Boko Haram: An Unconventional Problem, that Needs Unconventional Solution By Fodio Ahmed

Hypocrisy rules our minds so please don’t remind me of being a Nigerian who is vulnerable to faceless mob, for my sin is that I voted in impotent leaders. Indeed, since from the North West were like the match stick, insurgency was ignited by certain misinformed reasons but a country like my Nigeria  Paid no or less attention till this very moment that it seems the entire country is already hijacked. Clearly not a blame game but if the Niger Delta Militants are not addressed as ‘Christian Militants’ then the notion of labeling the Boko Haram as ‘Islamic Terror Group’ should be kicked out, not denying that the members could be Muslims by words anyway. Whatever peace being the bed rock of growth and development fails to proffer then violence can only be dreaming of same.

I can’t sympathize with terrorist or support any form of terrorism but I also can’t just blame the initiators totally, I mean if you look at things critically, one would say there are whole lots of fundamental problems worrying the Nigerian System. No wonder, Late Chinua Achebe of blessed memory in his book, THE TROUBLE WITH NIGERIA said “The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership. There is nothing basically wrong with the Nigerian character. There is nothing wrong with the Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else. The Nigerian problem is the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to rise to the responsibility, to the challenge of personal examples which are the hallmarks of true leadership” if Chinua Achebe would make such a comment in a book published before Goodluck Ebele Jonathan even in day dream thinks of becoming the president of Nigeria, then why all the blackmails and blames like it was him that invented the present Sorry State of the most populous African Country, less I forget, we the giants of Africa. Also Mr. President, that is not a good reason not to control the situation, if you can’t, why then are you the Commander in chief ?

If not that virtually everything in Nigeria is already politicized including the fresh air we inhale, I think “Jona” as he is called by a prince of my emirate, the 001 PDP Governorship crooner, inherited the must majority of the problems excluding “Common stealing, is called Corruption”. So, I think it is time to stop the reign of ‘accusing finger’ on who is responsible that our failed Nigeria has not lived up to expectations since over 50 years of Independent from colonial administration.

A nation, founded by noble minds with noble thoughts of black renaissance and Pan-Africanism has now turn host of democratic vultures feeding on their subjects which is why since inception BOKO HARAM is an unconventional problem, that needs an unconventional solution; in a more diluted manner, I mean to say BH is programmed system by our elites, the more reason it is not an Islamic Oriented Setting. And I ask, are we INDEPENDENT OR IN-DEPENDENT, because seems presently Nigerian common person is not a considerate factor in Nigerian Policy ranging from Economic, Security and Education.

Personally the present Boko Haram is just an equation equal to 2015, it is an Unconventional Problem that needs An Unconventional Solution, after all our votes don’t count, maybe just maybe a more reason, it appears cool, that a common Nigerian gets killed in the fumigation of Mosquitoes pattern, see the Just Mubi tears. Now the annoying part is the after reactions of those in authority, Like after each successful attack and declaration of Islamic town,, the next thing you start seeing is, APC condemns the killings in town AB and C, Governor X donated food stuffs and cash to victims of the resent bomb blast, the recent one I just watched on TV is, the Governor gave each victim, 50 thousand naira. Lucky for any Chibok girl, is an international scholarship.

A Northerner, who I learnt is a PDP Chieftain is said to have warn the President not to contest in the 2015 Presidential Election and now the ex-militants under the aegis of Ex-militant phase 3 Leaders of Federal Government Amnesty Programme have signal the Ijaw Man to recontest in 2015 or remain in Abuja in their words “Therefore, we warn any group of persons or politicians that will attempt to stop Mr. President from exercising his fundamental human right that this will put the unity of Nigeria at great risk. We, therefore call on you to contest the seat of the president. And if for any reason you fail to contest come 2015, you should not come back home but remain in Abuja forever” which clearly leaves the President standing between the threats of Northerners and Ijawlites. But if I where President Gooodluck, I sure definitely avoid the threats of my people and my single reason is Abuja is No Man’s Land, Hey ! Jonathanians I am not a Fan just that my breathing is no longer safe for those with the random calculator.

Now, without any sort of bias feelings, our democratic system has failed us. If not why In the first place will you warn a Nigerian not to contest simply because you feel you deserve to handle leadership better than the Minorities ? I am a northern citizen and for a piece of 2015, my life has turned collateral and a price of victory to the political hunters. The most disturbing, is that the politicians have successfully inject religious and ethnic hatred as a political defense mechanism to their common interest.

If I am forced to understand, all this killings, bomb blasts and kidnapping of school children, which Governors Son, daughter or even nephew has got affected ? Which senator’s wife or house or business setting has tested the tongue of BH ? Wait a second, we have private universities seems they are all invincible, the most invincible is even the American University in Yola but a drinking spot where an ordinary Nigerian relaxes in Kano can be easily spotted but seems no one cares to study the roots.

So, if BH is not a political elevator, with the billions lavished on security, yet no tangible results. I am not pretending that our fighting equipments are as old as 50 years. Senator Ali Ndume from Borno said “We were on our way to chibok, one of the 2 Army tankers broke down, and we became very scared because it broke down at the middle of the forest”. Plus the Senate President calls for more funds to tackle BH, tell me all the previous funds why haven’t we upgraded our machines even hunters have applied some local advancements to their equipments. What if the tanker that broke down was actually chasing BH convoy ?. I still can’t believe Nigerian soldiers are on Peace Keeping when Sambisa couldn’t be invaded.

If Goodluck Jonathan’s declaring of re-election is the major reasons for our misery, I 100% join hands to say “PLEASE MR. PRESIDENT GO AHEAD TILL 2019”. And please Northern “LEADERSHIP MUST COME TO THE NORTH” let the Ijaw Man be, have some patients; it is one of the virtues of Islam, as seen in Surat Al-Baqarah 2:153 “O you, who believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient”

Let all this Propaganda seize to flow, if BH is a Northern quest to stop Jonathan come 2015, I say be patient and let him contest for the electorates to decide and if BH is Jonathanian conspiracy to teach us a lesson, Mr. President Sir, forgive us we have learnt our lessons, please go ahead come 2015.

“I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands, even if he is wrong. Than the one who comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil” Malcolm X…….. Let out Political Parties study that.

Fodio Ahmed wrote in from Minna

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