Finally, PDP Accepts Responsibility, Says It Failed Nigeria

For the first time in several weeks, Nigeria’s ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on Sunday accepted responsibility for Nigeria’s state of affairs.

The party through its verified twitter handle @PDPnigeria, in a series of tweets stated that the party was ready to listen to advice from Nigerians going forward.

“We accept responsibility for all that has gone wrong & bad in the last 16years & we give you Nigerians the credit for successes recorded,” the PDP tweeted.

“We want to run a new PDP that welcomes criticism & see it as a necessity to make amends. We have tried our best as a political party but must be quick to point out that we were not perfect. We never claimed to be,” it added.

The party, which lost the presidential election and majority seats in both chambers of the National Assembly for the first time since 1999, however admitted that Nigeria made some gains as well as faced challenges under the different governments formed by the party.

“Under president Obasanjo’s 8years tenure, there were challenges & gains. We take full responsibility. Under president Yaradua’s tenure, militancy & other challenges were conquered. We take responsibility for everything that went wrong.

“Under President Jonathan’s tenure, gains and challenges were also recorded. We accept full responsibility”, PDP said.

The party also urged Nigerians to help it become a better opposition by offering genuine and sincere advice.

“We are ready to listen to you &hear what you think. We require genuine & sincere advice from you because a one party system not an option”.

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