fear not! Take your destiny in your hand.
    Soldiers, police, DSS will not harm you.
    Be brave and capture your right to a good and sound life with uninterrupted power supply, gainful employment, very good and sound education and health-care, roads, agriculture, housing, security, and same for generations unborn.
    Go out and vote and stay to ensure that your votes count.
    Prevent the agents of darkness from announcing written fake results.

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