How Two Female Bombers Killed 4 Traders In Kano Market

Two hijab wearing female suicide bombers were among at least six persons confirmed dead in two bomb explosions detonated by the two suicide bombers inside the famous Kwanti -Kwari market in Kano State today. The other four victims are suspected to be traders in the market.

The explosions, which went off within seconds were said to have wounded at least seven other persons who have been evacuated and now receiving treatment at the Nassarawa Specialists Hospital located within the state capital.

According to the State Police Commissioner, Adenerele Shinaba who was at the scene of the incident to assess the impact of the explosions “What happened is that the bank nearby, we have police men on guard duty at the bank and two ladies in hijab approached the bank. And when they wanted to go into the bank, the policemen accosted them and asked what they were going to do inside the bank. Of course, they saw them as people who have no business coming into the bank because of their age and because they were not the sort of people who were to have transactions in the bank.

“Following this, the suicide bombers moved away from the bank and the policemen did not know their intentions and nobody knew their intentions. They were just covering themselves with hijabs. And thereafter, they moved to the market area and when they got to the market area, they were asking people, where is the Gidan Wanka (Public utility) in the market.

“So they directed them towards the public utility. One of them was waiting for the second to finish and it was in the process of one of the girls going into the public utility that the whole market heard a blast and the explosion went off. And as soon as that blast went off, the second one equally went off.”

Confirming the casualty figure, the police chief said “So far, from what I gathered,  there are about six dead people with seven injured. The injured have all been taken to the hospital and the dead have been moved equally to the mortuary. What we are doing right now is to cordon off the entire market so that people would not come under the pretext of sympathizing with the victims to start looting the market and the banks that are around here. We are putting in place adequate security to discourage people who would want to loot the market. We are working in conjunction with the market union executives.”


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