Who Are These Strange Men Among The Soldiers that Welcomed President Jonathan To Baga? [PHOTOS]

By NewsRescue

Some strange men in military uniform has been spotted in the images of those who welcomed president Goodluck Jonathan in Baga this week.

Studying the pictures with highlights, one notices the bearded man among some unusual looking men in uniform on the far left of the image.

Posed: Who is that bearded man in military uniform? Is he a Boko Haram terrorist or was Asari-Dokubo part of the President visit to Baga? Who are the weird men in uniform on the left flank?

We must remind our readers that the military does not ever allow such a huge massive beard. The questions being asked are: Why did President Jonathan not visit Baga with journalists from renowned newspapers to give the visit huge publicity especially in light of the recent holocaust in that area? What is Goodluck Jonathan hiding from Nigerians? Who is that heavily bearded military man? Who are the other unusual men in army uniform on that side of the welcome pavilion? Was the visit a meeting between Jonathan and the terrorists’ leaders? What did they discus?

NewsRescue commentators said: We believe when they were taking the shots it never occurred to them that the bearded man in military uniform will appear and raise suspicions. And Nigerians should demand the military to tell us who those men are.

Nigerians demand answers,- if this was a negotiation meeting with Boko Haram or something because that was how Jonathan first lied that the meeting with Chadian president Idriss Deby last September was about ‘arms smuggling’ before later admitting after NewsRescue figured it out and exposed it, that the meeting was actually when they negotiated the scam ceasefire that led to thousands of Nigerian deaths. We need the truth. Did president Jonathan go to Baga to meet with Boko Haram terror leaders?

boko jona baga

boko jonathan

boko jona3

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  1. I have no doubt if stories like this come up,the other time it was allegation of the president and pdp trying to creat fake Shekau to implicate Buhari,Edwin clark said it the other time that if apc see a way to poison GEJ and take over power they will do it and people are shouting, apc is always pushing GEJ to the clift that is why somebody want GEJ to anounce to the whole world that he is going to Baga and then take the whole world jornalist for proper coverage as if those who covered it are not humbeings,this kind of sugestion can only come from the enemies of GEJ who want him dead like clark said,if the beaded soldier is your problem such that made somebody to lay this kind of deadly allegation as a jornalist why not contact the militry authority for clarification,when Ojukwu was in the Nigeria army he was a beaded soldier.Buhari who has glaring conection with boko haram no body is saying anything or ask questions even though baboon and dog have soaked in the blood.no body is a fool we are watching this drama

  2. Edward Clark, he. Reason like a baboon or ain’t you see his looking? He simply forgot the way he was against the acting of mr GEJ as. President when yar adua was sick and now he have the guts of talking rushing, this is what is call hypocrisy and I think is a high time to respect your old age mr clark

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