Blackmail Against Imo Deputy Governor: Sandra Duru, The Cockroach I Know by Nneka Orji

blackmail.titleIt is a pity that IMO Deputy Governor would have to go through the experience of blackmail by Sandra Duru who is notoriously known for dragging the names of few personalities of integrity to the mud. This woman has a track record of fighting dirty.

I pity Madumere whose track record of excellence integrity and humility are being tried by a woman as dirty as Sandra Duru. This was a woman who had a fling with one Uche Rajis and claimed to have had a marital relationship with him. Uche Rajis’ uncontrollable appetite for sex launched him another chapter of scandal. Though the Rajis we learnt in return claimed to have been under a spell of Miss or Mrs Sandra Duru. In the course Of series of spiritual attacks occasioned by Sandra Duru’s spiritual onslaught, Uche Rajis ran for his dear life. one becomes curious for this angle of Prince Madumere who at no time even had a close working relationship with Prince Madumere.

One begins to wonder how to juxtapose the relationship to the extent of man to man relationship. Prince Madumere is trained in the US and worked in World Class Corporate Firms and at no time was he accused of such. It will be recalled that the same Sandra Duru had at one time tried blackmailing Gov. Okorocha and family. She has done it to notable personalities in Nigeria. She was said to have done it to one time Inspector General of Police claiming he slept with him. she is even feared by the security agents for her dirty and uncouth character. She is referred to as a cockroach. If detained, she will come out singing rape by her custodians.

The best is for Madumere to be advised to take it as one of those distractions and that should not stop him because what will be, will be.

NNEKA ORJI writes from Lagos and is from Isiala Mbano

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